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Showing posts with label Dubai. Show all posts

Dear Harshika,

Below is the comment posted by Harshika few days back! 

Dear Tanvi,

Hi, I am a first time mother who is 20 kilos overweight. We live in Dubai and have moved here from London. After having my baby I became really fat and veryyyy depressed. I was surfing the net last month and came upon your blog and fell in love. But you know what else happened? I got so motivated reading you, that I started working out and within a month I lost 6 kilos!!! ALL THANKS TO YOUR BLOG! I found the Jillian Micaels site from yours, got her dvd's and got going...I was at a starting weight of 86kgs, 4 of which went slowly on its own but the 6 I lost after reading you. I read all your posts in one single day and became a hugeeee fan of your's and your beliefs. I am now 76 kilos at 5'4. I need another 20 go, but am sticking to it. 

Love your style and your simplicity. I now log in to ur blog first thing every morning. I cannot tell you how much I have been impacted (is that a word?). I tried looking up your email add for contacting you but didnt find any..can you please send it to me on, I need to write in to you to tell you a lot more...

Thanks so much for all that inspiration girl...u rock!


Dear Harshika, 

I am really really excited to hear from you and hence decided to write you an open mail. You have no clue how you have made my day [actually several weeks, to be honest!]. I often get feedback from my friends and family as to how I have motivated them to lose weight but this is the FIRST time I am hearing it from a 'stranger' [though of course you know me through this blog! :P]. Every now and then every blogger receives an unanticipated mail/comment from a reader and wishes to share it with the world. This is one such mail!

I am so glad that you are making progress towards your goal. It is extremely kind of you to give all the credit to my blog. Mostly I am an immodest-credit-snatching-person [LOL], but here I would have to give all the credit back to you. No one can make you do anything unless you decide to do it for yourself.

Thank you for soooo much for your kind words. You are too generous with your compliments! It makes me very happy to know that I have been [and hopefully will be] part of your journey! :o)

Also, here is a website that I think might really help you further. It is dedicated to all mothers who are trying to stay fit. It is run by a mother, I believe!

Also you can email me at -

Best Wishes, 

Top - French Connection [09']; Skirt - French Connection - [06']
Belt - Ted Baker [06']; Shoes - BCBG [09']
It was a dull cloudy day and I wanted dress up in colors to brighten my spirits. I am not quite sure that this picture catches that effect but that was my intention. 

Good Deed of the Day

I did my two years of high school in Dubai, U.A.E. Besides the fact that high school is supposed to be most awkward years of most teenagers, mine had an extra dose of cultural shock. This was my first time living in a foreign land [with a bunch of weirdos, I tell you]. However, this post is not about my awkward high school days, it's about this daily ritual me and my friends started soon after we got our driving licenses called the "Good deed of the day!"

Time for some flashback ... Back in the days [10 years ago] it was extremely difficult to get a driving license in U.A.E. I had heard horror stories of people giving driving tests for over 2 years and still not passing them. That's how strict they were. The government's logic, I suppose, was that the harder they are on the learners the better drivers they would have on the road. However, the cynics thought that it was a money making scheme, as every time you gave the test you had to pay the fees [and not to forget the valuable time you would waste waiting for not less than 5-6 hours!]. Some people even said that there are chances that the officials had formerly decided a fixed number of learners they would 'pass' each day!

Anywhoooo, we all managed to get our licenses eventually. I got it on my first try! [Yay for me! Just had to say it!]. It was, at that point,our biggest achievement in life. Bigger than passing high school or getting into a good college. Oh well, after all that drama we only found that the drivers on the road were terrible! Especially the 'locals' since they had no [or little] fear of the police [in middle east the original inhabitants of the country are referred to as 'locals']. 

So we all learnt to survive and reach our respective destinations without getting killed on the roads of Dubai. However, while doing that we had to often be selfish and make our own way through the manics driving on the road. But the 'kind and sympathetic young souls' that we were, we often felt bad for some people who were trying to change the lane, or take an exit and no one would let them [People there were mean!]. Hence, the conception of "Good deed of the day!" We let at least one person [car] go by before us, or let them get into their desired lane, or whatever it is that they wanted! It made us feel better and once we had ticked that off our 'daily' list we went back to being selfish and opportunistic. Hey! A girl gotta do what she gotta do! But the funny thing is that 10 years later, I still follow my "Good deed of the day!". I like the expression of gratitude and surprise on people's face when I do that. [Yes! it also makes me feel better about myself! Is that a crime?! :o)]

And for the outfit-of-the-day, I present to you -

Husband was trying the photography stint with the green tree in the background and green truck in front. I, too, thought it was funky! Specially with my contrasting colored dress!

Although, I was hoping the owner of the car wouldn't turn up while I am busy posing alongside! Thankfully, he/she didnt!

The weather was changing on hourly basis on Sunday, however it was pleasant for most parts. We had lunch plans with husband's colleagues and their wives. We went for some delicious Thai Food at Tong's Thai which has a great ambience and food! [I love spicy food hence Thai is just heavenly for me!] Rest of the day was spend running errands and hunting stuff for our guest room. We found this beautiful bed spread that I can't seem to get over [will try and remember to share a picture]. Anyways, back to the outfit. I paired this mini-dress with black leggings and all black accessories. I love yellow and I love florals. I thrifted this dress last fall when florals were not even 'in'!

Dress/Top - Wish [a local store in Austin]
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Leggings - Thrifted
Shoes - Payless

Also, previously worn as a dress:-

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