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My Journey ... so far!
My Fat-to-Fit Journey
My Fit to Staying Fit Journey
My Happily Ever After
Embrace the Winters!
Skinny or Healthy?
Skinnest Me Evahh!

Welcome to my Orbit
Fairy Tales Do Come True!
Five Commandments
Take a Break

Make a Plan
The List
Consistency = Success
My Gluteus Maximus
Still Struggling to Stay Fit!
Simple Reminders
How to keep the weight off once you have lost it?
Simple Tips To Stay Fit & Full
Common excuses for not working out

Motivational Tip No.1 by The Drama Queen
Motivational Tip No.2 by The Drama Queen
Motivational Tip No.3 by The Drama Queen
Motivational Tip No.4 by The Drama Queen
Motivational Tip No.5 by The Drama Queen

Reader's Feedback
Reader's Feedback 2
Reader's Questions Part 1
Reader's Questions Part 2

For the Fitness Freaks [Part I]
For the Fitness Freaks [Part II]
How to get that ass

Food & Fitness
Sample Menu
Eat to Live ... not the other way!
Pot Belly? Love Handles? Spare tire?
Good Vs. Bad
1,000 Calorie Miracle!
"Food is an important part of a balanced diet."
Why I prefer to cook my own food?
Food & Weight loss Pyramid
8 Health Foods To Eat Everyday 

5/100 Fitness Challenge
30 Day Abs Challenge
30 Day Squats Challenge

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