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10 Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

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You know I love shopping at Farmer's Market for daily produce and condiments. Unfortunately, they are not open year round in this part of the country and also cannot rely on them for all the kitchen needs. A visit to the grocery store every week is mandatory no matter what. Below are some of the tips I apply while grocery shopping to stay within budget: 

1. Shop on a full stomach

Chances of sticking to your budget and to buying things that you need only are higher when you are not hungry. I speak from experience. I always carry a snack bar in my bag, for when I get hungry while I am on the go, but it also comes in handy in case I have to groceries before I have had a chance to grab a meal.

2. Shop only once a week

Every now and then you can make an exception but don't make going to the grocery store a habit. I will confess I personally love stopping at the grocery store but even when I do I stick to my list.

3. Go armed with a list

We all have smart phone now (I am guessing!) so there is no excuse to not have a list. Continue adding items to your list throughout the week and then stick to it while you are at the store.

4. Plan meals

Know what you will be cooking over the course of the week. It will help you while grocery shopping and also reduce food waste and make life easier, which is just a bonus!

5. Spend some time doing food prep 

Once you have planned the menu for the week, do the washing and/or cutting up fruit and vegetables. This will speed up dinner and lunch preparations and provide healthy snacks that are ready to go.

6. Stock up on snacks
Don’t buy snacks on the run. They are often less healthy and more expensive.

7. Buy non–food grocery items separately

I never mix the two. I make an exclusive trip every quarter of the year just to get the home products and such and try not to mix it with the weekly grocery. Helps to plan and stay within the budget.

8. Shop with a calculator

Unless you are good with mental math, have a calculator or your phone handy. Add things up as you put them in your cart.

9. Continue to check for deals 

Don't buy something just because it is on sale or has a deal but also know your frequent purchases and make smart choices. Remember that smaller sizes can sometimes be a good deal. Do the math.

10. Clean out your fridge and cupboards 
Take out time once a month and take inventory of what you already have. Use up what you bought before buying more.

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  1. Such great tips, Tanvii! Shopping on a full stomach -- and NOT with my children, lol -- saves me so much every week! I also only try to stock up on home items when they're BOGO. It's the worst when you desperately need a $15 package of toilet paper.


  2. I literally just went grocery shopping yesterday and spend WAY too much! I need to incorporate some of these tips!

  3. OMG I couldn't agree with your first tip so much! Last time I went to the grocery store on an empty stomach, I spent more money that I should have and I ended up not able to eat all the stuff I bought before they went bad!


  4. One thing I'll try on this list is to start shopping with a full stomach! I pretty much do the rest, creating a list and budgeting wisely on what I need are the most helpful when shopping for food. Cutting it down to shopping once a week is something I can try doing the next time I need groceries.

  5. These are all great tips. We only shop every other week, we budget and we plan in order to make this happen. it has helped us -not only stay in budget, but eat healthier too!

  6. These are excellent tips! I especially try to always shop on a full stomach - otherwise I walk out with an entire aisle-worth of food haha!

  7. Did you really get all those mangoes -- cause mangoes are bae, lol! I agree with pretty much all of your tips, especially shopping on a full stomach, but I do need to clean out my cupboards. And I need to get some HelloFresh meals. I didn't know they had that at grocery stores (my local grocer is Safeway).

  8. These are good tips, and lots of new ones for me. I am terrible at budgeting and planning ahead, and it's nice to have some strategies for shopping.

  9. That's a great list of tips! I agree - shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea! I know first hand, lol. I also like how you separate food and non food shopping trips. really does help with keeping track of the budget.

  10. This is so true!! We plan our meals so every three days I go out and grab the shopping, the only problem is with this is that we rarely have any snacks in and I get super hungry lol

  11. Tip #1 is without a doubt the most important for me when it comes to shopping. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to buy groceries and bought stuff that we end up throwing away because we just didn't get round to eating it before it's expiry date. I just never learn. Oh and I have to remember to check what I've already got in the cupboard too. That's another thing I'm real bad at

  12. So true about planning meals in advance! I do this then end up only shopping for what I need, and rarely anything goes to waste in my house. Also, smart to shop on a full stomach!

  13. These are all great tips! #1 in the hardest for me! I always forget to eat before I shop haha

  14. I absolutely have to go on a full stomach or I buy so much stuff I don’t need! I love all these tips and practice most but need at add a few to the routine!

  15. These are great tips and I will try to practice these every time I am going for a shopping. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. What a great fuide on how to save money while shopping. Always looks for the best deal is my #1.

  17. LOVE these tips! I always spend WAY too much!!!

  18. These tips are awesome Tanvi! We do exactly that! One more tip I would add is "don't take the children with you!" haha, it sounds horrible but stuff is strategically placed to tempt our little ones.
    In my grocery store we have a device to scan our own products as we go. That way you always see the exact price on the scaner and the final sum! This helps a lot with savings and also helps checking the list and making sure you have all you need before you leave the store!

  19. Some of our local grocery stores have online options where you order online and then just drive to pick it up. I think that would save me a ton of time, but also money since I wouldn't be tempted to buy loads of ice cream or extra chips!

  20. I always make the mistake of grocery shopping when I am hungry! Thanks for the tips!

  21. All great tips! Shopping on a full stomach makes a huge difference. Shopping list helps stick to a plan instead of just picking up random items, thanks for sharing!

  22. These are such great tips! I need to be better with budgeting.


  23. My mom taught me these tips when I was a kid. Till date I follow it. Glad to see this post dear.

  24. I always shop when I’ve eaten. I’ve made the mistake of shopping on an empty stomach & that was a bad idea. 😂 I always shop with a list too.

  25. A really good post to be armed with. What I like to do is go with a list, but plan on what we are eating for the week.

  26. These are useful tips, I love to check the deals and check with deals is better or not. Sometime the deals was not so big difference then I wont buy

  27. All pretty standard suggestions. Things my fabulous have passed on to all my siblings and I when shopping and I'm so thankful for it.

  28. I think If I can get over the shopping on an empty stomach, I will be better off for sure haha


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