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Repurposing Old Clothes

Weather is the easiest thing to talk about when nothing comes to mind. So here goes ... Saturday was extremely pleasant. Hence, the outfit below. It felt like I could finally put away the heavy coats and jackets. But no, Mother Nature loves playing games. Winter was back on Sunday. I am not a fan of cold winds, so I spent it indoors working on my Pinterest page and then watching some mindless television. So, that's that about the weekend. 

As for the outfit, there is nothing new except the shoes. The tunic (shortened with a belt tucked under), skirt (#ThreeWays), and jewelry is all about 5 years old. I cannot emphasize enough about investing in quality (refer). Products last longer and you actually save money in the long run. 

The shoes however are brand spanking new courtesy Ssh-oes. I have been trying to wear them for the last couple of weeks but the weather didn't help. You know I am all about comfort. If the 'shoe doesn't fit the weather' (metaphor changed for effect) I ain't gonna scum to fashion, just for the sake of it. Anyhoo, I am in love with these shoes. I spent the whole afternoon in them without any pain or blister to complain about. They have a patented Noise Reducing Heel Tip that reduces the noise when you walk, prevents against wear and tear, and acts as a shock absorber. Ssh-oes are also one of the most comfortable heels as it has ample padding and a special “blister-free” Lycra and leather lining. My kinda-technology. You can use the code: SPRING17 to get a whooping 25% off your order. 

Ssh-oes 2 Ssh-oes 14 Ssh-oes 4 Ssh-oes 7 Ssh-oes 5 Ssh-oes 13 Ssh-oes 1 Ssh-oes 10
Tunic - Elizabeth & James // Loving this
Skirt - Thrifted // Similar
Shoes - c/o Ssh-oes
Clutch - From Jaipur // Another
Watch - Michael Kors // Similar


How To Maintain A Balanced Lifestyle

How To Fight Blah Days
We come into this world head first and go out feet first; in between, it is all a matter of balance. Paul Boese

If you know me, or have been reading this blog for a while, you know 'balance' has been a contact aspiration of mine. "Excess of anything is unnatural" has been my motto for the past five years or so. Not to say, that I have achieved that balance, but at least I am aware and constantly striving to achieve it. Although I am active and have been working out consistently for over a decade, I have come to realize than a balanced lifestyle is more than just working out. It involves being healthy from head to toe, quite literally. 

1. Take care of yourself. Like REALLY!
Make time everyday for things that bring you joy. Take up activities that you would like to do just for the joy of it, be it working out, reading or pampering yourself. Allow yourself to unwind after a hectic day by reading, meditating or taking a nice hot bath. I ensure at least thirty minutes of reading time before hitting the bed. 

Nature Made 10 

2. Nourish from within
The quality of health is mostly from within. When you eat a balanced meal and ensure that you are taking supplements for what might be lacking in your meals. It is only then that you truly support your over all well being. I started taking supplements for Hair-Nail-Skin from my early twenties. I have always been a believer of prevention is better than cure. Also being a vegetarian, I often rely on Nature Made® Vitamins to make every day just a little healthier. 

Nature Made® has a variety of vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) to help support nutritional gaps with your health goals in mind ranging from Digestive Support, Heart Health & Function, Energy Metabolism, Women’s Health and much more!*

3. Get moving
I cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of working out. It is not JUST about the weight loss and physical appearance. It is about strength, agility and endurance. The good endorphins, glowing skin, sound mental health, are only a few of the side effects of a good strenuous workout.  

Nature Made 11 

4. Maintain a positive mental attitude
Start your day with meditation, if possible. I begin by day with the intention of making the most of it. It often does not go as planned, but I am able to better deal with it, since my perspective is positive. Part of living a well-balanced life is learning how to deal with adversity, unforeseen events and uncertainty.

Nature Made 12

5. Set goals and practice contentment

Let's be honest. It is all well and good, but at the end of the day you do need to get the work done. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the list, set goals. Make a plan and stick to it. Prioritize on the basis of what is important to you. In the end be happy with all you are able to achieve. #SmallVictories Do not compare. Do not complain. Tomorrow you will get up and repeat it all over again! 

How To Maintain Balance,

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Top 10 Reasons People Follow Your Instagram Account

London Reunion 2017

Oh! Instagram. The bane of my existence. It is what is making social media go round for the past year or so. Most of your social influence is dependent on your Instagram reach and engagement. If you are a blogger/influencer you know exactly what I mean. Ever person who unfollows, seems like a virtual break up but I hope you have read my post here, to know why you should not take it personally. 

Today I am sharing 10 reasons why I believe people choose to follow Instagram accounts.  

10. Your Instagram gallery looks cohesive and drives engagement.

You’re running a giveaway that requires people to follow you. Duh! :)

8. You are already popular with a large following. People follow you to find out why. Sometimes, people take that as a sign for quality.

7. You share tips and tricks with your followers. You are considerate enough to reply to all the comments. People like that and would want to join your tribe. 

6. You come on on people's 'Suggested User' list, or on their ‘explore’ page.

5. You are friends with a popular account. Sometimes people check who their favorite Instagrammers are following and then choose to follow them too. 

4. People are nosey. Some of them just want to know what you are up to. 

3. Your content is different and people are able to spot your USP through your photos and captions.

2. You post regularly, and have your niche nailed down. People like to follow accounts with a clear theme. 

1. Your pictures are outstanding! I mean nothing trumps quality. Especially on Instagram. 

On another note, if you haven't checkout why 'unfollowing' is a good thing, in my book! 

Pinterest Follow On Instagram

Black For Spring

Remember how I was in search for balance (again) in life? While, I haven't figured it ALL out, but I tweaked my daily routine a bit in the last two weeks and life has been a lot more zen. 

I had promised y'all that I will keep you posted, so here goes: Instead of mornings I have switched my workouts to afternoon (whenever possible) and to four times a week instead of six. I have a lot of energy and have been burning a lot more calories. 

Also, I had mentioned last Monday that I haven't been cooking, which is saving me ton of time. It is a constant struggle to keep my eating as clean as possible but 2017 has be good so far. 

Last but not the least, I have reduced my blogposts back to three times a week instead of fives times a week. Last whole year I blogged Monday to Friday and some how it didn't seem impossible, but lately it seemed` too much and I was losing my enthusiasm to blog at all. So I went back to 'less is more'. You wouldn't want me to stop blogging all together, right? :) 

P.S. Not that any one noticed because YouTube is not where my audience it. I simply do it because I enjoy doing it. But if anyone cares, I had not been posting regularly on YouTube due to lack of time and content ideas but I do plan to get back to one video a week starting April. 

Moving on to the outfit ... Today is the first day of spring and wearing colors would have been so cliché. So instead I did the opposite and wore black and white. I kid. This wasn't intentional. It wasn't until later that I realized today is the first day of spring. Oh well. I wear plenty of color year round.

Black and White for Spring 4 Black and White for Spring 16
Black and White for Spring 12
Black and White for Spring 17
Black and White for Spring 11
Black and White for Spring 19  Black and White for Spring 14
Black and White for Spring 5
Jumpsuit - Lou & Grey // Similar
Tee - Uniqlo // Same
Shoes - Shoes of Prey // Similar
Sunglasses - Elizabeth & James // Same
Bag - Gucci // Same
Hat - Similar


Having Fun With Colors

Georgetown 5
One thing which has always been mentioned over the years of outfit blogging, is my abundant use of color. It is not intentional or planned. I am often just trying to dress for the weather and occasion but I cannot deny (as evidence proves) by love for bright vibrant colors.

While I am comfortable with colors, I am aware that not every one is so in today's post I am sharing a few ways in which you can incorporate color in your dressing this spring. 

Royal Palace of Madrid 1
Scarves / Neck Ties
Start small. Pick something that doesn't overwhelm you. A scarf or a necktie is a great way to make a simple-casual outfit pop. 

End of Fall 3
Colored Layers
Pick two colors and then create the whole look around them. It can be any two colors which complement each other.
Green & Grey 10
A monochrome look doesn't have to always be all black or all white. You can practically pick any one color and wear different shades of it to create a harmonious look. 

Agritopia 11
Colorful head gear
Whether it is a hat, a baseball cap, or a scarf, you can add a pop of color through your head gear.

Reddz Trading 4
Handbags / Accessories
One of my favorite ways to add color is with handbags. Many a times people don't realize I am wearing a rather boring outfit just because my bag is making all the noise. (e.g. here, here, here)

Last but not the least - lipsticks! My favorite make up item. When all else fails, wear a bright lip color. Surprising I am quite experimental with lip colors (hit play above) and have realized that a bright lip can often save the look. 

Tribal Vibes
Do you wear color? 

15 Tips To Survive a Long Haul Flight

Hartmann Luggage 7

I always say, I will only get impressed with technology when we are able to get from one place to another by blink of an eye. These 10+ hour flights represent technology has a long way to go (as far as I am concerned). But in the mean time, here's how I survive them (because a long haul is not going to stop anyone from traveling. Am I right?) 

1. Sit in the back
While checking in pick a seat towards the end of the plane. If the flight is not full, chances are most people will be scramming in the front. If you are lucky you might have the whole row, or at least the adjacent seat to yourself. And in Economy, every inch of space matters. 

2.  Request a special meal
I am a vegetarian so I always request a special meal, but even if you are not and would  like to be served first just make sure you put in a request while making the reservation. That way you get to sleep longer and not get disturbed two hours into the flight. 

3. Manage your number of meals
Of course you can't starve on the flight, but it is a good idea to limit the amount of food you eat. Our bodies (especially digestion system) don't function at optimum level. If you do choose to eat on the plane, keep in mind that warm foods are better than cold foods since they're easier to digest.

4. Pack your own snacks
I usually carry my own snacks, which I are rich in protein and I know will fill me up and I won't have to rely on the options available on the plane. How many mixed-trail nuts can one eat anyways, right? It is also just more convenient. 

5. Stay hydrated
Drinks lots of water. You should probably drink more water than you normally do. Air travel is extremely dehydrating.

6. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum
Drinking excessive amount of alcohol can lead to dehydration and grogginess. It will also aggravate jet lag which a long haul mostly results in once you land. And on an off-chance if you get sick after drinking, it will be an uncomfortable experience for everyone of the flight, yourself included. 

7. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothingFlights are not for making a fashion statement, contrary to all the various airport looks out there. Just be comfortable. Wear cloths in which you can move, breathe and sleep in. 

8. Bring a scarf

Scarf is your best friend while traveling. If could be an extra layer if you are too cold, and it could be an easy style element once you land. 

9. Bring an eye mask
Ever since I have started traveling with one, the whole experience has changed. It helps in blocking out light helps with jet lag, and also mentally prepares you for sleep, and blocks out the early breakfast wake up on long-haul flights.

10. Do some in-seat exercises
You don't have to do jumping jacks in the aisle but a few neck, wrist, and ankle movements every few hours will help you with blood circulation and avoid swollen feet and ankles, leg pain, etc. 

11. Charge all of your devices and bring an extra power pack
Although the flight now have a power outlet and a usb port to charge your devices, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

12. Carry a toiletries set in your hand luggage 
I carry a toothbrush/paste, comb, lotion, chapstick, and a face mist (Evian spray). Dehydration is not only within but also on the exterior of the body. 

13. Bring your own entertainment
While I always find enough in-flight entertainment, I always carry a book and upload a few movies/shows on my iPad for emergency. I just like being prepared. 

14. Adjust your watch
Adjust your watch to the destination's time right as you settle into your seat. It helps you to start tuning your body to the destination's time zone and make a flight plan to combat jet lag as much as possible.

15. Give benefit of doubt
It is a long flight and there will be people from different walks of life, traveling for different reasons. Just be patient. Be nice. And if someone is isn't being nice back, give them benefit of doubt. Traveling is not everyone's favorite thing to do. 

Long Haul Flight

What are some of your tips?

I Live In A Bubble

You know what I have realized? I live in a bubble. My own little curated bubble. This is not a bubble that I was put into though. I have created it all on my own. Unintentionally. 

I do not read many blogs any more, except the ones that pop on my timeline and have an engaging cover photo or a title. I definitely don't read many fashion blogs.

I don't interact with many people. You might already know that. I have mentioned it several time. I don't like people. The ones I do interact with the most are people in the grocery store, my hairdresser, my pharmacist, so on and so forth. Basic functional interactions, which are short, sweet and solve a purpose. Any meaningful interactions are few and far apart. By design.

I do not shop. In fact shopping stresses me out. It is a nuisance, really. I get elated that I am able to create outfits from my existing wardrobe without having to go through the torture of browsing through stuff, trying stuff, not-fitting into stuff, yada yada yada ... 

I do not cook much any more. In 2017 I have probably cooked once per week. I have been having salads. My husband has been having soups. Life is going well. On other days we go out. I still have a salad and husband has whatever his-heart-desires. Like I said life is going well.

I don't pray, go to temple or celebrate festivals. I just don't. No reason.

These are just few of the things I don't do in my bubble. And from all my previous posts you already know all that I do, DO! :)

This is what I wore to brunch the past weekend. It was a cold-sunny-winter-day.
Winter Layers 8 Winter Layers 9 Winter Layers 7 Winter Layers 5 Winter Layers 4 Winter Layers 2
Coat - Uniqlo // Similar
Denim Jacket - Massimo Dutti // Similar
Skirt - Gift // Option
Boots - c/o Musse and Cloud // Another Option
Gloves - Saks // Another
Bag - Vintage // Better


#FitnessFriday - Learning Portion Control

Jenny Craig
Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. -- Get serious about losing weight with Jenny Craig!

Today marks the exact one month from my last post when I had just started Jenny Craig. I believe I have achieved what I had set out to through this program.

What I was struggling with in my fitness goals was maintaining an adequate portion size while staying within my daily caloric intake. My goal with Jenny Craig was to reach a point where I am able to identify how much is enough and be able to eat healthy even while being on-the-go and traveling. One of the vital lessons I learnt on this journey was that how much I was over estimating the 'correct' portion size even while making healthy choices. In the past month I have learnt my lesson that not just in fashion, but also in food, 'less is more'. 

One of my biggest wins was when was able to maintain my 1200 calorie goal without indulging in sugar and healthy carbs while being on a vacation in Panama. Moving forward I will be striving harder to put these new habits to action, no-matter-what. 

Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig

Also, some of things that impressed me about Jenny Craig program were:

1. Having a dedicated consultant - Ms. Sandra my consultant was such an asset to have by my side. Upon each consultation she would ask about my struggles in the past week, discuss my food plan and also give me a nugget of wisdom to ponder over. One that stayed with me is, "Your location does not dictate your eating habit." This was such an important one for me personally. She always had practical tips which I could use use to overcome my daily eating struggles. I genuinely looked forward to meeting her every week. 

2. Fresh and delicious meals - The reason I never tried this program before was because I was not sure about the boxed food. To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The food was not only filling, it was fresh and lip-smacking delicious. Some of the dishes and snacks were better than high-end food brands.

3. The balanced meal plan - Although I didn't follow the exact meal plan (I swapped lunches for salads for every meal) I didn't go hungry even for one day. The portions are healthy and filling. They have plenty of snack and sides options to add to our meals. Plus unlimited veggies and salads (without dressing and oil) is allowed. 

Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig Jenny Craig

If you struggle with portion sizes like me, or would like to lose weight* or are looking for help with meal planning, I would highly recommend you try Jenny Craig. I sure found their approach helpful. 

*Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Three Ways Thursday - Blanket Scarf

Three Ways To Style Blanket Scarf
1 / 2 / 3

This is my first 'real' blanket scarf. On a very unlikely event in Paris, I bought this scarf from Zara. Usually I don't shop at Zara (why? that deserves a whole new post!), but when I do it is at that one weak moment when I want to buy something and Zara happen to have that 'one' thing that catches my eye or satisfies my itch. Hey! I didn't say I was perfect. 

I can now see the allure of a blanket scarf (a decade later). It can be quite a statement piece. In all my looks above that has been the only stand out element. However, I have not yet, styled the blanket scarf as I have seen other bloggers do. I usually use it as an layer itself. Ideal for when it is chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket, or for while traveling (like in #3). I am not sure I will be adding another one of these to my wardrobe next year (as I have one too many scarves) but I can definitely see the potential in owning one. 

What are your thoughts on a blanket scarf?

Why Sleep Is Important

Sapira Mattress
Disclosure: I was provided with the Sapira™ mattress for the purpose of this post. 
All opinions stated here are my own. 
O. How life has changed in my thirties. Two weeks since I turned 35 and now all I focus on is how I can make my life simpler and sleep sounder. In this post I am sharing why and how we have made sleep a priority in our household. 

If you want good skin - sleep, if you want good health - sleep, if you want to lose weight - sleep, if you want to live long - sleep (para-phrasing Britney Spear's popular song 'Work B*itch'). 

I started focusing on sleep early. For the past five years my husband and I plan our whole day to ensure we can get (about) eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. We start our day early. On some days we get straight to work and on other days we get in our workout first thing in the morning. It changes on daily basis as per our work schedules. But what does not change is our evening routine. Here's what we do: 

Plan our meals: We usually plan our meals once a week to take the thought and uncertainty out of the routine. It not only saves us time, but also helps us stick to our healthy eating habits. We usually have our dinner around 6:00pm.

Time to unwind: After our meal we spend time catching up on the previous night's shows on our DVR. That is our daily dose of entertainment. We love watching television and movies. You can say they are third on our list of priority after working-out and sleep. 

Catch up on news or read: Then we head to our zen zone: bedroom! We spend about an hour reading (me: books, him: news on phone). This is the only time I find to read a book. I try my best to squeeze it in, no matter what. 

Sleep time: Around 9:30pm - 10:00pm we call it a night and get comfortable in our new plush mattress Sapira™. Now of course, we have been sleeping at the same time and following the same routine for past five years but it was not until last 2 weeks that we have had a sound sleep. For the past fortnight, we have been looking forward to wrapping-up our day (asap) and getting into our bed simply to enjoy the luxury of our mattress! 

Sapira Mattress Sapira Mattress Sapira Mattress

The Sapira™ is the first luxury hybrid mattress which is delivered in a box directly to your home. It is a perfect fusion of pocket springs and high performance foams that possibly deliver the best sleep experience in the world for a surprisingly low price. Sapira™ is part of Leesa’s industry leading social impact program. They donate 1 for every 10 mattresses sold, plant a tree for every mattress sold, and support the community. You simply take the mattress out of the box, and put it on the bed frame. 

Sapira Mattress Sapira Mattress Sapira Mattress

What I truly appreciate about Sapira™ is that they allow you to try out the mattress for 100 nights and provide hassle free returns. That shows how confident they are about their product. It has been a remarkable experience. If you are looking for a sound sleep or just a new mattress I would strong recommend you to try Sapira™ out for yourselves! Don't forget to use the code TANVI150 to receive $150 off your purchase. 

Sapira Mattress
Sapira Mattress
Believe it or not, prepping for a good rest starts at meal time and ends with a proper mattress.
Dress - c/o Dainty Jewells
Shoes - Ted Baker


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