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Staying At A Waldorf Astoria Resort

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Hotel Overview

The Arizona Biltmore welcomed its first guests in 1929. This luxury resort is set on 39 lush acres, and is 8 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The grounds are gorgeous, as your can see in the pictures above and the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture is compelling.

Accommodation & Food

My room was extremely nice. I appreciate the elegant and modern decor with a plush and comfortable bed. The room was facing the grounds and had a lounging area which I didn't get a chance to use. I especially loved the fruit trees located throughout the property.

Around the property are outdoor fire pits, which seemed to be quite popular and had a were always buzzing with guests during day and night, both. Take the guided tour of the hotel. It is a lot of fun and very informative. Many Presidents and celebrities have stayed here over the years. 

I had two meals at the Frank & Albert's restaurant - dinner and breakfast. Both of which were delightful. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming vibe. It serves contemporary American cuisine which is of high quality and made with locally sourced ingredients. As a vegetarian I always appreciate when the Menu has more than salad as an option for me. 

... parting thoughts

This is a beautiful facility with updated rooms. The grounds are wonderful and well kept. The staff is very considerate and helpful from start to finish.

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Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 8
Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 13 Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 5   Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 3 Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 10
Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 11
Arizona Biltmore Tanvii.com 4

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Coffee Shop Vibes

Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 14

How cool is the vibe of this cafe. Musicians playing in the background, baristas brewing the coffee, freelancers and entrepreneurs getting shit done, what's not to love right? The few times I have been to Vigilante it has always been for meetings and I found myself admiring their uber-trendy vibe. It seems like an ideal spot to get inspired, write and create. It is about a 40 minute drive from where I stay, else I would have been there daily with my laptop.

Moving on to the outfit ... lately I have been hell-bent on using my transitional pieces all the way through into winter. Hence the maxi, with tights underneath and a leather jacket on top. I also had a winter coat handy, in case it got windy or too cold but thankfully the sun was shining all through the afternoon. I had actually worn this look for a dinner the night before, and then decided to repeat it again the very following day for a meeting, just 'coz I liked it so much. Is that crazy?

Lately I have been hell-bent on using my transitional pieces all the way through into winter. I really want to maximize my existing closet and shop only and only for pieces I really need and/or are missing from my basics. Talking of basics I counted I barely have like six sweaters and I have gone through them all in the past week. Hence, the window shopping at http://www.simons.ca/simons/ There are some really cute and versatile pieces there. I am especially loving the bright colors and chunky knits. Will keep you posted when I add something to the closet.

 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 15 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 17  Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 16 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 18 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 13 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 12 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 6
Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 19
Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 9 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 8 Vigilante Coffee Shop Tanvii.com 11
Outfit Photography via Samia's

Leather Jacket - Theory // Similar
Shoes - From London // Other Options
Dress - Similar
Hat - Same
Jewelry - via Lost & Forged


Why You Should Consider Waxing In Winters

Cera Wax Tanvii.com 0 

Keeping a continuous, long term relationship with waxing will give you the smooth results that we all desire. During winter months, it's especially important to keep up with your monthly waxing. If you have been following my Insta Stories, you must have noticed my live updates from Cera Wax Studio even on the frigid months. A lot of you asked why I get waxing done in winters and/or why I get waxing done at all. Here are my top three reasons to maintain waxing routine, especially during the winter months:

1. Body hairs grow at different rates. By maintaining a regular waxing routine, the hairs are conditioned to grow at the same time. This maximizes the time needed between waxing treatments.

2. During winter, your skin gets a much needed break from external elements such as sun exposure and chemicals like chlorine. Your skin recovers quicker from a waxing treatment during this down time. The redness and sensitivity often experienced after waxing will be minimized without the additional exposure to outside factors.

3. Let’s be honest, waxing can be painful. The more frequently you wax, the less painful it becomes. With each waxing treatment, the roots are weakened. The new growth hair comes in finer and thinner; making in less painful each time you wax.

Exfoliating the day before your appointment will help give you a better wax because the dry skin is gone so the hair is easier to remove. With consistent waxing, your body will produce less and less hair. Eventually, hair will stop growing in the waxed area! Personally, I think it always helps with obtaining an even skin tone throughout the body and getting rid of dry skin. 

These benefits are year round and apply to all body waxing including bikini, back, shoulders, underarm, and leg. Don’t let the winter prevent you from getting your regular wax. 

If you live in or around the Bethesda area (in Maryland) schedule your appointment at Cera Wax Studio today to achieve the benefits beautifully waxed skin. Don't forget to mention "Tanvii.com" to receive 20% off your services between February 1st to 13th. 

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Retro Vibes In Scottsdale, Arizona

Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 15

Hotel Overview

If you happen to visit Scottsdale, AZ then Hotel Valley Ho is the place where you must stay. It was one of the unique hotels I have stayed at, and had very much a '50s and '60s vibes in its vibe and decor. Yet, it had all the amenities, and comfort of a modern day hotel. The retro style of the hotel really makes you feel as if, you have stepped back in time. 

Accommodation & Food

The room decor is bright and vibrant. There is a a sleek bathtub right in the middle of the room. There are beautiful citrus trees outside the rooms overlooking the pool. Fitness room is well equipped and has cold water and apples available. The restaurant - ZuZu, serves all meals and has some delicious options to choose from. 

Another selling point of the hotel is its perfect location. It is in the center of old Scottsdale. Walking distance to art district, restaurants, small cafes and shopping. 

... parting thoughts

Everything about the hotel is eclectic. From the moment you enter the lobby you realize you're in for a treat - it's vibrant, fresh, different. No matter what is the purpose of your stay, you would really enjoy this hotel.

Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 16
 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 12 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 10 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 8 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 6 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 5 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 3 Hotel Valley Ho Tanvii.com 2
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Sunsets & Tall Boots

You know how you realize you have changed ... and how much? ... when you meet people from your past. At least that's how I feel. There are a million ways in which I have changed in the past decade and then there are a million ways in which I haven't. I would like to believe that most of them have been for the best, but I guess that's my personal opinion about myself, which if you come to it, doesn't say much. Ha!

Oh well, this has been an exciting week. Personally, and even in terms of world wide news. I have so many thoughts and so much to say about everything but i am short of time right now. I will have to gather my thoughts and then share it in the coming weeks. Hope everything has a good weekend. 

On to the outfit - This is a look we shot a few weeks back. I am obsessed with these boots from Shoe Dazzle. I have been wearing them with everything. Love the color. They are also at a good price point

Sunsets & Tall Boots Tanvii.com 12 Sunsets & Tall Boots Tanvii.com 10 Sunsets & Tall Boots Tanvii.com 11 Sunsets & Tall Boots Tanvii.com 6 Sunsets & Tall Boots Tanvii.com 13
Stole - c/o Uniqlo // Same
Tee - Neiman Marcus // Similar
Jeans - J Brand // Similar
Boots - c/o ShoeDazzle 
Bag - Dior
Sunglasses - Ray Ban


#ThrowbackThursday - London Reminiscing

London Reminiscing Tanvii.com
Originally published in Oct. 2009

London London London ... I love London. In spite of it's weather, high currency exchange rate, not-so-friendly-people, ... I still love it. I landed today morning in to the city with clear sky, little sun shine and pleasant temperatures (by London standards). Strolled around Central London for 5 hours ...absorbing everything that crossed my eyes. P.S. The city has such awesome fashion sense. It's perfect for me as I like to dress classy and quirky, both at the same time! And now that I am skinny, I can 'legally' rock that style (it's good for my ego sometimes to use the word skinny, instead of fit).

Flying into London also made me jog down the memory lane ... (I love revisiting my 'happy memories' and reliving them every chance I get). The first time I came to London was in May 1996 (seems soooo long ago. I was only 14! Wow!). Oh! but I fell in love with the city, instantly. As a kid, I had heard from someone that Heathrow was one of the busiest airports in the world and a flight took off (or landed ... can't remember) every 2 minutes. So remembering this anecdote,when we got out of the airoport, I kept looking into the sky to count the number of airplanes I could see! (Silly ... but cute ... now that I think)

The cool and wet weather was a welcome escape for me from the Indian Summers (especially Delhi in May = Burning Hell). I have always hated humidity. It makes me extremely irritable. How can you possibly smile with sweat dripping down your face? London was pleasant. It rainded a lot but I didn't see that as a problem. It only meant we had to buy & use colorful umbrellas and may be even wear bright floroscent rain-coats *big.smile*. Besides we were using cabs to get everywhere, so what's the big fuss :P

The black cabs were so adorable and cute,too. I loved riding in them (even later in life when I wasn’t a tourist, I liked using them once-in-a-while). For some reason I distinctly remember humming the song ‘chup tum raho … chum hum rahien’ (From the movie – Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, click here to listen) the first time I sat in the cab, all the way till the hotel.

I was also quite taken by the florescent vests, that I saw all the police officers were sporting, while riding their cool bikes. You can understand my attraction to even their vests, considering I was comparing everything to my home country.

The whole trip was amazing but the cherry on the top was our stay at The Ritz Hotel (highlight of most … if not all my holidays is the accommodation). Our luxurious Suite with authentic English d├ęcor made me feel like The Queen herself, of course, I hadn’t seen The Buckingham Palace yet!

It was on this holiday and here at The Ritz that I discovered my second favorite English movie of-all-time - Dirty Dancing. For the couple of days that we were at The Ritz, the movie kept re-running on one of the channels, and thus I ended up viewing it several times in just one trip.

The hotel was as posh as it gets, from the doorman, to the receptionist, to even their housemaids! At times it seemed they were serving The Queen, and we were not up to their standards! Haha ... I remember that one of the days we were refused to enter the Breakfast Room in spite of being their house guests occupying two suites. Why? … Apparently we were not appropriately dressed for that room, as we were in Jeans and sneakers. Since we were heading out to Windsor for a day trip, straight after the breakfast, we didn’t think it was necessary to dress-up just for a mere breakfast. Of course we were wrong! Although they did make an exception and allowed us to have our breakfast, but only with a warning. Fancy, right?!

We did the complete tourist-y thing … seeing the city on the red bus (which is all over the world now, but once was a London novelty). I found Buckingham Palace quite top-notch royalty. London Museum made me very angry. They had all these jewels and artillery and of course the Kohinoor, from our country (which I still believe, they should return already!). I didn’t have any interest in Natural History Museum, so that was a boring part of the trip. Harrods seems quite ostentatious. London eye wasn’t built yet (it was only opened in 1999), which I visited alone, several years later, before leaving London for good in 2006.

The visit to London, England has always been special no matter how many ever cities I visit. 

Five Reasons You Must Visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry Tanvii.com 3

I had been meaning to go to Pondicherry for the longest time but a trip to India often doesn't work out and Pondicherry is quite south of where I usually visit in India. However, this time i made it happen and now I would like to make sure everyone visits it because it was one of the most peaceful places in India I have ever visited. If I ever moved back, I would retire there. You can also watch the vlog if reading it not your thing. 


 1. Beaches - Pondicherry has 4 main beaches: Promenade beach, Paradise beach, Auroville beach and Serenity beach. They are clean, refreshing and never too crowded. In comparison to other beaches in India, the ones Pondicherry are less commercial and well kept.

Pondicherry Tanvii.com 2

 2. Food Scene - Surprisingly Pondicherry has a wide array of cuisines to choose from. There is of course, traditional Pondicherry cuisine which shows strong French and Tamil influences. Being a coastal region there is a lot of seafood. Being in the south, the traditional South Indian food aka idli-dosa is available and also due to the French influence, a good steak and wine is also served in a lot of restaurants.

Pondicherry Tanvii.com 1

 3. Churches & Temples - There are about 32 churches and 57 temples in Pondicherry. Immaculate Conception Cathedral is one of the biggest and oldest church. It's beauty lies in the French architecture and history attached to it. Manakula Vinayagar temple is an archaic temple in Pondicherry, which is about 300 years old. The notable features of this temple are the golden spire and the majestic wall with the portrayal of about forty forms of Ganesha.

Pondicherry Tanvii.com 7

 4. Auroville International City - Auroville is a township near Pondicherry. Though it is located in Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu, it is close to Pondi and easily accessible too. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa (also known as “The Mother”) and designed by architect Roger Anger. Mother’s first message about this city was, “Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity.” In the middle of the town is Matrimandir, known for its outstanding architecture. One must visit Auroville to understand and experience what it really is.

Pondicherry Tanvii.com 5

5. Shopping and Wandering - Pondicherry has some unique shopping experience with locally made products from handlooms to candles, and leather products. You are sure to pick up a few things for home and personal use. If shopping is not your thing then simply wandering in the streets of Pondicherry is a joyful experience in itself due to its French charm and vibe. 
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