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... With An Awkward Smile

One thing you must know about me is that I never shy away from sharing my opinion or thoughts. That is, if I have one! 

I do not know everything about everything. But if the conversation is about my life choices, or issues in society, or about the books I have read, movies I have seen, then I don't see why I should not share my thoughts about them. However, with experience I have learnt that it is not worth my time to share them with everyone who comes along. Some people are not capable to have a conversation with an open mind. They are already set in their ways. Their uninformed opinion is already made. They are not going to allow you to 'be who you are'. They like the world they know and are comfortable in. I let them exist in their world*, because my path won't cross with their's again (or often) and I do not want the headache that will follow post that conversation.

Recently my path crossed with a woman, who I am guessing was somewhere in her mid-fifties. Her nationality or religion does not matter because this is the conversation I have had ... or rather words that I have heard 100s of times, without contributing a single full sentence in to the narrative. Stereotypically it is always a female, someone in her fifties or more, who has grandkids, and who does not approve of me (or my choice to be kid-free), and feels can change my mind. 9 out of 10 times the conversation occurs at our very first and often the only meeting. So here goes ... 

After sitting with me for less than two minutes: 

The Woman - So ... do you have kids? 
I said - No

The Woman - How long have you been married?
I said - 10 years

The Woman - So why don't you have kids?
I said - ... (nothing!)

The Woman - You should definitely have kids. At least one kid is a must. 
I said - ... (nothing!)

The Woman - If you have kids too late, you get old and don't have the energy to run around with them and bring them up
I said - ... (nothing!)

Then she went on to tell me how many kids every.single.member in her maternal and paternal side of the family has and a few of their kid's stories in detail, which took good five minutes or so ... while I listened patiently (with an awkward smile). 

The Woman - One must have a kid, else what will happen to your name? Someone should continue your name after you are gone. Then people can say, "This is XYZ's kid" and your name lives on.
I said - ... (nothing!)

The Woman - Doesn't your mother say something?
I said - ... (nothing!)

The Woman - I think you should definitely have one kid. Have it for my sake? But please have one. 
I said - ... (nothing!)

Just in time, someone entered the room ... and I took a silent sigh! of relief and took that as my cue to leave the room. 

Let me say this on record that this was my first time meeting her. I do not even know her name. And I said a total of three words in the conversation (if you can call it that) which lasted somewhere around 7 to 10 minutes.

Now on to something brighter and more socially acceptable - my style! Kidding! May be. I am so glad the weather is ready for Maxi dresses. I am IN LOVE with this Joie piece. I can see it being part of my summer-closet-repertoire. You can try it out here before investing in it if you like. ;)  

Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com
Maxi For Summers Tanvii.com
Maxi - Joie // Same
Sandals - Similar
Rings - c/o 7 Charming Sisters
Sunglasses - Elizabeth & James // Same

* I am saying this purely in the context of the conversation mentioned in this post. I do believe I will speak up if I witness any gross injustice being done to others or myself, even if I don't know the person doing so. 

Macaroon Making Class In Central London

Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 1

Earlier this year I met up with two of my high school friends in London. We all had previously been to the city and were not interested in any tourist spots or activities. We just wanted to spend time together and do something different and interesting. Hence, the cooking class. 

We researched high and low for various classes in and around the London area. We finally zero-ed in on a Macaroon making class which was in the heart of Central London. Most importantly the timing suited us perfectly. 

This was a two hour class with total of 7 people. While others were paired in a group of twos, we of course chose to be together and took turns. One of us always behind the camera. We not only learned making macaroons from scratch but also making different fillings and the science behind the steps. 

I can't say I can bake macaroons after that class, but I sure had a lot of fun getting my hands messy and creating something which was (sorta) edible.

You can catch behind the scenes from the class and our other activities in the video below.

Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 2 
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 4
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 3  
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 15
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 5 
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 13
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 16 
Macaroon Making Class Tanvii.com 12  

Have you does a baking/cooking class? How was your experience?


10 Random Things On My Mind:

  • I recently watch the movie Nocturnal Animals and I LOVED it. I do not know why the movies that I enjoy, often don't do well. I have a whole list of them. (May be I should do a post on them!)
  • One of the most unattractive qualities in people is 'desperation'. It stinks. I wish people took more pride in who they were instead of pleasing the world. 
  • "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” ― Steven Weinberg
  • Have you seen the show - Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce - It has been my guilty pleasure on Netflix, for the past few weeks.
  • I have been in a YouTube limbo. Can't find the motivation to create new content. Anyone got any exiting ideas?
  • Lately I have been writing a lot. By pen. On paper. But still struggling to come up with stuff to 'type' for posts. 
  • I got a haircut. Shortest I have gone in the past decade. I love it.
  • Warmer temperatures have me craving Lychees. But then I read this and it changed my mind. Sorta. 
  • Currently reading this book. Wish I had read the reviews before picking it up. Feel free to recommend me something better.
  • Remember how my super power is discipline? - Not lately. I am still on rebel mode.
Moving on to the outfit, I wore this dress a couple of weeks back. I had bought it in Pondicherry from a local store. It is so comfortable that I already wish I had picked more pieces from there. Also, love these pictures from my shoot with Callum via CE Photography. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with him. Cannot wait to do more concept shoot this summer. 

Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.comIndigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Photography via CE Photography

Dress - From Pondicherry // Another
Shoes - c/o ShoeDazzle // Similar
Bag - Louis Vuitton // Another
Watch - Bulova // Similar


Beat The Genetics With Rogaine

Rogaine Tanvii.com 11 

I have inherited a lot of good genes from my parents: youthful-skin, brains (?), good instincts, will-power, etc. but there is plenty of stuff in my gene pool which I  would have gladly passed: the quintessential Indian butt, oily skin, and hereditary hair loss (HHL). My paternal lineage has not had a good track record of maintaining a healthy head of hair after a certain age. Both my paternal grandparents, my dad, aunts, uncles and even few of my cousins have had a receding hairline. So, I’ve decided to try to get ahead of this genetic trait with Rogaine. 'Coz why not?

If you have been around for awhile, you know I like to tackle all my potential issues head-on. I workout to keep that butt in shape, I have a pretty regular skin-care regime, and I take care of my hair and scalp to reduce the visible chances of HHL.

Below are my hair care regime steps:

  • Monthly scalp massage with coconut oil. With the tips of my finger, I massage the coconut oil throughout my scalp in circular motion. I then leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it.
  • As a vegetarian I ensure I am taking the required amount of Iron, either through supplement or diet. I eat a plenty of leafy greens in salads (spinach, kale, and lettuce), also beans and tofu. I also take biotin and zinc supplements, two nutrients that play a role in hair growth.
  • I avoid using styling tools as much as possible. I almost always air dry my hair.
  • I use a wide tooth comb and non-metallic hair ties which is gentler on my hair strands and do not result in untimely hair breakage.


However, this regime can only help me so much. Did you know that among women to experience hair thinning, 76% of women start to notice hair thinning after the age of 30? I just turned 35 and I would like to take the matters into my own hands before it is too late. The good news is that Hereditary Hair Loss (HHL) is a manageable trait that one can get ahead of with Rogaine.

Rogaine Tanvii.com

It was only recently that I learned that genetics is the leading cause of hereditary hair loss (HHL) among women, accounting for 90% of cases (vs. stress, thyroid disease, medications, dietary deficiencies, etc.). Isn't that crazy? If you are not sure if you suffer from HHL, here are the key signs to look out for as a woman:

  1. Thinning hair – hair loses volume and density over time.
  2. Hair shedding – a consistent loss of 150 hairs a day is considered significant hair loss.
  3. Widening part or visible scalp – increased scalp visibility is a definite sign of hair loss.

Rogaine Tanvii.com

I am trying to avoid #1 & #3 as from what I can remember my grandmother suffered from the “diffuse” thinning over the top of the head and along the part. Women’s Rogaine and Men’s Rogaine foam products are formulated with 5% minoxidil—the only topical ingredient FDA-approved to regrow hair—and are clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 3 months. I will be giving Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam a shot starting this week and will keep you posted on the results over the coming months. Look out for it on Instagram as that's where I usually share all my life updates.

Have you inherited any traits that you could do without? Does HHL run in your family? Do share, in the comments below.

This post was sponsored by Rogaine, but all opinions are my own.

Salt Artisan Market, Charlottesville

Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 4

Last year, same time we had gone to Charlottesville, Virginia for a weekend getaway. For starters, I can't believe it has already been a year and secondly, I have so much travel content pending to share. Sigh! #LifeOfATravelBlogger 

On our second day in Charlottesville, we made a pit top at this cute little cafe - Salt - just about 5 miles away from our hotel. 

Salt specializes in sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie. I had their tofu sandwich and wasn't sure what do expect. In the past tofu sandwiches had been a hit or miss. This however was a definite HIT. It was so juicy and flavorsome.

Salt has been in business since 2013, and all the ingredients used are locally sourced.  Its location is a 1930s-era gas station and farm store later turned general store. If I had more time (and less people there) I would definitely have done a shoot there. If you are in the neighborhood visiting museums or vineyards, be sure to check them out. You would not be disappointed. 

Hit play below to checkout more form that trip and scroll down for more pictures. 

 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 1 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 2 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 3 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 5 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 6 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 7 Salt Artisan Market Charlottesville Tanvii.com 8

What are some of your favorite local cafes or eateries? 

Turning A New Leaf

This past month has been quite tumultuous. I wanted to break-free of all the rules, schedules, regimes, I had created for myself. I knew they all had a purpose and they were in place to help me stay on track but something in me just wanted to break-free. And so I did. I didn't blog regularly, I didn't workout regularly, I cancelled appointments, I did whatever my heart desired. And it felt SO GOOD. It is so unlike me to behave this way. 

However, I still couldn't completely let go. I could hear Type A Tanvi having conversation with Rebel Tanvi and reaching a compromise. The prior convinced the later to run on bare minimum regime: two blog posts a week instead of five, two/three workouts a week instead of six, indulge a little but stick to no refined carbs and 1200 calorie diet. I am not sure when the Type A Tanvi will be back but this change of pace is definitely helping me create some brain space for new ideas and new thoughts. P.S. I am glad that the sensible part of my brain is maintaining some form order even in rebel-mode and that I haven't completely jumped off my balanced lifestyle bandwagon.

Outfit from the weekend brunch date!
Spring Layers Tanvii.com 
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Spring Layers Tanvii.com
Tee - Uniqlo // Same
Kaftan - All Saints // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Shoes - Coach // Similar
Belt & Bag - Louis Vuitton // Similar
Cap - Under Armour // Same


Story Behind My Man's Beard

Remington Beard Boss Tanvii.com
This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® & Remington but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RemBeardBosshttp://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV
My husband's beard has been quite a topic of discussion among his friends, colleagues and family. While I stand back and play a spectator to this drama, I sure am to blame or credit (depends how you see it). I am his stylist, after all! In the first year of marriage, I got rid of pretty-much everything from his closet (one thing at a time). Months later, when (and if) he would notice something is missing, I would tell him, "O. yeah! I donated it!". Luckily he never cared for anything enough to get mad at me. And now almost a decade later, I have thrown everything he ever owned (pre-marriage) and updated it. It took me a few years, but now he trusts my inputs and lets me style him. 

So here's the story behind his beard. Back in early December I asked my husband, "You should keep a beard again." He had sported one, for a few months back late 2012 when we lived in Texas. A lot of people thought that his beard was inspired by Virat Kohli (Indian sportsman). It wasn't. My inspiration for the beard was him. Since he has a similar face structure, and from the previous experience, I knew he would totally rock the beard. So he decided to grow it out during the holidays. And boy was I right OR was I right? ;) 

I think he looks quite distinguished and handsome with the beard. 
Remington Beard Boss Tanvii.com
Remington Beard Boss Tanvii.com

Basic 101 Tips for Beard


When trying to grow it out, you must ensure you are taking care of your skin as well. Your facial skin is sensitive and requires extra care. When it is not used to having facial hair for long period of time, it would require some extra tlc. 

Make sure you wash your face thoroughly twice a day. Hair is unfortunately a nesting place for food crumbs, small dust particles, etc. If it important to keep it clean. 

Next step would be to Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. I cannot emphasize it enough. I got my husband some Vit. E oil to apply on this face. It not only calms the skin from any redness but also soften the beard hair. Win-Win.


Regular upkeep. Growing a beard does not mean you have to roam around like a cave man. A daily trim and maintenance is much required. My husband uses The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit by Remington which can be found at your local 
Walmart. Just after the first use, he was a fan. It is an easy to use all-in-one kind of a tool. It is 100% waterproof and is made with a non-slip material which is so important for any personal care product. It's powerhouse lithium battery gives a 5 hours of cordless runtime which would be perfect during travels. The foil shaver is ideal for him as he likes to keep his shave always clean around the edges and neckline. If your man rocks (or wants to rock) a beard you must introduce him to this kit by Remington.  

 Remington Beard Boss Tanvii.com Remington Beard Boss Tanvii.com 

As handsome as he looks, the beard does come with some extra steps to get ready in the morning. Although, Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit has made that task a lot easier and efficient. 

You can find the Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit at Walmart and on Walmart.com.

Planning With Erin Condren

One of the commonly asked questions (among many) is how do I stay motivated while working from home? It is not easy. You are accountable to nobody else but yourself. It requires a lot of planning and organization. And discipline. 

But luckily, one of my favorite things to do is plan! So when Erin Condren contacted me to attend their Spring Event and checkout their products in person, of course I said, "YES!". Having the right tools can make all the difference. Unlike a traditional office space, where things are not always in your control, most of the office supplies are quite boring, bland and have little character. However, one of the perks of working for yourself, you can do whatever you like, including pick your own stationary and office supplies. And make it eccentric like yourself (aka me!). 

What attracted me most to the brand is how colorful and vibrant their products were. One of the things I require to stay motivated (and a little entertained) while working is having fun-colorful-things around. It is a bonus that the products can be personalized with your name, or initials, or your blog name monogramed at no extra cost. Erin Condren products are not only customizable but come in beautiful designs and patterns to fit each individual's personality. 

Among various goodies that I received and checkout at the event, were signature personalized Erin Condren LifePlanner™, sticker book, colorful dual-tip markers, and snap-in StylizedSticky™ notes (while I love!). 

Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com Erin Condren Event Tanvii.com

My only regret is that I didn't have access to this planner sooner. I had been in a blogging funk for the past month, but having a new planner and organizational tools has given me a jumpstart for the remaining for the year. Having access to beautiful personalized products into my daily work life has got my creative juices flowing. Lucky for you, Erin Condren wants to give you a 15% discount! Use the code: GETSOCIAL15 before July 31st 2017 (cannot be combined with other offers)

Keep scrolling further to get a peek into the fun event and my outfit for the evening.

Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com

The event was as colorful and vibrant as the brand. Among the colorful balloons, spring drink, pastel products, you couldn't help but celebrate the start of spring. I had a chance to checkout everything that Erin Condren as a brand has to offer. Needless to say, I cannot wait to add coloring pads, color pencils, hardbound notebooks, to name a few. Don't forget to use your 15% discount code: GETSOCIAL15 before July 31st 2017 (cannot be combined with other offers)

Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com Erin Condren Spring Blogger Event Washington DC Tanvii.com
Photography via Lacey
Top - Free People // Modern
Skirt - Consignment // Better
Shoes - Nordstrom // Similar
Ring - Haati Chai // Another

This post is in collaboration with Erin Condren. 
All opinions mentioned are my own. 
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