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12:00 AM

Life ... lately has been swinging from "traveling and reading" to "watching movies and news" and back to "traveling and reading" which if you ask me is a pretty good pendulum to be on. Besides the news part. Every day is a nightmare on that front. But I do not want to dwell on that right now.

Vigilante Coffee Shop 2

On health and fitness front, I am doing exceptionally good. In the past month, I have been successful at eliminating sugar (for the most part) and refined carbs (completely). I have lost a few inches over all and about 4 pounds. I know it doesn't sound much but I am quite happy with the progress. I also started logging-in my calories in January, which has made me accountable and responsible towards my food. Starting next week, I will be collaborating with the Jenny Craig program for one month. I have never done a food plan before so I am excited to see if that makes a difference in any way. I will be sharing more about it the following Friday

Blogging has also been busy. I have been catching up on a lot of previous travel content from Istanbul (Turkey), Pondicherry (India), and Arizona (U.S.A) while continuing to travel more. Sometimes, I feel I am stuck on a wheel which keeps on turning. It is the same cycle - travel, create, produce, write, post, promote - non-stop! I am not complaining though. This is the exact life I wanted. This is the exact life I have. I think I just need a extra set of hands I would be good. 

Reading has been going steady as well. I have not mentioned my books on the blog in past 3-4 months but I have read at least ten since my last post. I reviewed them all on YouTube (click above). If books are your thing, I would suggest you check out my channel

London Reunion 2017

Continuing with the topic of travel, my last trip was to London and I had the most wonderful time. Out of the seven days I was there, six were sunny which is the highest order of luck or blessing, whichever you believe in. I have some wonderful pictures to share from this trip in the coming week. I am also working on a "How To Plan A Girl's Getaway" post soon. Let me know if you would want me to cover any other specific blog topic. 

Lou & Grey Tyson's Event
Last but not the least, I have something exciting to share. If you live in the DMV area please come and meet me at the Lou & Grey store at the Tyson's Corner. There will be light sips, snacks, and some goodies for you to take home. And of course, I will be there so we could chit-chat and shop. Hope to see you there! 

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  1. you are one strong hell of a woman to eliminate refined carbs!! so proud of you :)

    i am needing some book recs so thank you for so many options.

  2. That's amazing you're cutting the sugar! I find that so hard and not sure I could do it! Also, I need to get back into reading it's so relaxing.

  3. loving seeing you progress! This is a great glimpse into the behind the scenes of your on the go life. I'm hoping I can be there Saturday!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. 6/7 days were sunny?! I would say that's a blessing lol I went to London a couple years ago and I am *dying* to go back!

  5. Sounds like you have definitely been keeping busy! I have been dying to travel back to London. I miss it! I studied abroad there years ago!
    xo Jessica

  6. I wished I lived near by! I would so go to your meetup!

  7. That's so cool about the L&G event! Must be fun to be a fashion expert.



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