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Travel Quirks as a Couple!

Travel Quirks Tanvii

After traveling together for almost ten years, husband and I have discovered we have some travel quirks and/or habits which we refuse to break out of or just prefer due to the people we have turned into. Here are a few that we came up with, one random morning in Istanbul

1. No breakfast-in-bed or room service for us. (With an exception of a staycation!). Mostly because we do not like the smell of food to be in our room. Also, if we are in a bustling city we like to go grab something from a local cafe or something or head to the hotel's breakfast buffet and fuel ourselves for the exploration planned ahead. 

2. Early to bed and early to rise. Our schedule doesn't change much from our normal life. We still wake up at dawn, squeeze in a workout if we can and then start out out day. It just feels like a more fulfilling experience. Especially since we do travel often. 

3. Party? Who? We haven't been to a club or a disc in ages. We are sleepy and tired by 10pm latest and have no energy left to go clubbing later. And since I don't drink (since Nov. 2015) I find it more of a punishment. This is the only clubbing I can do now. 

4. Tourists or Wanderers? We are probably a mix of both but more of the later. We usually walk around the city and check out the "must see" spots and if something catches our fancy we enter or else keep walking. Often we take up accommodation in area which are not touristy so that we can see another side of the city. 

5. Living like a local and just being another person in the city is more our way to explore and experience. We don't shop much, we don't eat at fine dinning (since I am not a foodie + a vegetarian), we don't like standing in long queues, so it pretty much takes out everything an average tourist would do. We just walk and talk and take a break at cafe every two hours. 

What are some of your travel quirks? 


  1. Loving your travel vlog - this was a fun, little read!

  2. I don't like clubs and I also find that I don't really shop when I travel -- I hate tchotchkes! But I do love room service! And I also have to stay at a hotel with a gym.

  3. im so with you on shopping unless something really catches my eye. my idea of travel is exploring food related places + local things people do as well. hmmm about clubbing, i would only if i had a good group of friends but most of the time, im too tired from exploring the new place there is hardly any energy left to stay up until 10-11 pm.

  4. This is an interesting list. :) made me think!


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