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Three Ways Thursday - Grey Jersey Dress

08_ Three Ways To Style a Jersey Dress Tanvii.com
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I still remember the day I had purchased this dress almost 2 years ago. I fell in love with the fabric instantly. It was soft, luxurious although the dress itself was inexpensive. I have worn it hundreds of times in the last two years and above are three which were documented on the blog. First has to be my favorite, simply for its simplicity. Although over time I have found it to be a great layering piece for fall and spring. The color too is neural and can be worn year round. If you too are looking for something similar for your wardrobe below are some of the options. I like this tie and dye one a lot. 


Last Outfit Post of the Year

This is the last Monday of the year, hence last outfit post of the year. Making it the 62nd outfit featured on the blog in 2017. I am not going to say where did this year! I know exactly where the year went and I am so glad it turned out the way it did. I am finally reaching a point where I can acknowledge time passing without freaking out. Ha! :)

I cannot wait for 2018! I do not have any big plans for the new year, nevertheless I am always exciting for another chance at a fresh start. Another opportunity to hit reset and regroup.

I am writing this post way late into the night (23:00) so will keep it short and leave you guys with a rather functional outfit post today. This is what I wore a few weeks back while exploring Cusco, Peru. It was a pleasant but chilly day and my new camo jacket was the highlight of the look. 

Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com Camo, Jeans, Peru, Converse Tanvii.com
Location - Cusco, Peru

Jacket - Sanctuary // Same
Scarf - From India // Similar
Jeans - Miss Sixty // Similar
Shoes - Converse // Same
Bag - From Peru // Similar


Holiday Dressing with MISOOK


This is a sponsored post featuring Misook. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Holiday season is in full swing with office parties, and friends and family get-togethers. I bet everyone is looking for that chic and stylish outfit options for the season. I have been browsing MISOOK and am excited to share a few great jacket options which can elevate your existing closet and take you from day-to-evening look. Investing in just one of these jackets would help you create several looks this season. Also, Misook is offering my readers an exclusive 25% off promo code: MSK5991 use it to get that jacket right away! Valid through the end of December.

This is a quintessential holiday jacket. Pair it with a solid base for a striking look. 

The color and the style is perfect for a chic and sophisticated look. It would be an ideal layering piece for those of use who live in the colder regions. 

The color and graphic design of the jacket gives it a modern touch and adding a subtle style statement.

Love the fringe detail of this jacket. The style would transition perfectly into spring making it more versatile. 

You can never go wrong with a black jacket. The two toned detail and the streamlined cut makes it quite elegant.

I love the over all simplicity of design of MISOOK pieces. Browsing through their site I found most of their collection versatile ad wearable for working women. They have sizes ranging from XS-3X providing options for all body types and for all occasions. MISOOK pieces display sophistication and elegance making them timeless. 

Which one is your favorite jacket?

Prepare Your Body For The Winter Months

Why Is Moisturizing Important To Me? Tanvii.com
This post is in collaboration with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant
We usually give 90% of our attention to our faces, which ends up leaving rest of our body neglected. Winter months can be harsh on our skin if we don’t take proper care. In this post I am sharing tips on how to take care of some of the neglected areas of our bodies.

1. Soft and Smooth Skin All Over

Winter Itch due to dryness is a cause for concern for many people. Skimping on moisturizing is not a good idea in the coming months. Even better, switch to in-shower oil for mornings and a deep cream for nights to lock in that moisture 24/7.
Neutrogena Body Oil Tanvii.com 03

2. Pay attention to the nooks and corners

Summertime is for pedicures and waxing, but we tend to neglect those areas when we swap in our less-revealing winter wardrobes. You want to be active in moisturizing the elbows, feet, neck and hands all year long. Cracked heels and dry elbows are not a pretty sight.

Dove Advanced Care Tanvii.com

3. Care for your underarms.
Underarm skin is sensitive and an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Dr. Alicia Barba, a dermatologist with Dove, reminds us that textures and fabrics in sweaters, undergarments and t-shirts can irritate the skin. Underneath all those layers, you’ll need a product that keeps you hydrated and protected. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is formulated with moisturizers to help alleviate irritation and leave you with softer and smoother underarms. It also provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection. Check out Dove Advanced Care and their complete collection here.  

Dove Advanced Care Tanvii.com

4. Sunscreen for all seasons.

Pack away the bikinis and sarongs, but keep the sunscreen right next to your daily moisturizer. Dr. Barba suggests switching to a moisturizing sunscreen, a bit richer than your summer product. Harmful UV rays don’t take a break for cold weather. Even if you’re bundled up, sunscreen is a must for your face, and any other skin that’s not covered up.

MakeUp Meltdown Tanvii.com 1.1

5. Pucker Up.

One other body part which suffers severely during the winter months is our lips. You want to ensure you apply either coconut oil or petroleum jelly at bedtime and carry a lip balm during the day. Soft and supple lips are a thing for year-round.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

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Grappling with Concept of Time

Looks like the concept on time is completely lost on me. I do not mean time as hours-and-minutes but instead in big chunks. For example -  

- I am 35 but I keep thinking I am 38 and telling people I will soon be 40!
- We moved to Maryland in 2014 but I keep thinking we have been here for at at least 5 years.
- I have been married for over a decade, but I feel it has only been a few years.
- I got back from Peru just about a fortnight back but it feels like months ago
- Things that happened long time ago feel like yesterday 

You catch my drift? Is it just me? The the concept of time get blurry for other people too? I have always wondered why that is ...? Why do some instances feel closer and others farther while the reality is opposite? So many questions ... and no energy to google! Ha :) 

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In other news ... the winter is here and with each passing year I am getting more accustomed to the drop in temperatures. Having a brand new wardrobe for the season helps too!
Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com
Location - Foggy Bottom, D.C. 

Sweater - Nordstrom // Same
Jeans - Joe's // Same
Boots - Timberland // Same
Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs // Same
Shawl - From India // Another 


The Struggle Is Real

I am someone who is constantly seeking new information, learning new skills, being in-the-know-how of what is new and breakthrough. But I am also someone who strives to lead a balanced life. I do not want the technology to take over my life. I want to use technology (and social media) to improve my lifestyle NOT become my lifestyle. 

Do you know of a Social Media Influencer who is bored of Instagram? If not, you have just been introduced to one - Me! In the past few months, I have gone from posting 5 times a week to 4 times a week and now to twice a week. Last month on my trip to Peru, I did not post anything on Insta-Stories or on my Instagram feed. I made no big hoopla about my travels and went old-school. And it felt so-fucking-L I B E R A T I N G! 

The struggle lies in having the conviction to do my own thing, make my own path and have the determination to walk it (even if I am the only one walking on it). The struggle lies in not comparing myself to my peers and falling into the rabbit hole of "FOMO". The struggle lies in believing that I am doing my best in any given moment and what anyone else does is none-of-my-business. The struggle lies in being content with the present. The struggles lies in knowing my limitation and being at peace with it. So far ... I think I am at the better end of that struggle ... but believe you me, the struggle is real. p.s. I used the word 'struggle' seven times in one paragraph! 

Moving on to the outfit ... the layering game is strong. Not only am I playing with colors, and textures but also with different lengths of layers. 
Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com
Thrifted Missoni Tanvii.com
Location - Pike & Rose

Jacket - Uniqlo // Similar
Kimono - Missoni // Another
Dress - Reddz Trading // Similar
Boots - Shoe Dazzle // Similar
Jewelry - From India



Kimono Jacket Meets Sweater Dress

Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com

New month. New post, featuring a new jacket. It also happens to be my first winter style post. I have been meaning to style this Kimono-style jacket for past two months but between travel and inconsistent weather I was not able to do it justice. 

I received this versatile piece of clothing from KIBRONO. It is a modern take on Hanten jackets for men and women. Their clothing is made in LA, and each style is unique, from cotton to lightweight linens. I relate so much with their message ... 

"Living at the edge of the unknown can be challenging, but we believe it’s where the magic of life happens, where we come to know ourselves and grow. We aspire to look at the world with fresh eyes so that our preconceived ideas of the world around us melt away and we are free to tap in and authentically create." - KIBRONO

I paired my new Ninja jacket with a decade old sweater dress (worn here & here), because that's how I roll ... mixing new and old ... in order to build a versatile wardrobe with pieces that last me for years and can be styled in a number of ways. Also, since the jacket is actually 100% cotton, pairing it with a wool sweater dress makes it ideal for not-so-cold winter days. 

Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com
Location - The Modern at Art Place

Kimono Jacket (Ninja) - c/o Kibrono // Same
Sweater Dress - francesca's // Similar
Boots - Diesel // Similar
Shawl - From India // Similar



Three Ways Thursday - Green Duster

07_ Three Ways To Style a Duster Tanvii.com
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I am a big fan of dusters. (see examples above!) I have been layering the heck out of them for the past couple of years. They seem to uplight any outfit instantly. This is a perfect example of how the 'rule of three' works. You have a tee and a jeans/pants and then you add a third element and the outfit becomes chic. Same goes with dresses too. 

This recent addition to my closet has been on a constant rotation. I cannot stop styling it. Since the temperatures have dropped, I have been adding the third layer with a coat over this duster. And let me tell you, I am quite happy with that result. I cannot wait to shoot that look for the blog soon. 

How do you feel about layers? Do you own a duster? p.s. If you like the one I am wearing, it is still available here

Polka Dot Saree

I have a thing for polka dot and stripes, especially in Sarees and salwar kameez. I just love the juxtaposition of Indian and kinda-western. I had shot these pictures back in August and discarded them. I didn't quite like them. And now looking back, I can't tell why? Has my standards gone down? Or was it a mere misjudgment on my part? Either ways they up on the blog now ... 

Saree is my favorite garment to wear. I have always said, if I could (and weather permitted) I would wear it more often. There is no other outfit I feel quite as comfortable and feminine in. This year, I have worn Saree more number of times, on the blog, than ever before. Orange, WhiteGreen and now blue (below). Of course this wasn't intentional but these four happen to be the colors of the Indian flag. So random, right?

Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com Prada Bag, Polka Dot Saree Tanvii.com
Saree - From India
Flats - Tommy Hilfiger // Similar
Bag - Prada // Same 
Earring - Better
Bangle - Similar


Little Known Facts about Lost Luggage

Hartmann Luggage Tanvii.com 3

"One of the fears of traveling is not finding your bag once you reach your destination," said Brenda Cantrell, brand ambassador for UBC. "We thought we would share what we have learned from over 45 years in the business of lost luggage to clear up some misconceptions."

Top 10 Little Known Facts about Lost Luggage:

1.The chances of permanently losing your bag is extremely small. Of the billion or so passenger bags checked every year, roughly 1 percent fail to meet up with their owners at the claim carousel. Within 24 hours, 80 to 90 percent of those "lost" bags are found, and within five days 95 to 98 percent of that 1 percent make their way home. Over the course of the next 90-plus days, through a comprehensive baggage tracing process conducted by the airlines, more than half of the remaining bags are reunited with their owners.

2. Lost Luggage Heads to Scottsboro, Ala.After an extensive and exhaustive 90-day search by the airlines to reunite a bag with its rightful owner, the Unclaimed Baggage Center purchases the unclaimed items from the airlines and the items are brought to the 40,000 square foot store in Scottsboro, Ala.

3. Lost items are thrown away, sold or donated. Only about one-third of the purchased products make it to the floor of the retail store, which accounts for about 7,000 new items being brought to the store floor on a daily basis. Items deemed unsellable are either repurposed or thrown away.

4. Your lost items could be reclaimed for good.Through partnering with multiple mission organizations locally, regionally and around the globe, Unclaimed Baggage Center is able to reclaim more than half of these items for good. For example: Hundreds of thousands of eyeglasses donated to The Lions Club Sight First program; broken wheelchairs rebuilt for handicapped children and adults worldwide; millions of dollars worth of medical supplies donated to developing countries; and millions of dollars in clothing donated to the underprivileged.

5. It's not always the airlines fault.From what we can see, much of the responsibility for lost luggage is with the owner of the luggage. Many of the bags we receive are old, have damaged clasps or are not labeled. It is very difficult for the airlines to trace back luggage that is damaged or not labeled.

6. Checked luggage is only part of the problem.While checked bags account for a large portion of the inventory at UBC, the store also receives a large amount of items left on the plane. Typically items left on the plane are not labeled and the airlines is unable to return them to their rightful owner.

7. People pack more than just clothes.While clothing is the number one item we receive, the store has departments featuring electronics, sporting goods, books, household items, jewelry, formal wear, toys and much more.

8. Lost luggage can contain the rare and unusual. Throughout the years, Unclaimed Baggage has received about anything you can think of including moldy cheese, wedding dresses, rare heirlooms and artifacts, a live snake, musical instruments or expensive jewelry.

9. While not the norm, unclaimed baggage can contain expensive items. UBC has received several high dollar items including jewelry, electronics and historical documents. The highest price item the store sold was a Men's Presidential platinum Rolex valued at $65,000 and we sold it for $23,000.

10. Lost luggage creates a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience.Unclaimed Baggage Center covers more than one city block and attracts over 1 million visitors a year from every state and over 40 foreign countries. The store offers something for everyone: treasure hunt and thrifty shopping; clothing, electronics, home furnishings, books, jewelry, trinkets and other unique items. Need to know more? Everyday UBC host an Unclaimed Baggage Experience, where a guest gets to unpack a bag that has never been sorted by the airlines.

For more information about UBC, visit http://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/

Four Days Work Week

Bindi Love Tanvii.com

Lately I have applied the '4 working-days-schedule' to my self-employed life. First time I had heard about this was at my job, back in Texas. We used to have a 10 hour work days Monday to Friday and then three days off. Back then I didn't quite enjoy this set up as it ended up being a 12+ hours days with commute. It didn't leave much time to do anything else, except eat sleep and work, on those 4 days. But being self-employed this new set-up has really helped me unwind and not be as stressed. I usually work for a few hours on Friday mornings and then take the whole day off. It has made such a difference. 

I have always worked over the weekends on planning, editing and scheduling. Weekends are also when I take most of the outfit pictures but all of this combined is not as demanding as the 12 hours days Monday-Friday. Anyone who thinks being a content creator is easy, needs to really think twice. While I love content creation and coming up with ideas for posts for different platforms, the whole process can be quite draining. It requires long hours in front of the computer and phone with little in-person interaction. It is not the hardest job around but it is not as easy as it might appear from a distance. That's all I am saying!

Moving on to the outfit .... In last two months I have worn this exact same outfit for at least five times. I have not even bothered to mix and match. By cost per wear breakdown I have already recovered the cost of this top ($30). 

Bindi Love Tanvii.com Bindi Love Tanvii.com Bindi Love Tanvii.com Bindi Love Tanvii.com Bindi Love Tanvii.comBindi Love Tanvii.com
Location - U Street, D.C.

Top - From India // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Better
Boots - Steve Madden // Better
Jacket - Sanctuary // Same
Bag - Gucci // Same
Earrings - Similar


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