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Lessons Learnt in 2016

Lessons from 2016

2016 has been a year for highest highs and lowest troughs. It has been a fun, interesting, and a year where I learned a lot about myself and a little more about the world. Below are some of the lessons that I could remember last night before going to bed. I think, I might continue to add to this list over the weekend. If I do, I will mention that on Facebook & Twitter :) 

Here goes ... 

1. If you want something put it out there in the universe, with clarity and earnestness. Universe returns it back in two folds.

2. Don't stress about what is not in your control. But actively try and make this world a better place, for yourself and for people around you.

3. Value your time. Don't confuse being busy as being productive. Set small daily goals. Once you have achieved them; relax.

4. Pick your battles. Just because you choose to be quiet doesn't mean you are wrong. It means you are smart enough to save your energy for what matters more.

5. Don't let anyone else decide your self-worth - not social media, not your followers/fans, not your partner, not even your parents. You decide your own self-worth.

6. Standing up for what you believe in doesn't always mean going out on a protest march. Simply continuing to live the way you want to is action enough.

7. People will continue to surprise you. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. Try and keep an open mind. Even with buffoons. 

8. Just because someone is intelligent doesn't mean they will produce quality work and vice versa. 

9. No one has it 'all' figured out, no matter how sorted they look. Everyone is just doing the best they can and know how. 

10. Let go of the FOMO. No one is having more fun than you are. If you are happy where you are, then that's what matter's the most. 

Top 10 Out Of 66

Top 10 Looks From 2016

It is 'that' time of the year again ... when you take account of all your previous year's deeds, posts, and whatnot. Today I am sharing my top 10 personal favorite looks from 2016. They are in no particular order, except in the sequence that they were posted on the blog (Jan to Dec). 

This year, I was attracted to simplicity and versatility. No matter what occasion, comfort and ease were my top priority. This year I wore more solids than prints, more neutrals than color, and more flats than heels. Below photos are not necessarily a representation of my sartorial preference. They just happen to be the looks that struck a chord with me. Nonetheless, I believe there was a healthy dose of color and experimentation this year. 

I do not see anything change in the coming year, except may be introduction of more versatile pieces to my wardrobe. I believe I have defined my style for the coming decade or so. If you think I missed out a look that you had preferred over the ones I have shared, feel free to let me know. You can checkout all 66 looks here
Palais Aziza Resort & Spa 18
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Prints For Spring 5
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Queen of Color 3
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Rainy Date Night 10
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Tan Game Strong 2
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DeNada 3
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Tanvi Alexandria Summer 2016_web 2048 (30 of 70)
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DeNada Asymmetrical Poncho
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Which one was your favorite? 

48 Hours In Toronto, Canada

Toronto 24
As I mentioned in my last post, our weekend in Toronto was spent mostly in luxury than shivering in rain and cold. Nonetheless, the traveler in me, couldn't not explore a little though. Below are a few things we visited upon our visit. 
  1. Take a leisurely stroll through and Kensington Market. There are a lot of hidden gems to discover.
  2. Checkout the Graffiti Alley if nothing else, for great photo-ops. 
  3. Visit Toronto Islands.
  4. Marvel at sharks, sea turtles and more at Ripley’s Aquarium
  5. Be a tourist and pose with the Toronto Sign
  6. Visit Brookfield place for it's architecture and indoors events and exhibits. 
  7. Shop at the Toronto Underground Market.
I really wanted to visit the exhibits and collections at the Aga Khan Museum, however, couldn't make it there. But there is always the next time.

I did make it to the CN Tower was was extremely disappointed. I would not recommend you waste your time, even though I, rather my husband, did capture this fabulous shot from the top. 


Toronto 31 
Toronto 34
Toronto 29  Toronto 35  Toronto 37 
Toronto 27
Toronto 38 Toronto 17 Toronto 32 Toronto 14 Toronto 30

Stay At Ritz Carlton, Toronto

Ritz Carlton Toronto 15
The Stunning view of the lake from our room at Ritz Carlton, Toronto
Back in October we had made a weekend trip to Toronto, courtesy Tourism Toronto. They put us at the Ritz Carlton in downtown. If I may say, that turned out to be the highlight of the trip. Especially due to the weather. Cold and rain throughout the weekend forced us to stay indoors longer than we had planned. And what better place to be indoor than at the luxurious spaces of Ritz Carlton. 

Hotel Overview

The Ritz Carlton, Toronto is less than 10 minutes away from the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport amidst the entertainment and financial district. The hotel has a modern decor with a warm and classy vibe. From the moment you step in you know you have entered a five-star property. 

Ritz Carlton Toronto 17 Ritz Carlton Toronto 4 Ritz Carlton Toronto 1 Ritz Carlton Toronto 0 Ritz Carlton Toronto 5

Food & Accommodation

We were upgraded to The Ritz-Carlton Club® Level which came with numerous amenities (and luxurious). One among them all that we frequently enjoyed was the continuous complimentary culinary offerings throughout the day (breakfast, light snacks, hors d' oeuvres, alcoholic beverages and sweets). We would hang out at the club lounge and use its space for work and entertainment. We were exceptionally impressed with the service and attention given to us at The Ritz-Carlton Club®. 

The room itself was spacious as well, the above view to wake up. There was a lounge chair which I always appreciate to catch up on a little reading, and the desk which is much needed for blogging and editing work on-the-go.

We had breakfast at the Club lounge on both day and enjoyed Dinner as well as an Afternoon Tea at the DEQ Terrace and lounge one of the days.

The parting thoughts ... 

The hotel is in an ideal location for business as well as leisure travel. If nothing else, you will be blown away by the personalized service and attention to detail.

Ritz Carlton Toronto 8 Ritz Carlton Toronto 9 Ritz Carlton Toronto 10 Ritz Carlton Toronto 11 Ritz Carlton Toronto 13 Ritz Carlton Toronto 16

I was hosted by the Ritz Carlton. 
All opinions mentioned are my own.

Tribal Vibes

I was not planning to take these past few days off (from blogging and social media). My plans was to take the last week off but I decided to be spontaneous and be my own boss (which I am!) and take a break when I thought I really needed it. And it felt SO GOOD! 

Last five days all I have done is watched television, checked out Christmas decorations in D.C., gone for date nights (every day!), watched two movies within a span of five days, at the cinemas (which we hadn't done in probably two years), and binge watched shit load of YouTube. Oh! and I didn't Instagram. At all! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I sure did and I am all geared up for 2017. 
Tribal Vibes Tribal Vibes 2 Tribal Vibes Tribal Vibes
Tribal Vibes
Pictures by Drishti Photography 
Bralette - UO
Skirt - From Jaipur
Jewelry - From India 


Staycation at Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City

Ritz Carlton Pentagon City 

Earlier this month was my husband's birthday, but I missed the first half of the day as I was in Phoenix for a press trip. I wanted to make up for my absence and hence planned a staycation at the The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City. While it was a gift for him, it was also what the doctor had prescribed to me, "Be a total bum and don't move an inch from the bed". What better place to relax and unwind than in the luxury of a The Ritz Carlton property. 

Hotel Overview 

The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City is located on the banks of Potomac in Arlington, VA stone-throw away from DC downtown. I love luxury hotels. The classy sophisticated vibe encompasses from the moment you walk in. There is also a private entrance to Fashion Mall, which is connected to the property. The fact that the hotel is decorated with Christmas decorations and is serving warm cookies and apple cider to everyone in the lobby, is simply a bonus!

There is easy metro access with yellow and blue line right outside the hotel which connects to the malls as well. The hotel is close to the Reagan International Airport and to the city where there are plenty of shopping and eating options to choose from.

Travel Log from the stay!

Accommodation & Food 

We were fortunate to be upgraded to a suite, which was fantastic as it had a separate living area with a powder room along with a spacious bathroom and two closet spaces. The bed was extremely comfortable (hence!). We should know, as we spent the whole weekend in it. It also had a desk in the living room, which I appreciated as I am always working while I am on-the-go. The was free wifi for members, which might be a little inconvenient for people who are not but signing-up for the rewards membership is free and takes just a few minutes. 

Firstly we were greeted with a cake for my husband's birthday which I devoured till it's last slice. However, breakfast and all meals are served at the fyve Restaurant Lounge which has a modern contemporary vibe. I had Saturday breakfast which was quite a spread with a lot of variety, but on other days we stayed in bed and ordered room service for all meals. The service was immaculate and the food was delicious. 

Parting thoughts... 

If you are looking for a staycation or are in town for work or pleasure the Ritz Carlton is a great property.

Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Ritz Carlton Pentagon City   Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Ritz Carlton Pentagon City Ritz Carlton Pentagon City
Ritz Carlton Pentagon City
Ritz Carlton Pentagon City

I was hosted by the Ritz Carlton
All opinions mentioned are my own.
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