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Is My Personality Exceptionally Magnetic?

... I am pretty sure that it is not with just me, but I will still put it out there to see if any of you encounter something like this as well or not. 

Have you been at the cinemas when it is practically empty and the person has the choice of picking any row and seat but for some reason they feel compelled to come and sit right next to you? Or at the gym, where there are at least 10 treadmills standing still but the person (this is another person, not the same one from the cinemas because that would be stalking) picks the one right next to you. Same thing at the cafeteria, restaurants, public transportation, ... I can go on and on. This has been happening with me for, ever since I can remember and I DO NOT get it. I don't know you. This is not a social gathering. We (luckily) live where we have the luxury of options, and where there is a LOT OF (physical) space available so why stick together like lego blocks? Give me space like I want to give you ...? No? 

So? ... It is just me? Does this happen to anyone else? Or my personality is exceptionally magnetic? 

Moving on to other things ... Fall in D.C. area has been glorious lately. It is cool enough to want to wear layers and warm enough to want to be outside. And since this year I had purged most of my closet, I don't have enough layers. I am really getting attracted to blazer style coats and asymmetrical cardigans. I found few at Octer.com. Also, a girl can never have enough boots, especially over-the-knee ones. What's on your list?

As for this blazer, I had purchased it last month and it has been on a repeat at every chance I get. 
Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 11 Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 8 Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 12 Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 13 Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 4 Blazer Phase Tanvii.com 3 
Blazer - Lucky Brand //Similar
Jeans - Joe's // Same
Bag - Celine // Similar
Sunglasses - Ray Bans // Similar
Shoes - Steve Madden // Similar


CaseApp Review & Giveaway

CaseApp Tanvii.com 5 CaseApp Tanvii.com 9 CaseApp Tanvii.com 4 CaseApp Tanvii.com 10

In the last decade I have changed one too many phone covers and laptop skins. The amount of time I spend with both those things justifies the action (in my opinion). However, I had never customized their of the two, until CaseApp got in touch with me and asked me to share my thoughts about their service. Needless to say, I was more than happy to oblige.

CaseApp is an online store where you can create a custom case or skin for your phone or laptop. They have several designs you can choose from or you can create your own from scratch or by editing their templates. For the iPhone, they offer a tough case that comes with an outer hard case and a silicon inner lining. They offer two kinds of finishes, glossy and matte. The app interface is user friendly with the option to upload an image, create a collage, insert text, add a background and add clipart. The other product that I had ordered was the laptop skins. It is an adhesive sticker that protects against scratches and can be applied to laptops as well as, iPhones and iPads.

While I liked their original design, as it was clean and minimalist for the phone, and a stunning view of Paris for the laptop skin, I do appreciate the option to customize. In the future I would like to create a one which is in my blog colors. You are able to change the background color and added text to the bottom of the case. My only concern would be that the iPhone case does not cover all sides of the phone. In case you drop it on the upper right corner, where the phone is not protected by the case, it will definitely leave a mark. 

However, I found the user interface and the ordering process quite easy and efficient. There are a lot of options to choose from and the templates itself are quite nice should you not wish to customize.

Now, here's there good stuff, CaseApp would like to gift one of my readers with free case ($40 value). The entry is quite easy. Follow "tanviidotcom' and CaseApp on Instagram to win. Comment below with your Instagram username to let us know you followed. Good luck! Ends November 10th. Updated: Winner of the giveaway is
Kim Pincombe Cole. Congratulations! 

Also, here’s a 20% discount code for you to use, "TANVII20"

Website | Instagram | Facebook

This post is in collaboration with CaseApp
All opinions mentioned are my own. 

Five Home Projects For 2017

Serious Case of Pink Tanvii.com 3

Art Pieces Tanvii.com 4
1. Need another wall-to-wall book shelf
While, in my defense, my book purchase has gone down by 80%. I have started renting out from the library as much as I can, but still the few that I do purchase need a home. My current two book shelves have no more space left. And since I do not like those cookie-cutter Ikea shelves I am thinking we would have to either build one or hunt one down at an antique store. 
Art Pieces Tanvii.com 1
2. Would like to change the wall color in the living area
I am bored of the wall color in our living area. I have been itching to change it for a long time. But it is a commitment for a few days that I have not able to find in my schedule yet. However, I am certain in 2017 I will make it happen. 
Tanvi Home Session 2016 (3 of 60)
3. Want to change the kitchen counter top
The bane of my existence. I always wanted a marble (or a lighter color) for the kitchen counter top. However, this granite one came pre-installed. I was thinking I will stick-it-out with it for a few years but ever other day, I feel the urge to just rip it off. Also, the cost involved in changing it is ginormous. That's why I would consider using the capitalone.com/home-equity. Let's see if 2017 is the year I finally make up my mind. 
Dressing Room Tanvii.com 4
4. Create an art nook - to paint (someday!)
For a while I have not been feeling creatively satisfied. Yes, I blog, have learnt photography, videography, dabble in new recipes, and what not. But I still want more. As a kid I remember enjoying oil painting. Hence, want to set up a nook that creatively motivates me to try painting. 
Office Organization Tanvii.com 3
5. Give a facelift to the office area
I cannot pit-point what but the office space has not been motivating me lately. I feel the urge to give it a facelift. May be that will enhance my creativity that I feel has been lacking. Not sure what, but I need to make some changes there. 

For now, these are the 5 Home Renovation Projects I have on my list. If you too are looking to start a home project, but do not know how to start with a home equity line of credit, you too can start your “someday” project sooner than you had anticipated.

Whether you’re remodeling your home or consolidating debt, Capital One is here to help with simply smarter tools that help you choose the right option for your situation.

Just by visiting capitalone.com/home-equity, you can:
  • Get your customized rate offer and estimated loan amount – with no impact to your credit score
  • Even begin the application process – it’s simple and there are no burdensome fees

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The Sorry Folks I Come Across

Tanvi Home Session 2016 (14 of 60)
Photo by Lauren
I have realized while I am a relatively flexible person, I do like to follow some norms of social behavior. For instance - It does not bother me if some one cancels or changes the plans, as long as they inform me within a reasonable period of time. It does not bother me if someone breaks something (in my home), as long as they show some remorse towards it. It doesn't bother me if I have to accommodate someone's needs/wants or even whims and fancies (for a short duration of time) as long as they do acknowledge the gesture. 

There are essentially two kinds of actions, one which you do because you want to and then you do not expect anything in return. Another is when you do something as a favor (or to be polite, or to accommodate) and that is when a little gratefulness (or in the least a Thank you!) would be nice. 

In my experience basic manners and courtesy are disappearing from our ecosystem. Things like, "Sorry - Thank You - Excuse me" which were probably taught in kindergarten, are nowhere to be found today. 

Nowadays when I am on the street and someone says "Sorry!" after accidentally bumping into, I practically want to hug them. Just to acknowledge them as a fellow being from a lost era. Now when someone comes over and send me a note later, thanking me for the lovely stay, or a meal, I am almost teary eyed. That's how rare and far-apart kind gestures and good mannered people I come across. Now it could totally be "just me" and the sorry folks that cross my path. Or it could be the (Trump following) society. I guess the time will tell. #RantOver. 

In the mean time below are the two videos which can help you become a better host and a guest: 

You can watch this incase you are about to be a house guest at someone's place

You can watch this incase you are about to host someone at your place

P.S. I upload new YouTube videos every Tuesday. You can checkout the latest one here

What To Pack For Iceland?

Hope you have been keeping up with my other social platform, because if you haven't then guys, you are not in-the-know of travels. I share them live on Snapchat and Instagram while the blog post only comes after a month or so. 

Getting back to today's post, I am kicking off Iceland Travel Series with packing. Below are the must have's in my opinion and experience. Hopefully you will find this list helpful, not only for Iceland, but for any destination which has extreme winters. 

1. Gloves - Carry chunky, woolen, warm gloves (love these). Also, carry a pair of waterproof gloves. Trust me, it’s cold. If they have touchscreen pads (like this pair) it’s a huge bonus so you don’t need to take them off while using technology. 

2. Scarves - I carried one for each day. Chances are you will be in your ONE heavy jacket on most days so the only way to tell one day apart from the other would be with scarves. Bring nice chunky warm ones because you are going to need them.

3. Beanies/Caps - You would wanna keep every part of your body covered. Carry a couple neutral ones (like this, this or this) so that you can wear them with everything. 

4. Wool Socks - I was SO GLAD I carried a couple of wool socks. Your standard cotton ones are as good as not there. Trust me, my husband wore his cotton ones one day and he didn't survive past an hour before changing into woolen ones.

5. Thermals - Thermals are essential for a trip to Iceland. Get a super thin set (leggings/tee) that you can wear even under skinny jeans. They keep you much warmer than cotton and are super soft to the touch. 

6. Long Sleeve Tee (s) - The key to staying warm in Iceland is layering. Bring some basic long sleeves to add or remove throughout the day and night. 

7. Down Vest - I purchased one JUST for this trip (and now I can't believe I didn't own one up until now). I wore it almost almost every day. It was that ideal layering piece that you could put on and take off as the weather changed.

8. Down Jacket - Preferably foldable! The weather in Iceland changes every hour, hence you need jackets of various degrees. A foldable down jacket is perfect for this trip as it doesn't take up much space.

9. Sweaters - Another layer that you need between your t-shirt/top and the jacket. Carry REAL wool or cashmere ones because the synthetic ones don't stand a chance in Iceland.

10. Heavy Coat - This is a no brainer. You just gotta invest in one parka/winter coat

11. Denims - I carried a couple in dark washes plus a black one.

12. Fleece-lined Leggings - I owned one from Texas days and never got a chance to wear and I thought, "ah! I should take these to Iceland!" And the best decision I made. These were life-savers. A warmer alternative to denims, especially for climbing up and down the rocks, glaciers, volcanos! Y'know, the usual? ;) 

13. Bathing Suit - I know what you are thinking - Bathing suit in Iceland? Yes! You must pack one. You’ll need it to take a dip in the geothermal pools.

14. Sneakers / Waterproof Boots - There will be rain, snow or winds and you will have to prepared for it all. You will also be hiking through mud and streams. You must bring a pair of boots which are waterproof and comfortable. Also, carry a pair of sneakers, for when you are in normal weather conditions. 

15. Waterproof Backpack - I carried this one. I would suggest carrying one which can hold everything but is also comfortable because you would be hiking, climbing and jumping over glaciers. I am not kidding.

These are my must-haves in terms of clothing. I did pack my own snacks as I do for all my trips. Stay tuned every Tuesday for more details on the Iceland trip. 


Festive Vibes

You know how one feels when they get to eat a bite of their favorite dessert? That's how I feel about Indian clothing. It's like I am draping my whole body with my feelings! Feelings which I couldn't touch have now taken physical form. I feel myself. I feel pretty. I feel sensual.

However, I do not dress in these luxurious fabrics enough. My practical life doesn't present opportunities to justify their grandeur in daily nuances. That's when I recently came across Tania's work through social media (Facebook + Instagram), I knew we have to collaborate. Through her pictures (and personality) I could tell that if someone would be able to translate my quest of Indian wear it would be her. And was I right? Or was I right? Our style sensibilities, love for colors, traditional jewelry, penchant for candidness, everything matched. Our 'taal' was in sync.

While I will let the pictures do rest of the talking, I do urge you to checkout her work here.

Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com
Rani Mukerjee Vibes Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com Rani Mukerjee Vibes Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com
Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com Rani Mukerjee Vibes  Diwali 2016 Tanvii.com Rani Mukerjee Vibes

One Pot Pasta à la Tanvi

One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 6 

I have been traveling a lot and keeping up with cooking is starting to become a chore. That's when I started looking for wholesome, balanced, and yet easy recipes to make (for the hubs! I can live on bananas. I kid!) Enter - One Pot Pasta with Sausage and Tomatoes. Everything is cooked in one pot, and dinner is on the table in 20 minutes (or so!). Genius, right?

In this recipe I am using the Barilla pasta which cooks perfectly al dente, so I can be rest assured that my husband will definitely love the meal. For the meat I am decided to go with the Johnsonville Sausages as I had heard that they are convenient and flavorful. Since all the spices are built in, it makes my job that much easier. P.S. Husband approves! Last but not the least - Galbani mozzarella cheese which shreds perfectly for such a recipe. And according to a recent consumer usage study, the shredding usage represents almost 1/3 of the total usage. A complete win-win. Below is the simple and tasty one pot pasta recipe. I was able to find all the mentioned ingredients at my local Giant Food store. 

One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 0
6 oz Italian sausage
1.5 cup onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp dried oregano
1 medium size tomatoe diced
1 cup penne pasta
2 cup water
1 tsp oregano
1.5 cup cheese
salt and pepper to taste

1. In a pot heat olive oil over medium high heat. Sauté onions and garlic till golden.
2. And sausage and cook for about 2 minutes.
3. Add oregano, tomatoes, green pepper, pasta, and water to the pot
4. Bring it to boil. Then cover and reduce to a simmer. 
5. Cook for about 10 minutes, or until pasta is cooked. 
6. Season with salt and pepper.
7. Stir and add tomato sauce (optional) and cheese. Let it melt. 
8. Serve warm.

P.S. When you stop by your nearest Giant Food between 10/21-10/27 and purchase Barilla Pasta, Johnsonville Italian Sausage and Galbani Cheese, you’ll automatically save $3 at checkout with your store loyalty card! While supplies last.

One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 1 One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 2 One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 3 One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 4 One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 5 One Pot Pasta Tanvii.com 7
This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® & Lactalis American Group but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #MealSolutionMatch http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Shop Cars With Shift

This weekend I had an amazing experience of test driving Porsche Cayenne with SHIFT. If you are in the market to buy (or sell!) a car, all you have to do is go to their website and make an appointment. They show all the details about the car up front. Each car featured on the website has high-resolution photos, specs, vehicle history, and results from their 200-point inspection. 

One of their (friendly!) Car Enthusiasts would come all the way to your house with the car at your chosen time slot. Awesome, right? While they are there, they would tell you everything you need to know about the car and their process and then you get to jump in and test drive it for yourself. One of the coolest things, about their personalized service is that they make time around your day and not vice versa. You do not have to go to the dealership and spend the whole day trying to go through the nitty-gritty (aka annoying) details about the car buying process. 

If you decide to purchase the car right after your test drive, you don't have to do a thing. They will take it off the market, bring all the paper work, license plate, etc. to you (in the comfort of your home or where ever you want it!) and in the matter of 2 to 3 days the car would be in your driveway. And the cherry on the top? - You have 7 day/250 mile no-questions-asked return policy. P.S. They also offer financing options. 

Alternatively, if you are not happy with the car you test drive, you can head to their website and make another appointment. You can basically continue to do so till you find "the one". They offer competitive pricing without any haggling all in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. They do not pressure you into buying. They simply share the information and let you make the decision at your own pace. I truly wish they had moved to the DMV area when I was looking for my car, but I am definitely hitting them up when I am in the market for another car. 

Don't take my word for it, check SHIFT out for yourself. 

Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 1Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 2 Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 4 Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 16 Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 9 Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 17 Drive Shift Cars Tanvii.com 15

This post is in collaboration with SHIFT but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Five Reasons Why You Should Always Speak Your Mind

Post Jonas Tanvii.com 4

I have often been described as someone who is "straightforward and blunt". Although it was seldom meant to be a compliment but I have always accepted it as my truth. While I am no expert in the art of communication but here's what I have learnt by always speaking my mind. Or at least 9 out of 10 times ...

More often than not, people do not share what it on their mind. Their either stay quiet or not say the complete truth. Sometimes, they are scared of offending or hurting the other people and choose silence as a better choice. But here are my five reasons why I think saying what's on your mind is always the best way to go: 

1. Silence is as good as approval. Staying silent is never the answer. Silence is a passive aggressive form of communication. If you disapprove of something but not say anything about it, it is as good as enabling it. Silence can create mistrust and resentment.

2. People are not mind readers. While, you may think things are obvious, people might not view the world with your perspective. No one is about to automatically acknowledge your point of view, opinion, or even talent if you don't share it. Things will never go your way if you don't speak up. 

3. You might not be the only one thinking about it. More than at least a hundred times people have told me that they were too thinking the same thing, but never had the right words or courage to share it. Y'know, since I am uniquely blunt! Speaking my mind has encouraged a lot of people around me to voice their opinions as well.

4. Speaking your mind can be a HUGE stress relief. Personally, I am incapable of NOT speaking my mind, if even I am ever forced to (due to social pressures) I have a great deal of anxiety. Usually, I would go over and over it in my head and drive myself crazy. It becomes this whole thing which would have not even existed had I just spoken up. 

5. You would never have to say, “I wish I had said…” God knows, I hate it when I feel I let a moment go without being my true self in it. In my experience, even when it is unpleasant or a little tense and difficult, it is ALWAYS worth saying whatever is on your mind. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. You owe it to yourself and others around you (even if they do not realize it. Ever.).

Have I convinced you to speak your mind?! ;)

Why I Am Not A Full Time Travel Blogger

Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 2 

Here's a recent conversation I had with someone: 

Random Person - So, you are a travel blogger?
Me - I am a blogger. I talk about several things including travel. 
Random Person - Are you not a full time travel blogger?
Me - Nope. I am not a full-time travel blogger, nor will I ever be. 
Random Person - Why not?
Me - O. Where do I start ... for so many reasons!

Tanvi Home Session 2016 (33 of 60)
As much as I love traveling, I love staying at home more. I enjoy being a couch potato. I like having a sense of belonging to some place. I enjoy decorating my house. I cannot do any of these things if I am always on-the-go.  

Tanvi Home Session 2016 (46 of 60)
If you are a full-time travel blogger, then you are always on the go and have to carry minimal luggage. A book will be last thing you would want to carry along with you. Even if you buy them you would be able to take them along and what a tragedy that would be. 

Tanvi Home Session 2016 (14 of 60)
I like working out. I like going for group fitness classes. I also like volunteering at my yoga studio. I like meeting friends. I like doing all of these thing as much as I like traveling. And again, I would not be able to do them if I didn't have a home. 

Sally Hansen Tanvii.com 7
I know traveling is quintessentially "all-me-time" but that's not what I am talking about. I think this probably overlaps with being a home body, but the me time spent pampering myself, or taking care of 'bodily' needs is something which is best done in the comfort of my home. 

Prints For Spring Tanvii.com 7
The whole reason for not doing a 9 to 5 job is that I like flexibility. I like being able to pick my own hours. Do what and when I want to do. I do not want to be a slave to 'traveling'. You know when you are not home, you actually have the least amount of flexibility. You are dependent on the resources, culture, technology of the city/country you are in. That's not my idea of travel. 

Breakfast At Tanvi's Tanvii.com 10
Cooking is such a stress buster for me. Stepping into the familiarity of my kitchen and starting to prepare a meal is my second favorite thing to do. And I do not particularly enjoy cooking in someone else's kitchen (unless it is a chef's kitchen or something!).

Lounging at home Tanvii.com 4

And truth be told, (full time) travel blogging is not really all that it is cracked up to be. There are constant delayed flights, not-that-great food options, a lot of bad accommodations, and a lot of cost involved. Not to say that it is not fantastic to be able to travel as a profession but it is not a bed of roses 100% of the times. My idea of travel is leisure, adventure and luxury. I like to do things at my own pace, I like to stay at good hotels, and I do not want to be on the road all the time. 

The bottom line is that, travel for me is a break from my regular life. I do not want my world to revolve around travel. I enjoy a balanced life which has a little bit of everything instead of "too much" of any one thing. 

Looks like, full-time travel blogging is not for me. 

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