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Fitness Friday - Workout Motivation List


Sometime back I had asked you all to help me make a 'Motivation List' in order for me to find my motivation back. And boy! did we all make a list or what! After reading this anyone who doesn't exercise or overeats, gotta feel a little ashamed of themselves (maybe!) 

This is what I had said...

1. I like how I feel when I exit from the Gym
2. My skin looks a lot better when I workout regularly
3. I like how my clothes fit me when I am in good shape
4. I truly cherish my current tiny waist [which was once as big as whole of ASIA!]
5. I do not like paying medical bills [which accumulate due to poor health]
6. I enjoy the confidence fitness gives me
7. I feel more at peace and in sync with myself when I workout

And this is what you all said ...

8. I can eat whatever I want when I workout regularly [
9. I'm hot. Not just temp wise. Mind, body and soul wise. [Dusk] She is referring to me when she says "I"
10. I have the sexiest shoulders in the blogosphere [Dusk] She is refering to me when she says "I"
11. I'm Fabulous. Fullstop. [Dusk] She is referring to me when she says "I"
12. It is the only form of pain which is a gain [Anita]
13. I do not feel guilty when I indulge in all things SUGAR [Anita]
14. I enjoy getting the compliments which make my heart grin [Anita]
15. I am happy when I exercise, thus far more patient with other too! [Upasna]
16. It is a good [& healthy] time pass [Mom] She is referring to me
17. Need it to stay the 'Fashionista' of the town [Mom] She is referring to me
18. Good to set new challenges for yourself [Mom] She is referring to me
19. Helps me make new friends [Mom] She is referring to me
20. 'Coz I look so badass that I can kick anyone anywhere ...but I am still awesome [L1L2]
21. I feel more energized, fresh & ALIVE [Pookhie]
22. My overall endurance and stamina increases and I sleep well at nights [Poohkie]
23. Helps me have a flatter tummy [Tanya]
24. Working out can also be FUN [Sherin]
25. It is a great "ME" time [Cat]
26. I feel graceful and calm after workout (Yoga) [Geeta Mahesh]
27. I look longer and leaner after workout (Yoga) [Geeta Mahesh]
28. I put my body in better state for long-term [C'n'C]
29. The feeling of accomplishment lasts beyond exiting the gym and resurfaces when I like what I see in the mirror! [C'n'C]
30. I feel so good after exercising that it feels silly not to [March Musings]

And now I have something more to add ...
31. I like when I am able to motivate others
32. I like when I stand in front of the mirror and see muscles forming on my body
33. I like how flexible my body is now
34. I like how my balance has improved due to regular Yoga & Pilates
35. I like when members at the gym mistake me for a Personal Trainer

Do you think it is possible to add something more 
or is this rather an elaborate list already?

Lust List: Workout Bottoms

Philly Day 2 2
I often get questioned about my shopping habits. And my answer remains the same that over the years it has reasonable reduced to 3-4 shopping trips in a year. Yes, you read that right. As I continue to add investment pieces to my closet, my need to shop the trends has diminished. 
However, one area of my closet which I am regularly updating is workout-clothing. Since I use them throughout the year and not to mention sweat in them (profusely), the wear-and-tear is higher than my social/formal wear. And now with summers officially over I am looking for some new workout bottoms. I have already packed my shorts away till next summer. With increased outdoor activity I feel better leggings, as I am prone to mosquito bites. 
This was my recent purchase and I am eagerly looking forward to slowly add the others to my wardrobe. Next might be this.


A Day In My Life

On popular demand I decided to shoot another 'A Day In My Life' video. Although it took me a while to edit it but you can still get a glimpse into my life. 

As mentioned earlier, my each day is different from another so I only shoot these on the day when I know I would have something interesting to share with y'all. 

Check it out here, and let me know your thoughts.

First 'A Day In My Life' video. 

Road-Trip Worthy Fall Foliage Destinations

NR Great Smoky Mnts

The season of sweating in the city is winding down as we finally start to feel a breeze in D.C.! Fall weather is here and along with pumpkin flavored everything, it will be bringing gorgeous Fall foliage and remarkable views.

I’ve pulled together some top picks for best road-trip worthy Fall foliage destinations. (With a little inspo from the boating experts at Boat Trader for a few spots to see on the water!) So, whether you're enjoying your views from a villa or on a boat, you are sure to love what you see and enjoy some adventure along the way.

According to the Washington D.C. Patch we can be expecting peak Fall foliage around Mid-October to early November, so mark your calendar, buy a new sweater and get ready for an amazing time.

NR Homestead Preserve
1. Homestead Preserve, VA
Set in the heart of Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains, Homestead Preserve offers everything from wooded seclusion to stunning panoramas. Surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest, you can hike the mountainous terrain or explore the forest on horseback. Rent a boat or kayak and head for the Douthat Lake where you are surrounded by the scenery of the mountains. No matter what activity you want to do, you will be surrounded by gorgeous Fall foliage at every turn.

Nestled in eastern Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains are surrounded by picturesque, natural beauty. From exploring the 522,427 acre national park on a guided tour to, a sunset trip up the Gatlinburg Space Needle to admire the views from the clouds, you won’t be short of foliage views here! Be sure to wander around these famous waterfalls or cruise on the Fontana Lake for the best waterfront view.
Hardly a road-trip, the Potomac River is right in the heart of D.C. and offers some of the best foliage views around the city. From boating along the Georgetown Waterfront to venturing down to George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, the autumn sights are remarkable. Loving the sound of this but no boat to get you there? No problem! Rent a boat through Boatbound (think Airbnb of boats) for the day...captain included, just incase you want to bring along some red or white for the ride!

Surrounded by acres of the protected Nantahala National Forest in Western North Carolina, Highlands is home to peaceful landscapes, invigorating hikes, and unbeatable views. With miles of wooded-trails in an area known as the “Land of Waterfalls,” you can get your adrenaline pumping with a whitewater rafting adventure or travel the trails by foot or horseback. Cliffside Lake or Sunset Rock and Ravenel Park are just a few other spots where you’ll get some of the best scenery in the area.

Face of Greed


- noun

intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

You know I had not until recently realized how repulsive the face of greed is! I live a relatively isolated life, as I like people only in small doses. I don't get to see the 'real' face of people in that short duration. Greed is something I had only heard or read about. I had never met anyone whom I would describe as greedy. And just in a short span of time I met a few people who I thought were plain greedy and inconsiderate about people around them.  

Discontent doesn't do justice to the behavior that I witnessed. For some reason we (I?) always associate greed with money and/or materialistic things. But now, I saw greed in people for everything. Nothing seemed enough for them. There is nothing wrong in wanting more from life, but to want every.single.thing in every.single.shape.and.size seems like a bit much. It was a good moment to introspect and self-check. 

By self-analysis, I would like to believe I am content and am happy with small things in life. I do not aim to have it all. I only aim to stay organized, disciplined and sane. 

Putting my oldest trick to work, wearing a dress as a blouse. 
Fall Colors 10 Fall Colors 9 Fall Colors 5 Fall Colors 3 Fall Colors 1
Top (previously worn here) - ASOS // Similar
Jeans - Joe's // Same
Shoes - Adidas // Same
Necklace - From Ladakh (India) // Another Option
Bag - From Jaipur (India) // Another Option


Common Excuses For Not Working Out

Common Excuses For Not Working Out,
One of the frequent request I receive is to do posts on fitness and weight loss. My standard response is to direct them to my fitness page. After reading every single post there, if the person still hasn't found the answer then I am afraid I don't have the answer.  
In last 8 years I have learnt that people want to be fit but they do not want to work for it. Here's the reality check people: Just wanting is not enough. If you are over-weight and you are not willing to do anything about it then there is nothing anyone can do or day to change that. However, the first step is very simple, and doesn't even require a gym - WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Yup, it is as simple as that.

Below is a list of frequent excuses I get for why people cannot workout. I thought I would answer them once and for all:

1. I don't have time - Stop reading blogs and go workout (I kid!). You have to make time. Wake up an hour early. Reduce your time on the Internet. Squeeze in a workout in your lunch break. Workout every time there is a commercial break while watching television. Where there is a will there is a way.

2. I can't stay hungry - You don't have to. BUT you do have to start eating smaller portions every two hours and count calories for a year or two till you don't learn about your food.

3. I can't live without junk food - I cannot help you there. You have to make a choice. If you can't live without the junk food then make peace with living in a junk-body.

4. I can't wake up early - Then sleep late? Workout after work. Or on your lunch break.

5. I am tired - That's because you don't workout. If you did, you would have more energy, positive thoughts and in turn better body.

6. I don't like gyms - Do you like parks? Mountains? Lakes? Anything? Find a place you like an incorporate that activity as your workout. Running, Skiing, Tennis, Badminton, Dancing ...? There must be something. And if you don't know what you like yet, then try them all and I am sure one would click.

7. I love food a lot, in general - Great. Who doesn't? But you don't have to eat it all in one meal, do you? Why not give #2 a shot and see what it does to your waist line, shall we?

8. I am too old - Seriously, you are not. Meet Fauja Singh and Ernestine Shepherd. If you still think you are old then shame on you!

9. I hate working out alone - Join a group class, a running group, ask a friend to join you ... there are a lot of options.

10. It is boring - That is because you haven't explored all your options. Find something you enjoy. Refer to #7.

11. I have kids - Even more of a good reason to start working out. You want to set a good example for them, don't you? Better yet, workout as a family. You'll thank me later!

12. It hurts my body - If you have never worked out then yes, it would hurt for the first few days. But if you can go past that you would get addicted to that "good" pain. Make sure you stretch before and after your workout to avoid it though.

13. I am too fat - The good part of that statement is that at least you are not in denial. So Rome wasn't built in one day ... it would be a long journey but it would worth it. Don't do it to be thin, do it for a better quality of life.

14. Exercise make me more hungry - Yes! That happens. The best solution to that is have a protein shake right after your workout and have a lot of healthy snacks (apple, peanut butter, fist full of nuts, avocado toast, cup of blueberries, etc.) handy. Munch on them every 2 hours even if you are NOT hungry.

15. I don't know where to start - That's fine. Start with walking for 30 mins. If you have resources hire a personal trainer. If you join a gym, chances are they have a free-orientation-session. Best of all, there is GOOGLE!

16. I am already skinny (thin) - You can be thin without working out, but you cannot be fit without putting in the sweat for it. We'll talk post-40 and see how you feel about your body then.

17. I don't have money for gym or personal trainer - Thank God for Public Parks and Internet. There are a ton of equipment free workouts you can find online. If you are a beginner then start with walking / jogging / skipping. Then move of to do squats, planks, push-ups. None of this requires a gym or any equipment. Not to forget Yoga. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

18. I never see any results - There can be several reasons: You give up too soon? You negate the workout with the calories you put in? You are not consistent with your workout? It is not going to happen over night. On average it takes twice the amount of time to lose weight than it did to put it on. You do the maths.

19. I cannot find motivation - That is hard. You have to dig deep within. You have to want it bad enough. There is no magic pill for motivation. Find what frustrates you the most about your body and focus on how you can change it. If nothing helps, then you are a lost cause. I am sorry, but no one can help someone who doesn't want to help him/herself.
Do you have an excuse that I haven't addressed? Leave in the comments below or Facebook/Tweet it to me and let's see if I can smart-reply it back or not!  

My Go-To HairStyles

I have never been a big experimenter (?) with hair styles. I like my over all look to be laid back, comfortable and effortless. I want my clothes, make-up and hair - everything to by in sync with my style mantra. I want to look like I didn't spend hours getting ready, and neither do I want to spend hours getting ready. Over the years I have narrowed my hair styles down to basic four looks. 

Prints For Spring 6
 1. An off duty ballerina bun for that effortlessly polished look.

DeNada Spring Summer 2016 2
2. A grown-up half up and down for casual outtings

Green Heart Juices 4
3. Side-swept waves, my personal favorite. Apt for all occasions. 

Amalfi Button Skirt 1
4. A high pony tail, for a day old hair 

I achieve all of these looks with the below Aveda products. They are my go-to hair product brand. 


All About Skincare

Pore Cleanser 2

1. Visit the dermatologist - If you have been suffering from acne for a while and nothing seems to work, I suggest making an appointment with a dermatologist. Personally, I look for someone who has been practicing for a long time (30 years or more). In my experience the old school doctors are straight forward, patient and do not try to sell you expensive treatments and peels. My dermatologist didn't prescribe me any antibiotics. He gave me two creams (lotion?) to apply daily (4 times a day) and followed his instructions 'T'.

2. Drink lots of water - I carry a bottle with me all day. I keep sipping water throughout the day. Not only is it good for the skin, but also for digestion and over all health. In the end it all contributes towards skin.

3. Clean your face twice a day
- I have a morning regime and a night regime and while the brand of products might change every now and then, the process and the number of steps has not changed in last 5 years. Having a good regime which works for you is very important.

4. Never ever skip sun screen - It was not until my early 20s that I started using sunscreen regularly. I have been extremely disciplined about it ever since. 

5. Clean your diet - While I have not prove the direct co-relation between the foods I eat and the quality of skin, but I have noticed a remarkable change in the glow and health of my skin when I refrained from deep-fried foods, carbohydrates and sugar.

6. Get in the snooze time - This year has been marvelous for my sleep. I have formed a discipline and no matter what I make sure that get in seven hours of sleep minimum, every night.

7. Workout - This is a no brainer. If you have been around for a while you know I exercise regularly. It just adds to that natural glow to my face. 

8. Apply face masks - I love face masks. One of these days I mean to do a post on 'all my different face-masks'. Every weekend (or when ever I get time) I apply a mask. They help seal in that moisture, reduces redness, and cleans the pores. The benefits are endless. 

9. I don't use make up everyday - Not that I have anything against make-up but I love my natural skin more. Applying make up, no matter how great the quality, is definitely adding that extra layer of 'stuff' on your face. Unless it is for work or social engagement, I would just skip wearing anything cosmetic on my face and let my skin breathe.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar
- Last but not the least - ACV. I have been drinking apple cider vinegar since May 2016. Again I cannot prove it but I think it does help get rid of the toxins from my body which in turn helps with my skin's health. At first I thought I would dislike the taste, but few weeks in and I almost like it. It is definitely an acquired requisite though. 


10 Essential Things To Pack

10 Essential Things to pack while Traveling

I love traveling. I cannot go for more than two months without going out of town. But you all know that already. So while I am out at IFB Conference today, I will leave you guys with what I have learnt from my frequent travels. It never hurts to be prepared. This is the list of some basic essentials I believe one should pack regardless of whether it is a work-related or leisure trip.

Source: Mini First Aid

You never know when you might need a band aid [shoe bite!].  Better to be prepared than to be in pain. Specially when you are away from home.  You would find these at any pharmacy or buy it online.

Source :
Specially with travel (luggage) restrictions increasing on a minute to minute basis it is only smart to carry travel size now.  But it is important that you do.  Sometimes you cannot even rely on the hotel to provide the best quality and often they run out sooner than your own travel size ones.

Source: Pinterest
3. Pair of comfortable walking shoes (Formal/Casual):  
Whether you are away on work or holiday a comfortable pair of shoes will take you a long way [literally and figuratively, both!].

Source: Lulu's

4. Pair of versatile heels:  
However, also be prepared for a night out, even if it is not on the itinerary. Never leave without a gorgeous pair of heels packed. You will be sorry, if you don’t! It is almost like the Murphy’s Law!

Source: Pinterest
5. Pair of comfortable Jeans:   
Again, you might be out of town on work or on a vacation, but a pair of Jeans is something that comes handy at the least expected time. The best part is that it can be dressed up or down as the need be!

Source: Pinterest 

6. A dress for an evening out:  
Just like the heels, it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry!  And how much space can a cute LBD possibly take? Right?

Source: Pinterest

7. A Book:  
Even if you are not a ‘reading’ person I would suggest to keep a book handy.  They are a great companion when you are stuck at airport due to delay, long transit, missed flight [!]. Books are also a good back-up plan, in case you have a rift with your travel companion [I am just saying!].

Source: Pinterest

8. Written Address & Phone No. of the destination:  
Although we all rely on our smartphones ( ahem! iPhones) for everything now, I would still suggest carrying a written/printed form of address and whereabouts of your destination. You never know when these things will die on you. And chargers won’t help while you are on-the-go… isn’t it?

Source: Pinterest

9. Some easy to eat snacks:  
Always have some snacks handy in your bag. Preferably both salted and sweet, like a bag of nuts/mini pretzels and jellybeans. Personally, I always carry some protein bars. They fill me up for good 1-2 hours.

Source: Pinterest
10. Emergency Cash & Credit Cards [but separately]:  
Mostly the world runs on plastic today but one should always have some cash for emergencies. However, keep it separate from the cards so that if one is stolen or lost you have the other to fall back on!

    Bon Voyage!

What would you add to this list? 


The Beach Life

This was officially the last weekend of summer. I wouldn't ask, "Can you believe that?" because this was a long summer. Not because it wasn't fun. It was. A LOT OF FUN. But it was also extremely hot and humid. I am glad it coming to an end. I have never been this excited for fall, as I am this year. While I will miss the maxi dresses, as I live in them during summers, but I am so ready to bring out the light layers, trench coats, and boots. 

Below are the pictures from the shoot I had mentioned here. Considering how sunny it was, I think they have rather come out quite well. This outfit post bids adieu to summer dressing. Until next year, maxi dresses! 

Beach Life 9Beach Life 11 Beach Life 7 Beach Life 6 Beach Life 5 Beach Life 1
Beach Life 10
DITTO: sunglasses subscription service, where you can pick any designer sunglasses for $24/month only. Use the code: TANVII to receive first month free.
Maxi - Target // Similar
Sunglasses - Via Ditto 


Consistency = Success

We haven't spoken about fitness in a very long time and today seems like a good day! I have some extremely specific goals at the moment as far as my fitness in concerned. Will talk about them another time. 

Today, however, we are revisiting the old mantra - Consistency is the key to success! Practice might not make it perfect, but it definitely makes it permanent ... and then gives you enough time to work on perfection! I have finally reached a stability where my body has become more resilient. When I put in the work, I see the results. When I eat right, I reap the benefits. The simple explanation for this is consistency. There is no yo-yo dieting (or any dieting for that matter!), no over-workout, and no fads! There is pure simple equation, if you please -> Energy In = Energy out

My eating-mantras:
  • A good diet is the one that you can follow for the rest of your life
  • A good meal is which leaves you satisfied, ... even after 30 minutes of having it
  • Fast Food = Fast & Permanent calories!
  • An 'indulgence' should never cost or weight more than your main course (just in case some people are 'really' slow, by indulgence I mean desserts)
  • Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS read the label. 
Another one of my agenda is to work on my the health of my skin and hair. One of the signs I remember reading back in Texas, read: Exercise is poor man's plastic surgery! It always made me smile. So true, right? 

My skin without a doubt feels rejuvenated and firmer after the workout. I can 'actually' feel the blood flowing within and making my skin shine. Sweat is dripping down my spine, and muscles sore with the wonderful pain ... It, all, makes me feel alive and positive! 

I am aware, of the fact, that in the last decade I have transformed into one of those species who genuinely enjoy working out. However, even on the days when I am feeling lazy and demotivated to hit the gym I find ways to enter it. I do it for my clothes, for my ego, for my confidence, and because I can never be fat again! Everyone has to find their own drive.

How To Survive The Fashion Week

How To Survive Fashion Week 4

How To Survive Fashion Week 3 

Fashion week is an exciting time, but also a little chaotic. You are running around from one meeting-to-another, you have shows to attend, events, parties ... the whole nine yards. To successfully survive the fashion week you need a to plan and pack with a purpose. 

Find out why I think Cottonelle® with CleanRipple® Texture keeps you clean so you can feel confident enough to strut your stuff, whether down the runway or the city streets. Also, below are my tips and other must haves to carry to make it through the fashion week: 

1. Pre-planned outfits in packing cubes - Right from the jewelry, watch, to clothes pack it all in individual packing cube. Plan a few extra options, for 'just in case' scenarios. This one step will shave off at least 15 minutes from your morning.

2. Multi Purpose Oil - Instead of carrying a body lotion, face moisturizer, hair serum, carry a multi purpose oil which will not only save your time, but also space. Plus, you would have to go from one bottle to another. 

3. Foldable Ballet Flats - Fashion week involves a lot of walking. Walking to hail a cab, walking to events, walking to the subway, walking to grab lunch - and while a pair of heels will definitely work magic for your legs but by the end of the day you would want something comfortable. Carry a pair of foldable ballet flats in your bag for the 'end-of-the-day'.

4. External Phone Battery - Without your phone, you would have no proof that you were at the Fashion week. Hello? Social Media? You need your phone juice to last you till you hit the bed. Carry an external battery. Charge it the night before and keep it for back up. Thank me later!

5. Flushable Cleansing Cloths – Now most important thing - hygiene! At some point during the shows, and parties and networking, you will have to go. Now I am a stickler for cleanliness and I know so are most of my girlfriends. None of us can stand is feeling uncomfortable. Hence, I always carry flushable cleansing cloths to stay fresh, clean and confident! In fact, Cottonelle® with CleanRipple® Texture is designed to clean better, so you’re clean & confident enough to go commando. Imagine that!

How To Survive Fashion Week 2

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Photo Diary - Romantic Weekend At Loews Don CeSar

We pulled up at the property at around noon and were greeted with smiles from the valet services. Since we had arrived way before our check-in time, we were given passes to the club house to freshen up and change till the room was ready. We decided to put on our bathing suits and head directly to the pool area. 

We were starving as our flight had was way too early and the breakfast we had had was as good as non-existent. We decided to make the bar by the pool our base and ordered 'loaded nachos' and some drinks. Needless to say over the weekend this bar became our favorite hangout. You could sit there for hours, order food and enjoy view of the St. Pete Beach.

Once our room was ready the front desk called us and the whole process was efficient and pleasant. The lady who checked us in look like 'Eleven' from Stranger Things. She said she too hard heard that. We found that amusing because we had finished watching the show just the day before. The room had the view to die for (proof). I truly wish I could pack it up and bring it home. Waking up to the sight of beach and palm trees everyday? - Yes, please!

The food at all the restaurants and lounges was great. We know that because we didn't leave the property for the whole 48 hours and tried every single one of them. We also had the pleasure of having a date on the last evening, at the The Maritana Grille. We gorged on some delicious preparations. The four course meal was an absolute treat. As a vegetarian to have so many delicious options is quite rare for me. 

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway with your significant other, look no further. Loews Don CeSar is a classic with a retro vibe and is a perfect romantic getaway. It appears to be a pink palace by the water with hands down the friendliest staff.  

Don CeSar 13 Don CeSar 1 Don CeSar 2 Don CeSar 3 Don CeSar 6 Don CeSar 8 Don CeSar 7 Don CeSar 9 Don CeSar 10 Don CeSar 11 Don CeSar 12 Don CeSar 5 Don CeSar 23 Don CeSar 14 Don CeSar 15 Don CeSar 16
Maxi With Layers 1
Don CeSar 18 Don CeSar 17 Don CeSar 19 Don CeSar 20 Don CeSar 21

The stay was sponsored by Loews Don CeSar Hotel.
All opinions mentioned are my own.
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