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Hypocrites In My Life

12:00 AM

Y'know what I don't get? When people clearly do not like someone and/or do not agree with their fundamental view on life (professionally/morally/socially) and still continue to be social with them.

I am pretty straight-forward. I have three kinds of relationships with people, either I like you, or I do not care for you, or I am neutral towards you.

If I like you, life is easy. I take (appropriate) interest in your life and work and am concerned about your well being and supportive towards your goals. If I am neutral towards you, life is still easy. I am polite and civil towards you when our paths cross else I don't even give a second thought about you.

Now if I do not care for you, that's when life is not all that easy,  and I take steps to change that. I like my life simple as 1,2,3. I do not go around bitching and whining about you to the world. I just ensure that our paths never cross. I do not call you socially, I do not make plans to meet you, I do not leave comments on your photos. I do nothing. I don't allow you to occupy my brain space and most definitely never act as a hypocrite.

I have realized that's not the case with most people (in my life). I have had friends, family, even bloggers - bitch about people to me, on how they can't stand someone or how someone did them wrong. And the next minute they turn around and start blowing air-kisses to them, or are going on holidays with them. I am like - WTF? Why did you waste my time with your story when your-hypocrite-ass was just going to turn around and do a complete 180. People, I tell you! 

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  1. You're right with your approach. People we dislike will suck the energy and joy out of us, so avoiding them is better than pretending nothing is wrong. I was just reflecting yesterday on how many crappy people there are in the world and how I wish I'd cut them loose earlier. We have finite time and energy; we should devote it to those who deserve it.

  2. i agree there is really no point in wasting time with someone you do not like - it is best not to cross path with them :)



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