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2016 Beach/Summer Travel Style

Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 4
Not long ago, I shared my Spring Travel Style with y'all and boy! the wardrobe has changed since then, and how. While there were light layers and muted color tone in my Spring wardrobe, there are must bolder colors, prints and no layers (barring the feather weight kimono) in Summer Travel Style. 

As I had shown in my packing video, most of my travels are done with a carry-on only. Even when I am traveling for 10 days, and/or in international waters. The key is to carry separates which are light in weight and can be mixed-and-matched with each other. For evenings I prefer light weight dresses which can be dressed up and down alike. Below are some of my outfits from the recent getaway. Got a favorite? 

Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 1
Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 2
Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 3

Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 4
Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 5
Resort Travel Style Tanvii.com 6

Don't Worry About The Unfollowers - It is a good thing!

Have people unfollowed you on social media? Or friends and family who have NOT followed you ever? Did that hurt your feelings? Don't worry you are not alone. It has happened to all of us, at one point or the other.

We all want people to "like us" but that it not enough any more, we also want them to "like" our pictures, favorite our tweets, comment on Instagram and give a thumbs up on YouTube. We want validation everywhere, all the time.

Sure, we all lose followers. They come and go almost daily. And that's their prerogative. They chose to follow you and now they can choose to unfollow you. No strings attached. The thing is though, your feeling get hurt. You equate their lack of social media love to how they feel about you personally.That's neither true nor healthy.

So now anytime I hear my friends (online or offline) beat themselves over this I remind that, "You do your thing and do it well. Share your message and let people do what they may with it! Don't try and please everyone, because then you please no one."

Most people are inherently people pleasers. And the reality is that you cannot please everyone. Everyone uses social media differently. The whole concept of social media revolves around that it is supposed to be self-serving. 
Sometimes, what you are offering is not what they’re looking for. It only means that their interests have changed and your content is not serving them as it was before. So stop all self-deprecating talk. 

We all interact with online content in our own way. What entertains me, may bore you. What makes brings a smile on your face, may irritate me. We are all different. Each one of us. Do not forget that on the other side of the screen there is a real person with their own set of likes, interests and beliefs. If they chose to unfollow you, that was their right! It is seldom personal. Focus on yourself and your content, that's all that is in your hands! 

Click below to hear my thoughts on WHY someone unfollowing you is a GOOD thing!


Couple of weeks back I received my first #MustHaveBox. POPSUGAR sent it to me for trying purposes. This was my very first time trying a subscription box. Boy! is it fun to receive me. It is like giving yourself presents every month, just because you are awesome. Ha! Checkout the video below to see my excitement and you can learn more about the box here

1. Neutral Diamonds Printed Sarong, $58, hatattack.com: Love the print, plus it is lightweight and 100% cotton, which is perfect for the beach or a pool day. OR alternatively use it as a scarf!

2. Underarm Deordorant Wipes, $9, pacificabeauty.com: These are a blessing in this D.C. humidity.

3. Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am I?” Quiz, $12.95, usa.wolfandwolf.com: This is such a good game. Catch our fun clip at (0:00). Any pop culture junkie would love this!

4. “Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener, $12, sistersoflosangeles.com: I want to drink a mimosa (or three) right now just so I can pop open a bottle of champs using this bottle opener.

5. Are You Ready (For Your Close-Up?) Compact, $10, knockknockstuff.com: Feather weight and real cute compact that I can throw in my every day make-up pouch.

6. Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer, $16, ncla.com: Perfect for the July 4th-inspired manicure!

7. Sriracha Pressels, $1.29, pressels.com: It has about 6 calories per piece. And it tastes delicious. Win-Win!

Powered by POPSUGAR
These products were sent to me for review purposes. 
All opinions mentioned are my own. 

Georgetown Parasol Share

Every year I countdown to summer, because winters are so long and brutal around here. But I forgot how hot and humid summer gets in DC. Ten minutes into the heat and we are looking for shade. I think we (husband and I) have an exceptionally low tolerance for heat. (Him, more than me!) We had plans to have another picnic, or spend the day in the park. We didn't do either. Sigh! 

However, if you are visiting the Georgetown area, for shopping or just strolling around there is good news: Parasol Share Program! This program aims at promoting "Shop Georgetown, Stay Cool". You can pick up one of the 1,000+ Nylon custom-branded parasols from 50 participating stores in Georgetown and beat the heat all summer long, in style! 

You can find the full list of participating ParasolShare locations at www.georgetowndc.com/parasolshare.

Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com Top - Howrah Bridge  Skirt - Piperlime Shoes - From India Bag - Louis Vuitton Georgetown Tanvii.com
Top - Howrah Bridge // Other Option
Skirt - Piperlime // Other Option
Shoes - From India // Better
Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Bag - Louis Vuitton // Similar


How to Recover From Muscle Fatigue After Exercise

LivRelief Tanvii.com 1

If you workout regularly and strenuously, at one point or the other you must have suffered from muscle fatigue. It is usually a result of overtraining, incorrect posture, exercising your muscles beyond your current endurance level and/or improper nutrition. After exercise, your muscles might ache, and you might find it hard to do anything beside crash in a chair from the fatigue you feel. 

Below are five ways in which you can help your muscles regain their normal functionality.
  1. Stretch - Every trainer out there will tell you that you MUST stretch before and after your workout. Usually this is the step that most people decide to skip unfortunately. Focus on the muscle group you worked out that day while stretching and hold each stretch for about 15 seconds. 
  2. Refuel - Within 45 minutes after your workout have some form of protein. This would stop your muscle breakdown.
  3. Replenish - Drink water during and after your workout. Fluids help your muscles contract, relax and remain less irritable.
  4. Rest - Muscle fatigue can often be an indication that you pushed yourself harder than you should have. Rest your muscles for 24 to 48 hours before exercising again. This will help your muscles recover from activity and store new energy for your next workout.
  5. Relief - For targeted pain, you can use LivRelief. Lately, I have been pushing myself to improve my strength and endurance which resulted in a sore shoulder. Soon after it got bad enough that I could not lift my hand above my waist. I instantly applied LivRelief on the area. It acted fast and had a long lasting effect. 
LivRelief Tanvii.com 0
More about LivRelief:

Delivra helps LivRelief’s active ingredients penetrate the skin and get to the root of the pain. The Delivra technology, which is patent-pending, also incorporates natural molecules that bind to opioid receptors and eliminate the burning sensation common to products containing capsaicin, LivRelief’s active ingredient.

Unlike other pain-relief products that burn or tingle when applied, or smell like menthol or worse, LivRelief doesn’t produce any unpleasant sensations. It has a pleasant, faint fragrance.

I hope you are not suffering from any muscle pain post workout, but in case you ever you, you can easily purchase LivRelief via Amazon and receive $2 off when you use promo code ONU56TLN during checkout.

Powered by LivRelief
This product was sent to me for review purposes. 
All opinions mentioned are my own. 

Have You Tried Reverse Washing?

I had heard of this technique about three years back. While I am not the one to try all trends, this I have to admit piqued my interest and I decided to give it a try. It is called - Reverse Washing! Have you heard of it? I first came across it on social media, and then saw it in one of the magazines, and then it kept popping up everywhere (Refinery29Glamour). The idea is to reverse the order of your shampoo and conditioner. Apply conditioner first, and rinse it out with shampoo. 

TRESemme Tanvii.com 3

Here’s the theory: Conditioner leaves behind a residue that can weigh your hair down, and make it dull, and lack volume. By reversing the order, you get the conditioning effects, and wash away the residue. As someone with thin hair, this sounded perfect for me. 
When I received* these products to try from Influenster, I was so excited. I’ve used TRESemmé products several times in the past, but when I saw that they had a line dedicated to reverse washing, I wanted to give it a try. 

TRESemme Tanvii.com 2

Here’s how it works: 


Since I have thin hair, I usually only apply condition on the bottom one-third of my hair however for this I apply it all through my strands while still avoiding the scalp. I leave it in for about a minute and before moving on to the next step. 


Next, I applied shampoo DIRECTLY to my hair. (Do not rinse out the conditioner first, I think this makes a big difference!) If you rinse your conditioner out completely before applying shampoo, it will be harder to brush afterwords. By using the shampoo to rinse out the conditioner, it gently cleanses and removes excess weight, leaving hair more bouncy. Also if you have colored hair, like myself, you would be happy to know that this formula is completely color safe.


Go wild with any hair style! A lot of you have asked me what I have been doing differently as my hair looks more voluminous and healthy. Now you know the answer. This process of cleaning definitely feels different from the traditional method. It leaves my hair soft, shiny, tangle-free and most importantly voluminous.
TRESemme Tanvii.com 4

Personally, I think this product works excellently for fine, thinner hair, which gets weighted down very easily, or thicker, corse or curly hair that tends to be particularly unruly. In my opinion, Reverse Washing is a great addition to add into your beauty routine to help reduce buildup and residue that your conditioner leaves behind!

Have you tried Reverse Washing? 

Powered by Influenster
These products were sent to me for review purposes. 
All opinions mentioned are my own. 

Summer Reading

Thriftbooks Tanvii.com 3


Summer is for reading. I don't what or how it happens to my brain, but as soon as spring rolls out I start reading back-to-back ferociously. Lately, I have been open to all genres and categories of books. Self help, inspirational, organizational, fictional etc. which seems to have broaden my cultural and over all social skills. So below are the books I have read recently, or plan to read in the coming weeks. 

  1. Secret Daughter - Shilpi Somaya Gowda - This is the latest book that I had finished reading this past weekend. It is a story of an interracial couple who adopts their only daughter, from India and how they all struggle to find balance in their personal lives. I found the book extremely well written, and warm. It was a lovely summer afternoon read. I look forward to reading the second book by the same author, soon. 
  2. Spark Joy - Marie Kondo - This second book by Marie Kondo has been on my list for a while. I found it helpful, like the first one but of cousre I do not think I am in 'that' frame of mind to be able to apply all her tips. However, I have to say that I have been disposing things quite easily (not that I had an issue before) but now I do not hoard even an ounce of salt if I think I do not require it, for a forseeable future. This is a book for someone who thinks they lack the organizational skills and would need outside help. 
  3. The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins I read this book on our beach getaway last month. It was an excellent travel companion as it doesn't drop in pace for even a second. You can check out my vlog to hear my elaborate views on the book. 
  4. In The Name Of Gucci - Patricia Gucci - This is the book I was least expecting to like. I assumed it would be about fashion, brands and exhuberant lifestyle of the rich and famous. And I was right. It WAS all those things but also had an engaging family drama to support its storyline. Again, checkout my vlog for more of my sensational opinions.  
  5. The Age Fix - Anthony Youn - Another new interest I have found is in learning about human body, and its functions. I am sure I was taught some of it while I was in school, but now that I can actually experience my body changing drastically every year, I am more attentive towards the matter. This book provided me with the information about how the skin ages and in what various ways one can slow (or maintain?) the aging process. I was assuming the book would advocate surgery as it is written by a plastic surgeon, however it actually shares various different ways (even DIYs) which we can apply without even entering a store or visiting a plastic surgeon. If anything, it was educational. 
  6. Mindwise - Nicholas Epley - Ever since I finished reading Clash (vlog) I have been actively searching for other books in the same genre but with different aspects of human behavior and psychology. I am still half way through the book, but so far I have enjoyed learning about the brain or rather learn about how little we actually know about the brain! The human mind is fascinating and the book helps me realize how I can fight the preconceived stereotypes in my own head and not make the same "mental" mistakes as everyone else. It is work in progess! 
  7. One True Love - Taylor Jenkins Reid - This book shall be arriving in mail TODAY and I will be reading it along with my friend Anita and discuss it daily as we go forward. She lives in Dubai and this is the first time we will be doing it. So I am excited about that. I will keep you posted on my thoughts about the book. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, as that's where I post my "book reviews" instantly after finishing the book. 
  8. Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella - There are few author's whose work I have read from their first to latest book, and Sophie Kinsella is one of them. This book has been out for over a year but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but it is definitely on my list right after One True Love
What books have you read recently? Anything that you would recommend?

Stealing In Marriage

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 3

I will be married for 9 years in a month's time. While I have learnt many lessons in this short married life of mine, one of the most surprising one has been learning about the habits of my other half. (I will not call him my better half, because that's just lame! haha) Below I am uncovering all the things my husband borrows steal from me, from Skinny Cow to beauty products to the covers in bed!

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 1

- He steals my sunscreen, face wash, face oil, face serum, (the list goes on). Okay so in his defense, I did introduce him to all these products. While I am trying to slow down my aging process, I thought it is only fair that I help him do the same. But more often than not, he prefers my products better than what I have bought for him and next thing I know, mine are missing. 

- He steals my sunglasses. I believe in classic shapes in sunglasses. As I grow older I am getting lazier about switching them out with every outfit, so I just want one in my bag which would go with everything. A lot of mine are unisex. Hence, the side effect of them being used by both of us. Although on the positive side, I don't feel guilty about buying new ones any more, because the rate of return is double. 

- He steals my food when we go out. Now I am vegetarian (everyone knows that!) and he is a carnivore. So when we go out, I cannot try his food but he sure can try everything I order. That's besides the point that I can never finish my complete meal. So while it is really a bonus but it does bother me that I am always on the losing end. 

- He steals my snacks at home. I shop with a plan and I like to have everything portioned. He has his snacks and I have mine. I always ask him if he wishes to add something to the grocery list so that there are no discrepancies later. I rarely ever try new snacks, as I work (and eat) like a robot, same thing day-in-day-out. But every now and then I would spot something new and would want to try and next thing I know my husband is already munching on that snack before I could get around trying it. 

Case in point Skinny Cow Chocolatey Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches. He strictly told me he was over all-things-sweet and so I didn't serve him any but then he couldn't resist trying "just one bite" out of my sandwich. So you know the indulgences are not just for the women in the household.

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 2  Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 4 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 5

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 6 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich Tanvii.com 7

Y'know I have more things to add to this list, but I suppose this is enough to prove my point. Find your local store listings for Skinny Cow and bond over your shared love of indulgent products – just make sure there’s enough for you both. Enjoy the good life together!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Boho Resort Style

Summer is here people. And I can feel it. It has been extremely hot and humid in DC lately but I am not complaining. After the odd extended winter, I can only be thankful for the sun and warmth. Although, I won't be hanging out in sun or going for a picnic any time soon. 

This is the second look (first) from the Dominican weekend. We planned to go for a hibachi dinner on our last evening and I had run out of evening wear, but I recycled my maxi with a colorful kimono which passed just fine for a resort wear evening look. P.S. I am no more into short baby doll dresses. I think a modest look with a dash of color is more my style. At least until I change my mind! :)

Maxi - Target  Kimono - Anthropologie Flats - From India Necklace - From travels Boho Travel Style Tanvii.com Maxi - Target  Kimono - Anthropologie Flats - From India Necklace - From travels Boho Travel Style Tanvii.com Maxi - Target  Kimono - Anthropologie Flats - From India Necklace - From travels Boho Travel Style Tanvii.com Maxi - Target  Kimono - Anthropologie Flats - From India Necklace - From travels Boho Travel Style Tanvii.com
Maxi - Target  Kimono - Anthropologie Flats - From India Necklace - From travels Boho Travel Style Tanvii.com
Maxi - Target // Similar
Kimono - Anthropologie // Same
Flats - From India // Similar
Necklace - From travels // Similar


Fitness Friday: Your Questions Answered

WSC Tanvii.com 8

Priya - What happens to the body when we switch back from the very healthy calorie controlled food to the normal ghar-ka-khana (home-cooked-food), will there be a tendency to bounce back.

Tanvi - If you are a vegetarian like myself, then nothing much happens as long as you keep the chapattis (bread) and rice in control. You can start with having a big bowl of lentils and then add yogurt and vegetables to your meal. Going back to home cooked food doesn't mean doing back to fried-food, pulao and kheer (indian dessert). You have to eat clean food all your life. It has to be a lifestyle change. You can check my options of most of my meals in this post here.

Fab - Once you start working out consistently, how long should you wait to measure yourself (i.e. waist, hips etc.) to see any noticeable change?

Tanvi - It can differ person-to-person, but the best judge of the 'change' is - how you feel when you wake up, how your clothes fit, your over all mood and temperament, if there are changes in all of the above then you are ready to measure. To give you a number, I think it takes good 4 weeks before you see any noticeable change, but even if you don't, do not get disheartened. The key is consistency. Trust me!

Surabhi - I have read all your fitness posts and I would like you to tell your readers if you went on a strict diet initially before you lost all the extra flab.

Tanvi - Thank you for reading them all. I did go on a clean and strict diet. I have written about it in detail in my posts here & here.

Manashree - How to lose the last 4-5 pounds left in the end?

Tanvi - That is one questions to which I do not know the answer to. I am hoping that one day all the hard work will pay off and it will happen. But from what I have read, I have learnt that most woman wish to lose those last few pounds but the ideal weight is the one which one is able to maintain for the rest of life instead of that imaginary number we all wish to achieve on the weighing scale. Now I won't lie and say I don't still wish I was a few pounds lighter, but I don't sweat about it much, as long as I feel/look good, my clothes fit me well, and my skin behaves it self.

Thank you ladies for sending me these questions, I tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Three Ways Thursday - Striped Skort

06_Three Ways To Style A Skort Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3

I had scored this light breezy piece of clothing on a discount at Nordstrom. I was so excited because it was colorful (means would go with a lot of tops), had stripes (who doesn't love stripes), and was of great quality (a must in my books). And I am happy to report that three years later, it is still my summer staple. I get a lot of wear out of it, especially during the hot and humid days of summer in DC. Also, must mention that it is a skort aka skirt+shorts, which can sometimes be weird in fitting, but if you find right one it is a blessing. You can be you (reckless) and still give an illusion of wearing a (girly) skirt. What are your thoughts on skorts? Do you own one or would like it? 


Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat!

Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 1

Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Best time to visit: Between Feb and May, right before the hurricane season and after the tourist season. 

Who should visit: People who are looking for a beach getaway and unwind without venturing out of their hotel.

Things to note
Don't forget to bargain when shopping or negotiating outside activities. 
Although official language is Spanish, everyone speaks English
Most places accept American dollars

Cost: You can find deals starting from $1000 per person ( all-inclusive: lodging, food and activities)

Below is an account of our five days in paradise. All we did was eat, sleep, beach, repeat!

Some more snapshots from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 
Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 10
Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 3 Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 4 Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 5 Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 6 Punta Cana, DR Tanvii.com 8 

This was one of our MOST relaxing vacation after Jamaica. The weather, the beach, the people, everything was ideal. I had a hard time getting back to normal routine post DR, but now I am getting back into the rhythm of life. not sure if I like it, but there there is always another beach to checkout. Right? 

I Feel Like A Brand New Person

I don't think the way I once used to. 
I don't have the same priorities I once had. 
I don't have the same inner circle. Or ANY inner circle any more. 
I feel like a brand new person. 

I let everyone be
I also let myself be. 
I forgive easily. I still don't forget though.
I feel like a brand new person. 

I value happiness over wealth. 
I value health over comfort.
I value nutrition over taste. 
I feel like a brand new person. 

I live in today. 
I rarely worry about tomorrow. 
I have made peace with my past. 
I feel like a brand new person. 

I do what I want. 
I say what I feel. 
I write what I think. 
I feel like a brand new person. 

I am not the person I once was,
I am a brand new person. 

Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com Dress - Eva Mendes Collection for NY & Company  Sunglasses - RayBans Flats - TJ Maxx Tanvii.com
Sunglasses - RayBans // Same
Flats - TJ Maxx // Other Option

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