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Winter Go Away

writing this on Sunday 9:18pm

We have about a month more of this hide-and-seek with winter. These pictures were taken last week at a State Park in West Virginia, but I could be wearing this exact same look anything in the coming week too.

If you are wondering about the hair. Yes, I did color them pink. Although they looked red on camera for the first few days. But you can catch the much truer color here

As for the outfit, it is nothing to write home about. Just a slice of life kinda-post from my road trip last weekend. More coming soon in travel posts, but for now I will it end it here, as I have to get to bed and wake up at 5am for my workout. My husband is not even allowing my to watch Oscars, so y'know ... I am writing this post as quickly as possible ... au revoir! 

Parka Life Tanvii.com 8 Parka Life Tanvii.com 7 Parka Life Tanvii.com 6 Parka Life Tanvii.com 5 Parka Life Tanvii.com 3 Parka Life Tanvii.com 2 Parka Life Tanvii.com 9
Parka - DKNY via Nordstrom // Similar
Jeans - Miss Sixty // Similar
Boots - Steve Madden via DSW // Similar
Sunglasses - RayBan // Similar


Most Important Meal While Traveling

One of the most common questions I am asked (as a frequent traveler) is how I manage with food as I am a vegetarian. I have never has any problem finding food in any country that I have traveled to so far. You already know I think food is a nuisance. I don't mean that I don't like food, but I think it takes good 30% of the day to plan, prepare and then eat. That's whole lot of time, I could spend doing nothing something! As always, I digress. 

I rely on breakfast to fuel me for the majority of the day, in everyday life but especially while traveling. My preference is always a hotel where breakfast in included in the room rate, just so I have one less thing to think about. Things that you can always find in breakfast (in most countries):

- Oatmeal / Cereal / Granola
- Fruits (Banana, Apple, other seasonal fruits)
- Baked good (cookies, muffins, croissants)
- Pancakes / Waffles / Crepe 
- Toast and Jam
- Milk / Coffee / Tea

If you are lucky you might also find potatoes and other vegetables. And as far as I am concerned that's plenty of food to start the day with. 

Also, I would like to mention, if you plan to travel the world, you have to learn to be flexible about your eating habits. For some it might mean, venturing into new foods, and may be even turn non-vegetarian but for me it means eating what I find and not fuss over variety and quantity. To each their own, right?

So that's how I survive while traveling - Breakfast! 

Breakfast Tanvii.com 1 Breakfast Tanvii.com 2 Breakfast Tanvii.com 3 Breakfast Tanvii.com 4 Breakfast Tanvii.com 5 Breakfast Tanvii.com 6

One wholesome meal, right? 

Can You Imagine Your Life Without Phone?

I left home in 2000, at the age to 18. I haven't been back since. Vacation not included. When I look back, I would not describe myself as homesick or emotional about being away from family. Although, I do not even recall being ecstatic about leaving home either. But then I am never ecstatic about anything unless I am about to board a plane, or about to buy a handbag. I digress. If I had to pick an adjective to describe myself, I would say I am pragmatic. Unless something is of grave inconvenience to me, my attitude towards most disruptions in life is - it is what it is! 

Staying away from family falls under the category of 'it is what it is'. Over the years I have adapted to this lifestyle. I have evolved to live in the present. However, along with all the changes, there has been a shift internally. I have started feeling 'homesick. At the age of 34 I am way more emotional than what I was when I was 18. I feel I the need to stay connected with my parents more now, than I did back then. The only solace I have from this respite is the option to call and speak to them anytime I like. I cannot even imagine what it was like two decades ago when access to overseas phone calls was limited. 

I must mention that I am a little of a brat (and a hypocrite) in this scenario. You see, I am seldom near my phone and when I am the ringer is often at the lowest volume. Reason being that I find loud ringing phones annoying and unpleasant. The downside of this however is that I often miss my parents' calls. But when the tables are reversed and my parents do not answer the phone, all hell breaks loose. If they do not answer after two calls, I start calling them incessantly (enter: Comcast – XFINITY® Voice Unlimited), along with a few angry texts thrown in, plus a few panic calls to my brother asking the whereabouts of my parents. In the end when I am able to track them down, I learn that they were at the movies, and I really didn't have any reason to panic.

However, the bottom line is that without a phone living this far away from family would be practically impossible. And thanks to XFINITY® Voice Unlimited it has become much easier to call parents from anywhere, even while I am on-the-go. You can download the XFINITY® Connect app and use your mobile phone to make free calls to India (landline & mobile). While I should work on keeping my calm even when I can't get in touch with them, I am just glad I have an option to call and stay in touch with them 27/4 (if I wanted!). 

If you reside in the San Fransisco area, you can visit one of the below, on-site activation centre between 5:00PM - 8:00PM and test these features at the XFINITY® Voice Unlimited kiosk for yourself:

- Feb 29th - March 3rd at Bharat Bazar in Fremont, CA 
- March 4th - Marth 6th at Great Mall, Milpitas, CA

This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Comcast XFINITY®. I have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

50 Random Facts About Me

TYouTube, 50 Random Facts, Tanvii.com

Every Wednesday (Tuesday evening!) I have the same reaction, "How can it be Wednesday already!?!?" Time seems to fly by faster lately. This is the last video of this month. Imagine! So to mark the (almost) end of my birthday month, I thought I will share fifty random facts about myself. Some of my long time readers might already know a few of them, but I have recently acquired a whole new YouTube audience. So it might be a good point to begin our virtual relationship at. 

Even if you know me for a long time, watch it with attention guys, there will be a pop-quiz later. Ha! I kid. May be. ;) 

P.S. Your screen isn't broken. I did color my hair pink. Yes, PINK! :) 

Also, don't forget you can share your feedback or ask me ANY question in the comments below or via this survey / FacebookTweet / Email me. 


Conceal Your Roots

Root Blur Tanvii.com 1
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RethinkColour #CollectiveBias
Root Blur Tanvii.com 8

My hair is not what an ideal "Indian" hair looks like. Usually, Indians prefer thick, black, luscious locks. Mine however have been dark brown, fine, but straight strands. And I have loved them nonetheless. However, thirties, besides slower metabolism, also brought grey hair. Who knew! 

Right now, I don't have enough (grey hair) to flaunt them with pride, right now they are few and far between, which only make them a nuisance. I was so glad to find that there was actually a product out there which do not require coloring the hair and maintaining it every two weeks.

I recently, tried the Root Blur™ Color Blending Concealer Chestnut to Espresso For Medium to Dark Brunette. It instantly erased all sign of grey roots in a natural looking way, growing out of my otherwise healthy scalp. I also appreciated that the blending concealer gave me an option to customize the shade to my hair color. It lasted till my next wash. This is just the product I was looking for, y'know till all my hair turn grey like Diane Keaton and I can rock the natural look. :) 

Root Blur Tanvii.com 7
Click here for the complete outfit details
 Root Blur Tanvii.com 5 Root Blur Tanvii.com 6

If you are looking for something to conceal your roots I hope I have convinced you to check out Root Blur™ Color Blending ConcealerIt can be found at a Target near you in the hair color aisle. And while you are there look for a special endcap display available until 3/5. BONUS: When you buy 3 products you receive a $5 Target Giftcard!

Root Blur Tanvii.com 9

Equality of the Sexes

I am sure everyone who is on WhatsApp is part of several groups. I for one am part of one group, from each phase of my life, for example: Maternal family, Paternal family, in-laws, school friends, college friends, etc. So a common practice in all these groups is to share forwards, jokes and quotes. Initially it annoyed me, but now I have learnt to ignore it and only use the groups for sending and receiving birthday and anniversaries wishes.

So one random day I received a forward on one of these groups, which read: "Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren't created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can't do.

Now I am not someone who reacts to anything shared on social media (or WhatsApp). I respond, not react, only when things are directly addressed to me. However, I couldn't help myself but respond to this forward. 

Me: I don't think women are trying to do what men can do. Women are trying to do whatever their heart desires and are trying to get their right (back) to make the decision for what they can and cannot do. 

Cousin: You are right Tanvi but the difference is minimizing and so our unique ness to some extent. Actually we are at a higher platform 

Me: I believe that both men and women are unique and both have our own gifts. But since women haven't been given an opportunity do to most of the things they are exploring them all. Eventually we will stick with what we do the best but first we need to try it all. 

After writing that I started thinking. Do I really believe men and women are equally gifted? Sure I do. If I started thinking 'women are better', then we are not moving forward in the world of feminism. I never liked hearing men are better than women at anything and I don't want to do that disservice to the other sex by repeating the same mistake. 

But do I really think all the men in my life are my equal? Probably not. But neither are all women my equal either. Some are better, some are equal and some are different (see, I am learning diplomacy).

Are the two sexes equal in all their strengths and weaknesses? No. But they do deserve an equal opportunity to try everything and an equal reward for a work well done. And that's the point of feminism (in my books). 

Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 5
Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 1
Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 4 Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 3 Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 2 Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 7 Finders Keepers Top Tanvii.com 6 
Houndstooth Top - Finders Keepers // Other Options
High Neck Top - GAP // Similar
Jeans - Rag & Bone // Similar
Boots - Calvin Klein // Similar
Coat - Tommy Hilfiger // Same 
Gloves - Saks // Similar


Weekend In Charleston, SC

Charleston Tanvii.com 11

It has been a year since I visited Charleston, SC and never posted about it. That's how forgetful one can get with age time. Charleston is a perfect weekend getaway. We flew into the city on Friday morning and flew back on Sunday afternoon. It was ample time to explore the city and still have time to unwind and relax. 

We rented the car from the airport and made our way to The Inn At I'on, which was about 15 minutes outside the historic district. We were glad that we decided to stay out of downtown as it allowed us to explore more of the city. 

Two of the favorite places were the City Market and the Magnolia Plantation and GardensCity Market has been around for hundreds of years, starting as a food market but now sells all sorts of souvenirs and local wares. The area markets are a great and free spot for people watching. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived the centuries and witnessed the history unfold before it from the American Revolution through the Civil War and beyond.

We also drove to down to the Kiawah Island. If you are make a trip down there, you must check out the The Sanctuary Resort. It was a sight for the sore eyes.

I still cannot believe this was almost a year back. Once I am done visiting all 50 states of U.S. I will definitely be making a trip back! :)

Charleston Tanvii.com 1 Charleston Tanvii.com 2
A photo posted by Tanvi • Tanvii.com (@tanviidotcom) on
Charleston Tanvii.com 3 Charleston Tanvii.com 4
A photo posted by Tanvi • Tanvii.com (@tanviidotcom) on

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Charleston Tanvii.com 5

Charleston Tanvii.com 6 Charleston Tanvii.com 7 Charleston Tanvii.com 8 Charleston Tanvii.com 9 Charleston Tanvii.com 10


We Are Okay With Divorce

It has been a while since Dr. Fab joined me on #GwT but he is back after almost five months. Isn't that crazy? Considering first few months, we was part of every single video. Nowadays, he is just too busy for my tiny little YouTube channel. 

Today we are talking about divorce. Yes, I am not kidding. It is probably an unorthodox topic to discuss, but we talk about everything. This time you are privy to our one such chats. Hope you enjoy listening to our gab! :)

P.S. I also found this interested article on why people divorce in case you are interested in reading. 

And as always, feel free to share your feedback or ask me questions in the comments below or via this survey / FacebookTweet / Email me. 


Toasted Open Sandwich

This year has been phenomenal so far. Health wise. We have been successful at making health-focused choices 9/10 times, which really says a lot considering how we were eating last winter. The biggest shift has been in making nutritious, yet flavorsome and delicious meals. Finding ingredients which do not have anything artificial and are minimally processed. Especially for my husband, as he is a carnivore, unlike me. Hence, enter: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer Selects Natural has no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no gluten and no by-products. However, as my husband reports, there is no compromise in taste. Below is a recipe I created a couple of weeks back, as a meal option (two toasts) or a snack option (one toast). 

Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 2
Ingredients: Oscar Mayer Selects Natural (Applewood Smoked Ham), 2 Whole Grain Toast, Greens, 2 Strawberries, and Goat Cheese
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 3
PLUS Homemade Cranberry Chutney
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 4
Step 1 - Smear goat cheese over the toast
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 5
Step 2 - Follow with a tablespoon on cranberry chutney
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 6
Step 3 - Layer the greens, and sliced strawberries over the toast
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 7
Step 4 - Roll two slices of Oscar Mayer Selects Natural - Applewood Smoked Ham on each toast
Open Toast Sandwich Tanvii.com 9
Voila! A quick, healthy, and flavorsome snack/meal. 


4 Slices of Oscar Mayer Selects Natural - Applewood Smoked Ham
2 Whole-grain toast
1 tbsp of goat cheese
1 tbsp of cranberry chutney
1 Cup of greens
2 Strawberries
Optional: Crushed black pepper to garnish


1. Toast a two slices of bread
2. Smear goat cheese over the toast
3. Follow it up with a some cranberry chutney
4. Layer the greens, and sliced strawberries over the toast
5. Roll two slices of Oscar Mayer Selects Natural - Applewood Smoked Ham on each toast
6. Optional: add crushed black pepper 
I hope I have given you an idea or two to create a wholesome and balanced meal. I can guarantee you that Oscar Mayer Selects Natural is the perfect choice for anyone looking for quality cold cuts that have no artificial ingredients and delicious taste.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Discussing Sweethearts

Hope every had a 'love' filled weekend. I had a wonderful time with friends. By wonderful time, I mean conversations, good food and then more conversations. One of the conversations was about high-school sweethearts. Or rather about married couples who were high school sweethearts. My friend asked me what I thought about that. At first I didn't have an opinion, I said, "I would have had to be married twice: once to a high school sweetheart and then to someone else to know difference and have an opinion." But of course she meant hypothetically. And I think while it is great that some people are high school sweethearts and they find love early in life and stick-it-out till the end. But personally I am happy with all the experiences - the first crush, emotional upheaval, broken hearts, - the whole nine yards. Having those experiences made me feel alive and made life interesting. So for me it was worth having gone through it all. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but ... I would not go back to that either. I like my peace and quiet! :) 

Moving on to the outfit, this weekend was F.R.I.G.I.D. I had to layer over layer over layer, and even that wasn't enough. I am over winter now. Can spring come already? I have my shopping list for spring ready. There are a lots of maxi dresses (how sexy is this one at Simons) and tunics. Now only if this wind chill would reduce. 

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Coat - Free People // Quirky
Sweater - Edit // Another
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Socks - Tommy Hilfiger // Another
Shoes (previously worn here) - Similar

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