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What to watch on Netflix

12:00 AM

Fellow east coast residents, are you ready for Jonas? I don't mean Jonas brothers. I mean the blizzard! I think I am prepared for a weekend indoors with warm clothes and some hot cocoa. I am also hoping that we would have electricity, else what would I do without the internet?!!?! (Reading books is an option but having internet would be helpful too!) 

So below are some of the documentaries on Netflix, which I highly recommend:

Happy - What stayed with me from this documentary was that a person living in the slums of Calcutta is as happy as an average American. Isn't it interested? The documentary explores the concept of happiness and what makes people happy. An enlightening watch!

Bill Cunningham New York - If you are a fashion blogger then you have definitely heard of Bill Cunningham. He is a street style photographer who lives in the New York City and has been photographing new yorkers for half a decade (way before fashion blogging was a thing). He is 86 years old and one of the most endearing people I have come to know (virtually). His strong work ethic is what stayed with my after watching this documentary. I HIGHLY recommend this even if you are not a fashion or photography enthusiast. 

Marley - Are you a Bob Marley fan? I am not. But we all feel we know him. Isn't it? I watched this documentary one mundane day and it sucked me in. I realized I knew nothing about him. He was an interesting person and had so much more to his personality other than music. Also, isn't it interesting how all iconic musicians die so young? Even when there were no drugs involved? 

The World Before Her - I saw this documentary last year. It shows the stark contrast between beauty pageants versus Hindu fundamentalists' camps and yet how similarly both these places treat women was quite heart-wrenching. To view India through this documentary for eye-opening in many ways. 

Making a Murderer - Last but not the least, the most talked about documentary all over U.S. for the past month. I am sure you have heard about unless you have been living under a rock for some odd reason. This was heart breaking, controversial, and I am never breaking the law in this country. Ever! Must watch it, just to know how bad things can get when law and law-makers are not in sync. 

You can catch these this weekend, while you are stuck indoors, you know, provided the power doesn't go out! Now that you know my taste in documentaries, let me now know if you have any recommendations for me, in the comments below. Have a good weekend and stay safe! 

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  1. Nice off-beat list! I've also heard a lot about Making of a Murderer, but haven't got sucked in yet! :D

    1. It is an interesting watch, when you get the time :)

  2. I started "Making A Murder", but I just couldn't get into it. Right now I am watching "The Following" and it is so good!

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

    1. I saw a few episodes of The Following but couldn't get into it. Watching Jessica Jones now. :)

  3. My neighbors were just telling me Making a Murserer is really good! Can't wait to tune in. I hope you're doing well, Tanvi :) -Danielle Larkins

    1. Let me know what you thought! Hope you are doing well too! :)

  4. I bingewatched Making of a Murderer over a weekend... and am now interested in seeing HAPPY :)

  5. We are so into Making a Murderer right now. Thanks for sharing!!



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