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Three Ways To Style A Brown Mid-Rise Boots

Three Ways To Style A Brown Mid-Rise Boots, Tanvii.com
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I have realized that while doing the Three Ways series I always share the shopping event or the back story behind how I acquired the piece. I never-to-rarely do that in my outfit posts. Mostly because it never strikes me and also because I find them boring to narrate, but it seems natural to share them here. The whole nine-yards of how and when I got it and how I have styled it over and and over again. 
So over to the boots in question today. They are from GAP and were for a mere $20.00 on sale. This is not a boot I would be attracted to on my own but Dr. Fab insisted I try them on. And I did. And I loved it. They were (are!) soft, stylish and looked great with the jeans I had on. I got them home and they have been my go-to-boots every since. 

Whiny Whiners

I have lived in equal number of scorching hot places (Delhi, Dubai, Texas) as the freezing cold ones (Switzerland, London, DC). The question I am always asked is about the damn weather. "OMG! How are you surviving the heat?" OR "OMG How do you live in such cold?" And I have had the same response, " I live just fine!" It takes a little getting used to, but nothing one can't deal with. It's not like I am on the streets without a bed and a roof on my head. 
I am amused when people whine about the weather conditions, excessively. I mean, you are living in a place, you know what the temperatures will be like, now buy appropriate clothes and stop bitching about it. And if it bothers you that much then move to a city which has favorable weather conditions for your lifestyle. 
In fact I despise all-forms-of-whining, period. Whether it is about how much one has to walk in their city, or how their work sucks, or how much household work they have to do, or how their maid doesn't come regularly. I mean, come on. I can hear your saga once, because it might be remotely interesting or entertaining but if it is the same-whining-story day in day out, then I suggest you speak to someone else, 'coz I have not got the patience. 
I do not see the point of complaining whining. I am someone who believes in taking action and solving the problem. And if it something that is out of my control (like the weather) then I make peace with the situation and adapt. There is no point in going on and on about it. 
Unless you are stuck at home on your own birthday, then you can complain a little and then let it go ... talking of which ... this past weekend was my birthday, you already know my thoughts on it, but that is not reason to skip a good meal. Dr. Fab. has planned a lovely afternoon but the snow storm came in early and forced us to adapt. But it didn't stop us from braving it out in the snow and getting some spectacular shots. It might be cold and messy to deal with, but snow is beautiful. :) 
P.S. I just realized the irony! My post is my whine about the whiners. Oh! Well. Watchya gonna do?  
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Down Jacket, Suede Boots, Snow Day In DC, Tanvii.com
Jacket - French Connection (Similar)
Boots - Diesel (Similar)
Gloves - Saks 

Unexpected Lessons

once you are in your thirties ... you think ... you are done making mistakes ... you are done making poor decisions ... you will not make another poor judgement. but life has its own way to teaching you, what it intends. your goal should be to make sure that you keep your eyes and heart open for these unexpected lessons. and as they say, you live and learn. never make that same mistake twice. make that one, count. use it strategically to sharpen your focus and convert it into an experience. and few years later every mistake is an entertaining story!

Beanie - Under Armour Sweater - C. Wonder Shirt - Cut X 2 Jeans - Zara  Boots - Steve Madden Jacket - Michael Kors Tanvii.com
Beanie - Under Armour (Similar)
Sweater - C. Wonder (Better)
Shirt - Cut X 2
Jeans - Zara (Similar)
Boots - Steve Madden (Almost same)
Jacket - Michael Kors (Similar)

Lust List: Denim

Denim, Tanvii.com

In the process of creating a Killer Closet, denim has been one of my favorite fabrics (?). It never goes out of fashion, it is versatile something you can style up or down easily and it is long lasting making it worth the investment. Now you cannot put a price tag on a good-fitted-jeans but you know you have to. I would say invest in a pair (it is likely to cost you $100+) and you would have a go to item you can trust all year round. 
But denim is not restricted to just a pair of jeans. There's vests, jackets (MUST HAVE!), shorts, shirts and of course the LDD which is having a moment this spring! (I am loving this one). 
I bet you are dreaming of spring, like I am - here's my wishful list of denim clothing.  

Anything caught your fancy?

How To Wear Green?

You know Anita? How can you not? I have written about her to death on my blog (here, here, here, here). Anyhoo, everytime I think of or see green, I remember her. She hates green. But this post was not supposed to be about her. It was supposed to be about green. 
Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a "green horn". (source)
I don't hate green ... but I didn't know I had SO MUCH of it in my closet until recently. Having a blog has made me realize such important things about myself. First I had learnt that I have too much orange, and now that I have abundance of green! Such valuable knowledge. (enter: sarcasm!)
I have never shied away from bright colors, not even from pairing two bright colors together. So it is not a challenge for me, but I do realize that colors are not everyone's cup of tea (or coffee!) but should you want to give this bright hue a try I am certain my sartorial experiments can be a guide to what-to-do or even what-not-to-do. Judge away ... :)   
For outfit details click on via below the pictures. 
How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com

How To Wear Green? Tanvii.com


It's been a while since I did a Random-o-sity post.

Here are the 10 random things on my mind:
  1. We enjoyed watching Shamitabh this weekend. If you haven't watched it, I suggest you give this a try. 
  2. "They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes!" - Imelda Marcos 
  3. To shop or to resist? Isn't that the question of this century? 
  4. February in Texas looks so different from the February in the North-East
  5. In the honor of the President's Day, how cool is this? (: 
  6. I have been infected by a home-decor bug lately. My inspirations
  7. How cool is this commercial? Take notes! 
  8. I would have loved to attend the #SNL40 after party, last night! 
  9. "It’s not like your soul gets older. It gets wiser." - Cindy Crawford 
  10. Craving for colors, anyone?

Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress  - Target  Shoes - Rare Jacket - Armani Jewelry - Rocksbox Tanvii.com
Dress (previously worn here) - Target / Similar
Shoes - Rare / Similar
Jacket - Armani / Similar
Jewelry - Rocksbox

Three Ways To Style A Green Denims

Three Ways To Style A Green Denims, Tanvii.com
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Who would've thought I would own a green pair of denims out of all the colors out there? No me! I bought this pair about two years back and have loved styling it over and again. It simply has such a shock value, that you can pretty much wear anything with it and it would work! Pair it with bright shades of blue is my favorite combination bur surprisingly brown worked great too. I will probably give it a shot with ivory and pastels in spring/summer. 

Would you dare to wear green? 

Beauty Talk: New Products

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven
Disclaimer: Please read my previous post on my skin type to make an informed opinion/decision. Also, these products might or might not be available in India and/or outside United States.
one: Stella McCartney Eau de parfum
It is one of my go-to-fragrances. I have been using it for over a decade and have loved it every single day. It is mild mix of musky and floral. It isn't over powering and yet lasts the whole day. 
two: Dead Sea Mud Mask*
OMG! This is the best god-damn-mask there is out there! I loved it from the first use itself. It didn't burn, or made my skin red. It restored an even skin tone and a smoother complexion overall. It also deep cleaned and moisturized my skin. I am supremely happy with the product and would definitely purchase it again at my own cost!
three: Pancha Garya Ayurvedic Soap (Other Option)
Usually I am not a soap user, I am more of a shower gel kinda person, but I love all things organic and Ayurvedic. My cousin brought this for me as a gift (from India). I tired it and loved it. It is made with cow's milk and ghee (clarified butter), perfect for winters and/or if you have dry skin. If you happen to find one you should definitely try it. 
four: Hermès Jour d`Hermès Eau de perfume
This is a new fragrance I recently tried. It has a delicious feminine and distinct scent. When you have a night out or want to feel a little extra special this is the one for then! 
five: Acure Argan Oil*
Previously I had used this oil from Acure and it had been in my winter-survival-kit in the past year. And now I am in love with their Argan Oil as well. Argan oil has been popular for hair in the past decade, but apply it's two drops everyday, to your face and feel the softness. The small bottle lasts you a good six months, making it a bang for your buck. 
six: Roomila Necklace
I go through phases of loving delicate jewelry and statement pieces. Looks like now its the turn of the statement pieces again and I am loving this gorgeous necklace from my own store. Grab it before its sold out! 
seven: Coin Purse
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but that has nothing to do with my love for this heart shaped coin purse. I have been in organization mode lately and cannot get enough of these coin purses. The bonus is that you can use some of them as make up pouches or even stationary bags. 
* These products were provided to me at no cost. All opinions mentioned are my own.  

Weekend Lessons

Lessons I learnt this weekend:

  • No matter what, stick to your plan! Even if you are pissed. 
  • If given a choice between being argumentative or being quiet, pick the later
  • Learn and practice mindfulness. 
  • Always go for brunches that serve bottom-less-mimosas!
  • Don't cave under the pressure. Always be, who you are!

Coat - Free People / Similar
Sweater (previously worn here) - ASOS / Similar
Skirt (previously worn here) - Forever 21 / Similar
Tights - Falke 
Boots - DP Italia / Similar
Earrings - Crazy & Co. 
Pendant - Gift via Rocksbox

Lust List: Valentine Gift Guide (for HIM)

"It" is less than 10 day away and if you celebrate it then you better get your ducks in a row. First things first, gift for your man. While I and Dr. Fab do not celebrate Valentine's Day we do not shy away from an excuse to shop. And if I had to buy him a gift it would be something quality and something that he would not buy for himself. Here's what's on my list: 
  1. Paco Rabbane Eau de Toilette
  2. The Art of Shaving 
  3. Moncler Acorus Puffer Jacket
  4. Keneth Cole Toe Boot
  5. Bottega Veneta Briefcase
  6. Balenciaga Organizer
  7. Michael Kors Watch
  8. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt 
  9. Diesel Leather Jacket  
  10. Del Torro Sneakers 
  11. Michael Kors Peacoat 
  12. Burberry Sports Shirt 
You can clink on the images below to reach the product directly!

Blurry Perfection

boy! I am changing. for starters, this post is two days late 'coz I had my plate full with other important things (like work!?) but till a year ago that would have never happened. if I put something down on my schedule I make it happen, if that means getting two hours of sleep then be it. but not any more. no my friend, I cannot do it. so I have decided to let it go. and when I started thinking I realized I have changed in a lot of other ways too. it's been a long time coming.
1) Hard On Myself - No M'am! No more. I let myself be. If I cannot cook today, no problem. If I cannot get to the gym today, no problem. If I cannot blog as per my schedule, no problem. I have one life and I don't want to suffocate myself.

2) Reward Center - If I am putting in the time and hard work then I am reaping the benefits too. I have learnt to take a break, appreciate my efforts and celebrate small victories. I feel so much better!

3) Positive Reinforcements - Two years back it was so hard for me to say one good thing about myself. I was shocked by how I had reached a point where I was so critical of myself. Not any more though. I feel back in touch with my "whole" self. I know my weaknesses, but I also know my strengths and no one can tell me otherwise. 

4) Body Image Issues - I am who I am! Physically and mentally, both. About two years ago I had decided to never use any negative adjectives in reference to my body. Never say, "I am fat!", "I look horrible" etc. and I can honestly say that I have not said anything remotely close to these phrases in a very long time. I do not hate on my body. I try my best to stay active and workout but I don't have a perfect body and I have stopped chasing it!

5) Illusion of perfection - While I still advocate quality and consistency, I have loosen my grip on perfection. Simply because it adds so much unnecessary stress toward life. With time I have realized perfection is also subjective. It is a matter of perception at times, but definitely an illusion at most times!

6) Selfism - Every year I feel, I lose a little bit of my 'original' self in order to accommodate others, or protect their sensitive sentiments. This year I am making changes. Have already had a pretty good run, wouldn't you agree?

7) Last but not the least: photography! All the above pictures came out blurry ... but there was something about each one of them that I decided to keep them. In fact even post them. Of course, one common factor between three of the pictures, is that I am smiling. In others, I liked the composition! 
How about you? Are you accepting reality and living in the moment? Or still seeking perfection?

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