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Lessons Learnt In 2015

Is has been quite a year. One would assume that after a decade of blogging, one would have exhausted their enthusiasm and would barely have anything new to offer to the readers. But this year, among many things, I also learnt, that there is no dearth of inspiration when you are truly passionate about something. Blogging happens to be my true passion (it seems!). 

Nonetheless, I am sharing five pivotal lessons I have learnt this year. Hit play below and do let me know what lessons you have learnt this year. And if you do not already, do subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I am often upload vlogs with books reviews and more, which are not shared here on the blog. 

P.S. Thank you for your continued support and readership. I truly appreciate it!

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2015: A Year In Pop Culture

There were break-ups and make-ups, annoying (sometimes) new words, songs that made us happy and cringe, photos that broke the internet and of course, there was Adele. Take a stroll down 2015 with me, won’t you?  

Food & Fashion Trends
  • Normcore trend was dwindling towards the end of 2014 but we held onto those White Sneakers and I, for one, really did not mind because it IS the perfect marriage of comfort AND style. It looks great with dresses and denims and looks effortless. Let’s carry this trend on to 2016 as well please and by 2016, I mean, forever.
  • Personally, 2015 was the year of Minimalism and it looked like everyone was going that route and hence started the whole trend of designer Mini Bags. Everyone from Fendi to Celine have been making these baby bags for their big bag versions. How cute is that? I have always been  a carry-my-whole-world-in-my-bag kinda person, but these are actually a welcome change to save my shoulders and back.
  • Move over Kale, 2015 was the year of Bone Broth. Just boil the bones and drink it up and if that isn’t appetizing enough, remember, all the cool kids are drinking it.

Everything Music
  • When Apple announced its plan to deny royalties to musicians during users’ three-month trial period, Taylor Swift used her influence and her power to speak out against Apple. More power to you Taylor, and I forgive you for the over-use of the word “squad”.
  • Everyone loved Drake’s Hotline Bling, and the internet lost it when they saw the video. Drake’s awkward moves were enough for all the meme-makers to come up with the funniest. Check them out here. And to add to that, Hotline Bling has officially made it to the Urban Dictionary. So, congrats Drake?
  • November 2015 had everyone talking about ONE thing. And that was ADELE. She came back after four years with her new album “25” and calling it a comeback would be an understatement. She broke all records possible with this Album and almost made people break up with their boyfriends too ;)

Things that broke the internet
I don’t know what breaking the internet means technically but in my head it’s a server named “Internet” breaking down ;p  Just me? 
  • Edited To Add: I had the (in)famous oscar selfie to the Things That Broke The Internet section and one of the readers Priyadarshini and my Sister-In-Law noticed the error that the selfie was taken in 2014. I apologize, it was my fault. Wow, Do I feel like Steve Harvey ;) Oscars 2015 was so blah that I, maybe, subconsciously wanted to believe that Ellen would be the forever host of the Oscars and would continue breaking the internet with her selfie with famous people, would you buy that? :)
  • Who can forget “The Dress” that divided homes and broke relationships ( Kidding…or maybe not?). The world stood divided by this mystery dress and made people pick sides.  You were either a #blackandblue person or a #whiteandgold person.
  • Nothing breaks the internet like the Kardashians do,  so it wasn’t a surprise when Kylie Jenner’s Lips broke the internet  with #kyliejennerlips . I am assuming it has something to do with people trying to get her plump lips. No, I am not even going to google about it.

Weddings, New Couples and Break-Ups

  • Cameron Diaz, the original cool girl, found the love of her life in Benji Madden, brother-in-law of Nicole Ritchie and tied the knot in January 2015. She sure had a great start to her year.
  • October and December had not one but two weddings. One was of course the most-anticipated wedding of Jennifer Aniston, my favorite and America’s Sweetheart, and  Justin Theroux.  She deserves all the happiness and more. And December saw the gorgeous wedding of Sofia  Vergara and Joe Manganiello. And how gorgeous is her wedding dress. Congrats to the newlyweds!
  • This year saw Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Country music’s ‘it’ couple calling it quits after four years of marriage. And Blake Shelton started dating his “The Voice” judge Gwen Stefani, who also had recently split from her husband of 13 years.  I initially found their PDA on social media adorable, but gotta say it’s been getting a little too much lately. There is something called too much PDA too, you know.
  • The biggest shocker of the year was the break-up of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It made all of us question the existence of true love, I mean, if these two can’t make it last, what hope is there for  are mere mortals like us ;p

Biggest Shockers & Disappointments
Let’s keep the best for the last or in this case, the worst for the last.
  • The biggest news of the year was Bill Cosby and the never-ending  allegations of assault and rape by several women. Even though it started in 2014, it’s still in the news because of the number of women who are coming out and speaking up about the trauma they have endured. And what was truly remarkable was the cover of  July’s issue of New York magazine that had these 35 women, each sitting in a chair, their faces looking straight at the camera and the caption read “ We are not afraid anymore”.
  • I am a book snob and I am always cynical when books are being turned into movies, but 50 Shades of Grey took me to a whole another lever of book snobbery, if you will. Because when bad books are being turned into movies, you can’t help but be doubly cynical. And I was right! The 50 Shades of Grey was a total disappointment at the Box Office, with people criticizing the actors who had zero chemistry on screen.  And no one is really waiting with bated breath for the other installments of the 50 shades franchise.
  • For the first time ever, Oxford Dictionary picked an emoji as the Word Of The Year. Yup, you heard it right. If that is not a new low, then I don’t know what is. Here’s the explanation Oxford Dictionary gave to justify their pick.

That was the round-up of this year. Now, drop some knowledge at your next holiday party!

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Outfit From Toledo, Spain

Currently suffering from #HolidayBlues. For me the vacation starts about a month before the travel date. The anticipation, packing, may be a little travel-related shopping following by the trip it self. And then all the euphoria dies. But the good news is, that is when you start planning for your next destination. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I landed back and went straight to an Indian restaurant ('coz no desi food for 10 days was too much for my husband. I won't lie. I missed it too.) followed by an Indian movie (Bajirao Mastani - can I just take a moment and say Deepika is from another world!). Now back to regular programming aka life. 

P.S. This is the last outfit post of this year! Say WHAAAA!?! *shock.expression*

We spent a day in the ancient town of Toledo, Spain which is 30 mins. train ride from Madrid
Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain Jacket - Uniqlo Jeans - Gap Shoes - Nike Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique Hat - Aldo  Bracelet - Ipanema Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs  Outfit Toledo Spain
Jacket (previously worn here) - Uniqlo // Same
Jeans - Gap // Same
Shoes - Nike // Similar
Scarf - Lou Lou Boutique // Similar
Hat - Aldo // Similar
Bracelet - Ipanema // Similar
Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs // Similar


Christmas Season in Madrid

How I love Christmas. One of the things I miss the most about living in London are the Christmas lights and decoration around the city. While visiting Madrid, this year I got to relive some of those moments.  

Christmas is definitely one of the most festive times all around the world. No matter which faith you practice, Christmas is infectious in its lights and festivities. Christmas has been one of my favorite festivals since childhood and as a secular Indian, I for one love every reason to celebrate.  

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season. Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary Madrid Travel Diary
Madrid Travel Diary
Checkout more pictures from Madrid here

Things I Would Like To Ban

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but instead I ended up making a YouTube video. Because, why not? :) 

If you are from India, or have been keeping up with what's going on the other side of the pond, you would get the reference. This is made, just for fun. Enjoy and let me know what are some of the things that you would like to ban in your neck of the woods? 

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Outfit Post From Madrid, Spain

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had an awesome one. I am visiting Madrid (Spain) at the moment. I have never live-blogged while traveling. And I am not promising that I will be able to continue this trend, but since I had the time and opportunity to post it this time around, I thought why not. :) 

So far Spain has been awesome and I am in love with this cityFrom the moment I have landed I have only come across people who are kind, helpful and so courteous. Having experienced this back in September as well, I am thinking, may be I need to move back to Europe. On top of everything, the weather is awesome; sun is shinning and there is a little chill in the air. There is Christmas spirit all around and it is definitely the perfect time to be in Europe. 

"The first historical record of Madrid dates back to the year 865, when Emir Muhammad I commissioned the construction of a fortress in the village of Mayrit, on the banks of the river Manzanares."

If you are interested, you can keep-up with my travels on Instagram & Snapchat (tanviidotcom)
Madrid Travel Outfit 3
Madrid Travel Outfit 1 Madrid Travel Outfit 6 Madrid Travel Outfit 7 Madrid Travel Outfit 8
Scarf - From India // Other
Jacket - francesca's // Other
Jeans - Rag & Bone // Similar
Shoes - Sketchers // Same
Necklace - Uncommongoods //Same 

Below is the slide show of some pictures from the travels.  
Madrid Travel Diary

Habits of Effective Travelers

Effective Travel, Travel Tips,

One blog post is not enough to share all the effective ways to travel. However, these are some simple tips from the moment you start to plan your trip, till the end of your vacation. Taking a few minutes to plan the small things will not only make your travels more fun, but will also help you stay proactive and stress-free. 

1. Packing Smart - Most people like to carry their whole world with them while traveling. However you might notice the most effective travelers (and travel bloggers) are able to pack a week work of clothing into just a carry-on. Now if that is an ambitious feat for you, try to at least keep it to one check-in bag maximum. You can checkout my travel related posts for in-depth posts. In short the smartest way to pack for me is to carry basics (solid tees and tops) which can be paired jeans, and skirts alike. To add variations, I would suggest layering. (I will be doing an exclusive post on layering in following weeks.)

2. Calling Your Credit Card Company - Inform all your financial institutions (banks, credit card companies, travel insurance) regarding your travel plans so should there be any illegal activities on your account they know you are not in the country. Also, so to that they do not freeze your account for 'unknown location use', especially when traveling internationally.

3. Doing Your Homework - Even if you do not like to plan your trip, and prefer to explore as-you-go, it might be a good idea to do a little research on the destination, so that you know their culture, and lifestyle. Also, it might be a good idea to locate where your country's embassy, police station, etc. are located in case you are traveling to crime sensitive locations. If traveling with kids, find out where the closest convenience store, medical care etc. are too. 

4. Being prepared for security check - At the airport, the TSA security check is an anxiety increaser, but not if you’re prepared. Take off all jewelry, remove all items from pocket, take belt off, all prior to getting in line. Put all of the items in your carry on, and this way, you’re not rushing to remove everything while everyone behind you is waiting on you. It’s the little things that alleviate stress!

5. Building Downtime Into Your Schedule - Often travelers (tourists!?) cramp up their itinerary with too many things-to-do and what was supposed to be a vacation, ends up being even more stressful than daily life. If you are short on time, then you have to make peace with the fact that you cannot see 'everything' there is in the city. Choose what matches your interests the most, and spend sometime (30% of your travel time) relaxing and soaking in the culture, sipping coffee at a local cafes, reading a book by the lake (my favorite), etc.

If you are still looking to indulge in more travel content, you are welcome to checkout my previous travel posts. Or keep up with my adventure by following the tag #TanviOnTheGo on Social Media. 

Two Holiday Makeup Looks

On the blog I feature "Beauty" mostly in the form of skin care products I use. However, on popular demand I decided to share some festive make up looks for the holiday season. Now since I am not expert at makeup, I asked Elizabeth, from Bellacara, to help me out. 

She created two looks:

Day Time - Something for your lunch/brunch time holiday parties, family get together, etc. 

Night Time - A look for an evening out, new years eve, or just 'coz!

I like that you can take the day time look, directly into the night with some simple touches. I also, got introduced to the British brand - Rouge Bunny RougeI definitely picked up a trick or two from Elizabeth, and have honing my skills ever since we shot this. Hit play below and check it out for yourself. 

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Quick & Easy Pasta Recipe

Looking for an easy and healthy gluten free recipe? I have got you covered. Below is a simple, 10-step recipe for a delicious pasta. Now, my sauce of preference is always pesto, but you can always substitute it with any other sauce as well. This recipe can be prepared in under 12 minutes flat. All you need are the following ingredients plus the Barilla gluten-free pasta, which tastes exactly like the regular pasta but only healthier.

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 1 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 2 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 3 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 4 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 5 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 6 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 7 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 8 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 9 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 10 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 11 Barilla Gluten Free Pasta 12

Ingredients - 2 servings

1 cup of Barilla Gluten Free Pasta
2 cups of broccoli florets
1/2 tbsp of Olive Oil
1/4 chopped Onion
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp of Barilla Pesto Sauce
Salt to taste


1. Chop the onions, garlic and broccoli 
2. Put a pot of water to boil and steam the broccoli over it
3. In the meantime, sautée the chopped onion and garlic in olive oil until golden brown
4. Add the steamed broccoli and stir it well
5. Add the pasta to the boiling water and let it cook for 10 mins
6. Once cooked, drain the water and add pesto sauce 
7. Add the stir-fried broccoli to the pasta
8. Mix well
9. Add salt to taste
10. Serve warm, and enjoy! 

You can also save the below slide show for future reference. 
Gluten Free Pasta

I shopped for the Barilla pasta and sauce at BJ’S Wholesale Club. Visit BJ’s Wholesale Clubs on December 22nd and 23rd to see an in-store Barilla Gluten Free pasta demo at select clubs.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®Barilla®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GlutenFreeBarilla

The Golden Hour

High-school has been on my mind today. One of my friends was sharing all the 'crap' (my words) I had written and given/sent to her back in the day - notes, letters, scribbles, random art. I had completely forgotten all about it. I had no active memory of ever writing any of that stuff. I am border-line shocked at how transparent, honest and open I was. 

And then I realized, how I have changed, in so many ways, and yet, how I have remained the same. Looks like I have always had this uncontrollable need to share what was on my mind. While, now I do it on the blog, back then I actually said to people's faces. No wonder, I was (and am) not all that popular with people. Except you guys! ;) 

Golden Hour 7
Golden Hour 1 Golden Hour 2 Golden Hour 3 Golden Hour 4 Golden Hour 5 
Dress (previously worn here) - Forever 21 // Similar
Sweater - French Connection // Other
Bag - Christian Dior // Same
Boots - Sam Edelman // Similar


People of Nordic

One of my favorite things about traveling is people watching. It is one of the most revealing activities. The rhythm of their lives, street styles, office rush hour, lunch break, the observations are endless. 

People in nordic seemed same as any other city in Europe, however after a few interactions you realize they are quite different. They are extremely friendly, helpful and not in as much rush as London, or New York. 

They are also extremely stylish. I could sit by the street cafe and watch everyone go by for hours. I wouldn't even require wifi or a book. People watching is a fulfilling entertainment on its own. 

Travel Log - Copenhagen, Denmark
Travel Log - Stockholm, Sweden
Travel Log - Bergen, Norway
Travel Log - Oslo, Norway

Oslo 18
Oslo 13 Oslo 15 Oslo 16  Oslo 21 Oslo 22 Oslo 23

What is your favorite leisure travel activity?
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