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The Marketplace to Discover India:

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Recently I was introduced to where you can find clothing and products from various regions of India, in one place. acts as the link between the local artisans/designers and the global consumer. They try and remove middleman from the process in order to help the designers create and vis-a-vis promote their brand without compromising on their tradition or values.

Blue Ganpati
They collaborate with various independent artists and designers to showcase their collection on the site, which is their secret to the wide selection. They showcase a wide variety of sarees, and various goods such a furnishings, accessories, home decor, and other gift items as well. The icing on the cake are the reasonable prices. As Monica Gupta, founder of explains, "You get all the products directly from its creators. This helps today's trend-setting females every day as it doesn't burn a hole in their pocket. This pricing helps the designers and artisans to increase their sales and in turn their income. It helps them survive and pass on the skills to the next generation."

Marble Pot
What I liked the most about is that how accessible it is to even those living in the U.S. (among various other countries). Also, if you own a small business or are a budding artist, you too can list your items on their site and sell to a global consumer. Since I am in the home decor mode lately, the blue ganpati and the marble pieces are a few of my favorite from their wide selection.

I am certain that not only my South Asian readers, but also many of my non-Indian readers would enjoy browsing through their collection of Indian ethnic clothing, accessories and goods. I am sure this site will be a treat to many of you all.

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