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Blurry Perfection

12:00 AM

boy! I am changing. for starters, this post is two days late 'coz I had my plate full with other important things (like work!?) but till a year ago that would have never happened. if I put something down on my schedule I make it happen, if that means getting two hours of sleep then be it. but not any more. no my friend, I cannot do it. so I have decided to let it go. and when I started thinking I realized I have changed in a lot of other ways too. it's been a long time coming.
1) Hard On Myself - No M'am! No more. I let myself be. If I cannot cook today, no problem. If I cannot get to the gym today, no problem. If I cannot blog as per my schedule, no problem. I have one life and I don't want to suffocate myself.

2) Reward Center - If I am putting in the time and hard work then I am reaping the benefits too. I have learnt to take a break, appreciate my efforts and celebrate small victories. I feel so much better!

3) Positive Reinforcements - Two years back it was so hard for me to say one good thing about myself. I was shocked by how I had reached a point where I was so critical of myself. Not any more though. I feel back in touch with my "whole" self. I know my weaknesses, but I also know my strengths and no one can tell me otherwise. 

4) Body Image Issues - I am who I am! Physically and mentally, both. About two years ago I had decided to never use any negative adjectives in reference to my body. Never say, "I am fat!", "I look horrible" etc. and I can honestly say that I have not said anything remotely close to these phrases in a very long time. I do not hate on my body. I try my best to stay active and workout but I don't have a perfect body and I have stopped chasing it!

5) Illusion of perfection - While I still advocate quality and consistency, I have loosen my grip on perfection. Simply because it adds so much unnecessary stress toward life. With time I have realized perfection is also subjective. It is a matter of perception at times, but definitely an illusion at most times!

6) Selfism - Every year I feel, I lose a little bit of my 'original' self in order to accommodate others, or protect their sensitive sentiments. This year I am making changes. Have already had a pretty good run, wouldn't you agree?

7) Last but not the least: photography! All the above pictures came out blurry ... but there was something about each one of them that I decided to keep them. In fact even post them. Of course, one common factor between three of the pictures, is that I am smiling. In others, I liked the composition! 
How about you? Are you accepting reality and living in the moment? Or still seeking perfection?

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