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April 2014 in Review

April 2014 in Review, Tanvii.com
April has been such an exciting month. Lot of new things. Lots of change. Lots of excitement. Lots of stress.
To start with, I did just one outfit post in this month, that too only because I got a haircut. Else I was planning to go without that feature. May be another time.  
I got a haircut after 7 months. Love it.
Got severely Pastels obsessed - from outfit inspiration, to shopping list, to even cookies and kisses
This was mine & your favorite post of the month. I am glad that outfits are not a pre-requisite for my readers. 
Last but not the least we relocated to the Washington D.C. Area earlier this week. After a month long packing, wrapping, moving, and quitting (job) we are finally here. SO glad to be in a new city. Let the North-East adventures begin! (:  

Three Ways To Wear Check Shorts

Three Ways To Wear Check Shorts, Tanvii.com
1 (2011) / 2 (2012) / 3 (2013)
I got these way back in 2009. I cannot part with them because there is nothing wrong with them and I love shorts. I might not have the best legs but that ain't stopping me from wearing them. I have styled them for Date nights, casual shopping and even for Sunday Farmer's market. I think I have recovered the cost. What do you think?

C. Wonder Gift Guide

C. Wonder Gift Guide, Tanvii.com
I am so excited to share the Mother's Day Gift Guide via C. Wonder with y'all. I happen to love personalized gifts and when I was introduced to this brand I instantly fell in love with their collection. 
If you are looking for that one-of-kind gift for your Mom, what better than monogrammed goodies? They have a number of options to choose from and I love their Porcelain collection. These are my top six picks from their Mother's Day Gift Guide. Which one is your favorite? 
Also, before making a purchase, be sure to check out the C. Wonder codes at Coupons.com. Who doesn't love a good deal. Right? 
Like what you see here and want to get your hands on some great gifts for mom? I've teamed up with Oh to Be a Muse and other bloggers to give you the chance to win a $500 C. Wonder e-gift card when you enter this Mother's Day Giveaway courtesy of Coupons.com. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends May 9th 2014.

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Don't forget, shop the Mother's Day Gift Guide at C. Wonder to receive it on time!

So Long Texas …

We are relocating and en route to Washington D.C.

As we look back on our years spent in Texas ... 

Texas was a turning point in my husband's life. Texas is not only where he got his education but also learnt the lessons of life. This is where he discovered himself and realized his strengths and indulged in his weaknesses. While there was complete independence, there was also no safety net to fall back on. He met many new people, came across many new cultures and learnt that no matter where we come from, we all have same emotions. 

All the milestones of his life have been achieved in Texas - got married, got his Ph.D, got his first job … But then all the lows were also, here in Texas. He adds that it never felt like a low because, "… we were together." 

Texas is what has shaped our marriage, our life, our mutual understanding. Texas has taken as much as it has given us. We made many friends here and also lost one too many, but these contradictions are what makes it our best and the worst of times. 

We have crossed mountains and valleys but always with a smile. We have tackled all our problems as a challenge instead of looking at it as a set-back. If you ask me all our struggles have been the most fun times of our life together. Even when we had nothing we had each other. Even when nothing was going our way, we were there for each other. Situations when one would expect people to breakdown, we would celebrate our life. This is when we discovered that happiness has nothing to do with circumstances. You create your own happiness. 

For me Texas was nothing more than a reminiscent wilderness of Western movies. I was used to big cities and their hustle. But Texas's warmth made me feel at home pretty fast. This is where I found my best friend, this is where I started blogging, this is where I made peace with who I am. 

Now we are leaving Texas … with a heavy heart. Although we have no family here but somewhere deep down it feels like we are leaving home again.

I want to cry,
the tears are dry
I look out the plane,
as we are about to fly,
There's no smile
nor there's a sigh,
So long Texas,
… for now it's goodbye!


Girl Code: Rules Among Girl Friends

Girl Code: Rule Among Girl Friends, Tanvii.com
Columnist E. Jean was asked (in a an Elle issue) regarding Girl Code and she gave the following suggestions. Plus I added my own repertoire and a few of my own rules. 
Never hate a woman you have never met. Except reality-tv-stars. They are practically asking for it.  
Never date a friend's ex. Unless you don't want her as your friend any more. Then go right ahead.  
Never reveal another female's secret. 'Coz that's just rotten. That's what we need to learn from men.
Never leave an inebriated friend alone at a bar. That's something a guy would do, and that's more of a reason why we shouldn't.  
Never invite a friend's enemy to the party. You gotta stay together to survive this war.  
Never dine alone with a friend's boyfriend/husband. Unless she is already dead.  
Never stay quiet when a friend is falling for an asshole. You will only save time 'coz let's face it, you will be cleaning the mess later anyways.  
Never trust a girlfriend who dates married man. There are simply no excuses.  
Never favorite a friend'd sarcastic tweets. Always retweet them.  
Never give four stars to a friend's business on Yelp. Always give five.  
Never give constructive criticism on your friend's Facebook wall. Give it to her in person.  
Never agree with your friend when she self-deprecates herself. Tell her her best qualities and save the day.  
Never treat other women disrespectfully. It gives men ideas. 
Never discourage a friend or her dream. Be supportive and kind.
Never give dishonest feedback. That ain't helping anyone.
Never bail on a friend when she is down. Be there no matter what. 
What are some of your rules?  

Three Ways To Style Striped Denims

Three Ways To Style Striped Denims, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3
I love this pair of denims. They are comfortable, body flattering and as you can see also versatile. I cannot wait to get more wear, out of them. They are extremely easy to style. Finally a pair which I can wear during warmer temperatures too. 

Lust List: Pastels Galore

Lust List: Pastels Galore, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 
When I told you guys I am drawn to all things pastels I wasn't kidding. The mish-mash of all these colors is just stuff dreams are made of. 
How adorable is that bikini, and the headband? And that cute little skirt and the quirky clutch? oh! Well ... I am LOVIN' everything on this list. And WANT everything on this list. 
If only the weather would get a Spring Memo too, it would just be great! 

Oxford Shirt & Jeans

It has been over two weeks since I did an outfit post. Can you believe that? I was trying to go old school with blogging. Y'know the first year when it was all words and no pictures. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I didn't miss the outfits. Did you?
So why am I breaking my no-outfit-streak? Well ... I got a haircut. I couldn't resist taking pictures. And when you take pictures, you have to post them. Right? (:  
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
Button Down Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Heels, Tanvii.com
White Button-Down (previously worn here) - Husband's // More Options
Jeans - Zara // Similar 
Bangle - Crazy & Co. 

Three Ways To Style Hi-Low Tunic

Three Ways To Style Hi-Low Tunic, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3 
Believe it or not this is actually a night shirt. When I bought it I thought it was too-fabulous a color to waste on nightwear so I decided to style it as a layered tunic several times. So what is the lesson here? Well, think outside the box. Nightwear doens't really have to be just nightwear. Y'know?
However, after an year and a half it has become my lazy-weekend-shirt to lounge around in at home. So I guess you won't be seeing it on the blog any more.  

10 Questions I Hate Being Asked

10 Questions I Hate Being Asked, Tanvii.com
You know that I welcome questions. I have answered them as honestly as I possibly can. But then there are a few which I absolutely despise. And I thought I would put them to rest once and for all. 
1. How to do speak such good english?
Living in U.S. I get asked this question every time I am among new group of people. I do not know why they can't wrap their heads around the fact that Non-Americans can speak fluent, grammatically correct English. What's the flipping big deal?

2. When are you going to have kids?
Agrh! None of your business, y'know. Get your head out of my bedroom.

3. Are you still dieting?
I often get this asked by people whom I meet once in five years. They cannot comprehend how someone can ACTUALLY prefer eating healthy food over paneer pakoras.

4. How can you be a vegetarian?
Just like how you can an ignorant fool. Its easy and comes just as naturally to me.

5. How much did you buy "this" for?
One of my biggest pet-peeves when people blatantly ask me the cost of my couch, bag, watch, … You don't do that! If you are really curious go google it. Don't ask me.

6. When someone calls and first thing they ask is, "Where are you?"
I have seen this habit in most Indian men, barring my Dad. This is how the conversation goes:

(phone rings)
Me: Hello
Person: Hello! Where are you?

And I am like … WOAH!? What does that matter. I am on Mars. How can I help you?

7. What is your caste?
This is mostly asked by nosy Indian aunties (right before they give you the unsolicited advice of having children before your womb turns barren). I know exactly what they are trying to do - They are trying to put me in a box. First categorizing by religion and second by caste. Ain't gonna happen Aunty. My standard reply is, "I am from India."

8. What is your salary?
OMG! How furious I get when someone asks me this. Till date my parents haven't asked me my salary. Like ever! I might offer to tell them voluntarily but they haven't asked. I don't see how anyone else has any right to ask either.

9. How do you have so much time?
This is often asked in reference to having a full-time job, blogging and working-out. I don't know, I guess I am better at time management? I don't hit snooze. I was brought up right. Do my answers make you feel better? ... No? Well, you shouldn't have asked then. 
10. What is "XYZ?"
This is mostly asked by blog readers. What is 'bulgar wheat'? What are hip-flexers? What is this and what is that? I understand everyone doesn't know everything but seriously, why not Google it instead of asking me? It is not like I am an instant response machine. Just saying!
After writing the post, I asked my readers what was that ONE question that they hated, and a lot of them were echoing my frustrations. Good to know I am not alone! 

Inspiration: Pastels On Pastels

For the past decade I have been attracted to bright colors a lot. But I don't have to tell Y'ALL that. You already know that. However, lately I don't know why but I have been drawn to pastels a lot. Especially Pastels On Pastels. 
How delicious do these colors look together. No? Reminds me of ice cream constantly. May be that's why I like it. Who knows. But this is my inspiration for the moment. 
Inspiration: Pastels On Pastels, Tanvii.com

Three Ways to Style Green Jacket

Three Ways to Style Green Jacket, Tanvii.com
1 (2011) / 2 (2012) / 3 (2013)
I love this MK Jacket. I grabbed it several years back in an incredible sale. I have worn is over and over again and yet, it continues to me one of my favorite pieces. The first look at it's color might not make it versatile, but it truly is. So my advice to you, if you find a good jacket/blazer in your size don't turn it down just because it is not in a neutral color. Brights are a great staple to have in your wardrobe.  

Death & Birthdays

via pensandpeonies.com/ | edited by moi
I read this article by late Khushwant Singh a few weeks back and it resonated with me on so many levels. Over the years life has converted me into a loner. Actually, scratch that. I was a loner growing up, trying to be an extrovert. Then I pretended to be an extrovert. And now I am back to being a loner. I'd rather be alone in a room reading a book or simply with my thoughts than be bothered with small-mindless conversations with people I do not care about or connect with.

After reading that article, I realized that I too have thought a whole lot about death. Not in a sad-depressing-way but just as an inevitable end to my journey. Sometimes I think of my own death in reference to the effect it would have on people close to me. I wonder if they would miss me and if it would make a difference to anyone one's life. We all live in the bubble of self-importance, while the truth is that the world carries on without each one of us, just fine. People die. You miss them and then you go on with your day … and life. What else are you going to do? In the beginning you think of them everyday and then a few times in the year and slowly the memory fades, resurfacing only when scratched.

In fact, I am more fascinated by death than I am by birthdays. Last year, I had mentioned how birthdays had stopped meaning much to me. Not only mine but also everyone else's too. When I really got thinking I couldn't find the logic as to why am I celebrating a day which I had absolutely no contribution to. In fact, I think every person's birthday should be changed to "Parent's Day" as it is their lives that changed and it's their special day (assuming it was a 'wanted' pregnancy). Needless to say there aren't many people who agree with my logic, as we have been programmed from day one of our life that birthday is a big deal. When someone asks me for my special birthday plans, I nonchalantly reply, "Everyday is special", which of course it not taken too well either. They expect something 'celebratory' to happen on that day. But I truly mean it. I have been living the last couple of years as every day could be my last day. Anything a person would do on their birthday (or Anniversary) we just go ahead and do it on any given day. Why should I save the celebration to just one day? I want to celebrate everyday. Or at least definitely the day I feel like celebrating. I buy myself gifts the day I see something I like, which are not really 'gifts' but I am just trying to make a point. Why should I need a reason or wait for several months to buy something I want and can afford right now?

I also realized how I connected with 95 year old Khushwant Singh than I do with anyone of my own age (that was his age when he wrote that piece)! And inspired by him I decided to write my own obituary.

Tanvi Rastogi, (Age), Texas, U.S.A. originally from New Delhi, India passed away on Day, Month, Year, Time. She was married to Dr. A since 2007. He was also the only person who truly knew and understood her. She took pride in her creativity and strength, both physical and mental. She had many hobbies, traveling being her favorite. One of her greatest passions in the last decade was blogging. She cherished the connection she made with strangers. She is survived by her brother, her parents and her loving husband and would be remembered by many of her readers.
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