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Going All Inclusive

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TSharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, the Greek island of Kos and also Portugal's Algarve are resorts that continue to grow in popularity. According to industry research, in the five years up to 2009, the market for all inclusive holidays grew by about one third. It has continued to increase since then and these days some travel operators decide to only offer their vacations on a package deal basis, such is the demand. But what makes this style so popular?
One of the most important reasons for the attractiveness of all inclusive holidays, like those available from First Choice, is the ability to set a firm budget and stick to it. Packages have always offered a more clearly defined budget than independent traveling because the flights, transfers and accommodations are paid for up front. If you choose to opt for a full board catering option, then all of your meals are included too. This means that tourists have traditionally taken a little local spending money to be able to afford the occasional snack when away from their hotel, to tip and to be able to buy the occasional round of drinks. These deals can now include poolside snacks and drinks in addition to meals! It’s a great way to set financial limits, especially if you’re partial to a refreshing drink or two.
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Along with the reduced amount of vacation expenditure associated with this kind of break, there is another advantage to take into consideration. You don’t need to carry as much cash around, making many tourists feeling more secure. In addition, vacationers don’t need to worry about local exchange rates or bank charges if they choose to use nearby cash machines.
Knowing that everything is taken care of, financially speaking, means that travelers can expect one more advantage – peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that their vacation budget is not likely to be blown by unexpected costs, most people relax that little bit more and that is what a break is supposed to be about after all. The quicker you relax, the better value for money you achieve from a vacation, so any additional upfront costs associated with vacation deals soon pay for themselves in terms of the quality of your break.
Sandra Peterson has many years of experience in the travel industry. When she's not traveling (and often even when she is) she enjoys writing about the industry and the best ways to achieve value for money when booking a vacation.

Algarve photo by Had01 and Poolside drinks photo by vxla, both used under Wikimedia creative commons agreement.

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