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Social Media Detox

12:00 AM

O.My.God! There is so much noise out there. One week of keeping the (social media) doors shut and I was able to find a little bit focus and clarity. It is maddening out there. The more interests you have the crazier you will get. This is how social media looks like right not (to me): There are bloggers, brands, designers, fashion weeks, writers, photographers, businesses, ... and everyone is in a room. Everyone is talking ... at the same time ... trying to be louder than the other ... urging you to hear them. How do you decide whom to listen to first? How to listen to them at all with all that noise?
I am a purist. I like everything in its organic form. I embrace technology and innovation but I need an order and discipline. Of course the later doesn't exist. It is all about thriving in chaos out here. Taking these short breaks and stepping back helps.
My personal observations after a week of Social Media Detox:
  • Twitter was definitely what missed the most. I had so many random thoughts I couldn't share with anyone.
  • Didn't miss Facebook AT ALL!
  • There were several times in the week when I felt "Shoot! I wish I could tweet this!"
  • I didn't check my phone for hours at a stretch, which wasn't something new for me but when I did check my phone there weren't any notifications from Instragram or Twitter.
  • On the fourth day of the detox, there was a moment then I missed being online and thought, "Wow! Has it only been four days?!?!"
  • Although, over all it felt good to be on the peripherals of social-media-chaos. Except when I went to the loo. I didn't know what to do with all that time! :P
P.S. Until I wrote this post, I didn't know Social Media Detox was a 'thing'. A lot of people are doing it (have done it). There is a challenge to stay off it for 99 days. While I am tempted to take it up, I realize I have other prior blogging commitments due which I cannot. But definitely something I could clear my calendar in future, to take it up. 
Also, watch this short script on Innovation of Loneliness. Does it make you apprehensive about future, as it made me?, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style, Denim Cut Offs, New York City Street Style
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Footwear - Kenneth Cole

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