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No Complaining Zone

12:00 AM

In the month of June I decided to take a vow of 'no complaining'. I read about it somewhere (can't remember where) and it resonated with me and mentally I made a note (without declaring it to anyone) that I am gonna try this. Soon after taking the vow, I planned my trip to India, and I was like, 'Woah! This is going to be hard!' There is a lot one can complain about in India - heat, traffic, rude people, dust, poor customer service, insensitive relatives, inconsiderate remarks ... I can go on. 
But guess what? I didn't complain about ANY of it. I just decided I won't, so I didn't. Not to say it wasn't hard. Sometimes I had to consciously breathe-in-and-breathe-out and decide to let it go without peeping a word about it, out of my mouth. 
This exercise made me conscious of what triggers my emotions and that helped me divert my chain of thoughts. I didn't let anyone suck me into their world of whining. I am not a whiner even otherwise in life but sometimes life can be a bitch, y'know!  
I thoroughly enjoyed my no-complain-days. I found it so liberating to be in control of my thoughts and in turn of my life that I let my vow spill over into July too. But I did recently complain about the bad-eyebrow-threading incident earlier this month. She simply ruined my near-perfect-shape but now I have let that go too. However, I think I am going to continue with my no-complaining-state-of-mind for as long as I can. It is as close as I have gotten to attaining 'zen' in my life. 
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Paisley, Maxi, Summer,
Maxi -  TJ Maxx
Shoes - zigiSOHO
Pendant - Crazy & Co. 
Bracelets - From the travels
Bag - Cuyana

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