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July 2014 in Review

July 2014 in Review, Tanvii.com
This was a month of NO OUTFIT POSTS! I was trying to achieve that in April, but was unsuccessful because of this haircut, but held my ground this month. Of course there were still at least three posts per week just without me posing!
July has been an eventful month: 
  • I got stuck in New York on my flight back from India (oh! yes, I was in India in June. You might not know if you are not on Instagram) but had a BLAST! 
  • Then I was pretty busy following FIFA finals (for the record, my favorite teams didn't win) 
  • I got a humble shoutout in July VOGUE INDIA  
  • Celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary and tried Ethiopian cuisine for the first time.
  • Made second trip to NYC in the same month. Did a lot of touristy things after 15 years or so. 
  • Finished reading 'The Lowland' and 'The Fault In Our Stars'. Let me know if you would like to do the book reviews? 
As far as the blog goes, the post on 'Planning a move' was the most popular one followed by the 'Common excuses for not working out'. 
Last but not the least, click here to find out the winner of the AMI Clubwear Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated. I might have another Giveaway for you in August and definitely getting back to outfit posting. Stay tuned! 

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite, What is Dry Brushing, Tanvii.com
What if I told you that you could get rid of cellulite just by brushing your skin? Got your attention, didn't I? Ok listen up ladies I read a few things about this method in Shape Magazine. 
Dry brushing increases the circulation to the skin which COULD possibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is toxic material gathered up in your body’s fat cells. So, instead of taking drastic measures like liposuction, just utilize the dry skin brushing techniques to help break down unwanted toxins? 
This may sound to good to be true! Basically all you have to do is take a few minutes before you get in the shower or just in your spare time and brush your skin. Not only does it help to break down the fat cells it also gets rid of the dry skin to show off your new, radiant skin. It makes your skin feel alive!! You'll just see all those nasty dead skin cells fall off and after you apply a body oil you'll be screaming "hallelujah."  
I know it may sound harsh for your skin but trust me it's all worth it! Plus this method does two things at once. Do it daily for a month and once you start to see those "dimples" go away you'll be really happy you tried it out. I'm totally into exfoliating dry skin, heck I even exfoliate my dry face. For the record my face feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
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Recent Hair Styles on Tanvii.com

I thought it would be a good idea to do a follow up from my last year's post on "How To Pick Hair Styles With Different Outfits" showing my recent hair styles with my current hair length. 
As you might know (or might have noticed) that I had cut my hair short back in 2012, and they have almost grown back to their original length now. Below are eight ways how I have worn them with different outfits: from office wear to casual lunch with friends
Hair Styles, Indian, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3 /4 

Hair Styles, Indian, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3 / 4

What is your take on trying different hair styles?
Do you experiment? 

Three Ways To Style Graphic Tee

Three Ways To Style Graphic Tee, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3
I am a BIG fan of graphic tees. I love a comfy since I can remember. And with my sartorial development, I have learnt to style them with practically everything. They can be worn casually and formally both, making them quite versatile actually. At one point I used to own one-too-many of them. Although my collection has depleted over time, the use I get through the few that I own hasn't. 

Lake Needwood

If you were to ask me what has been the best part about the move to the North-east, I would, in a heartbeat, say, "The nature!" I simply cannot get enough of it!

We (Dr. Fab & I) have been out every weekend possible, soaking in all the beauty and greenery while we can. Hiking, running, kayaking have been our few go-to-activities.

If you are struggling to find motivation to workout, I suggest you go and explore the nature. As long as you are moving, you are doing the bare minimum workout you can, without having to drag yourself to a gym.

Disclaimer: These pictures have been taken via iPhone and HAVE NOT been edited AT ALL!
Lake Needwood, Maryland, Tanvii.com
Lake Needwood, Maryland, Tanvii.com
Lake Needwood, Maryland, Tanvii.com
Lake Needwood, Maryland, Tanvii.com
Lake Needwood, Maryland, Tanvii.com
 Needlewood Lake, Maryland, Tanvii.com
Let me know your favorite summer activity!

Kale Strawberry Salad à la Tanvi

Kale Strawberry Salad à la Tanvi, Tanvii.com
Serves 6
1 large bunch of kale 
10 strawberries (halved) 
¼ cup goat cheese crumbles 
1 can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
¼ cup walnuts (chopped)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste (optional)
- Remove the Kale stalks and thinly slice the leave.
- Take a large bowl and gently gently massage the kale.
- Set aside while you make the dressing.
- In a small bowl whisk together olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. Add salt to taste.
- Add strawberries, chickpeas and walnut in the large bowl.
Pour the dressing over kale and other ingredients. Toss is all together.
Garnish with the goat cheese crumbles and serve. 

Things that make me anxious

Things that make me anxious, Tanvii.com
I seldom post an impromptu blogpost anymore. I have a schedule and the blog runs on it no-matter-what. But then I decided to post this just now. Why-the-hell-not, right? It's MY blog, after all. I can change the schedule anytime I like! (: 
So last night right before bed time I started making a list (in my head) for no particular reason of "things that make me anxious". And you know when I make lists, I always share them with y'all. So here goes: 
  • Thought that my parents are aging 
  • Thought that most of my close friends live on another continent
  • When there is no shape or form of chocolate at home
  • When I have to go without a workout for more than a week 
  • When I have no vacation planned for a foreseeable future
  • Excessive hair-fall 
  • Breakouts 
  • When a new post has been live for several hours and there haven't been enough views 
  • When I over-think and wonder, "What am I doing in my life?"  
 What makes YOU anxious?

Karma Mantra Jewelry

Disclaimer: I was provided with these products free of charge for the purpose of this post. 
The opinions mentioned are my own.
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Bracelet / Bangle / Mala (aka Necklace)
I am so excited to review Karma Mantra on the blog today. Ever since they contacted me I have been excited about showing their collection up on the blog. The design is in sync with my style esthetics: a little bit of culture with whole lot of simplicity. Romell Bhaala, the founder of the brand, explain his vision as “a brand that wants to shine the light on arts, cultures, and mythologies of different regions of the world.” 
Bhaala draws from his Indian heritage and creates an eclectic mix of pieces. He has mixed the eastern culture to creative some individualistic pieces. Black Onyx and Turquoise Jaap Mala is my absolutely favorite. It also happens to be something which I had been on a look out for since a long time. The Bone With Turquoise Bracelet would be my second favorite, though it is a tab-bit big on my tiny-little-wrists. Nonetheless I love it and I believe would make a great addition to my arm party. Last but not the least the Om Mani Padme Hum Brass Bangle is such a stunning statement piece. I love the antique finish and the cultural encryption on the bangle. 
Being a jewelry hoarder collector, I believe Karma Mantra is definitely worth a visit and I am certain that you would find a piece or two which you wouldn’t be able to resist.  
Let me know what you thought. 

Three Ways To Wear A White Skater Dress

Three Ways To Wear A White Skater Dress, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3
When I purchased this dress I wasn't sure I would be getting as much use out of it as I have over the last two years. I have styled it from fall to summer throughout the year. Added layers in various colors is quite easy as you can see above, making a great canvas to play with! I am looking forward to see how I can style it in my new surroundings. 


Lust List: Flats

Flats, Shopping, Shoe Trends, Tanvii.com
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I cannot stop staring at this collage. Not because I created it (:P) but because of the colors. Just look at them. Candy-crushed eye-popping stunning colors; that too on SHOES! Heaven, I swear! From those pom-pom ones to the lavender-hues I am totally lusting over EACH ONE THESE PAIRS
Which one is your favorite? 

The Four Fountains Spa - Delhi

Disclaimer: I was provided with the spa services free of charge for the purpose of this post. 
The opinions mentioned are my own.
The Four Fountains Spa - Delhi, Tanvii.com
The Four Fountains Spa - Delhi, Tanvii.com
The Four Fountains Spa - Delhi, Tanvii.com

O. Boy the heat in Delhi ... I needn’t say any more. It was pretty preposterous. But watchya gonna do, right? You go by your day and especially if you are there on a vacation you have to get around. You can’t stay cooped up at home. It was a blessing in disguise when 
The Four Fountain Spa in Delhi invited me (and my Mom) to avail the spa treatment at the Delhi location.

Although, located in the heart of South Delhi, making it accessible to people in that area, the spa has an extremely tranquil environment. You feel you have stepped into an alternative universe from the moment to step into the spa. We were greeted by their welcoming staff and were asked to provide them with basic information regarding our health and expectations from the treatment. We were also offered a soothing herbal tea.

We had our pick from their elaborate choices of treatments. Both, Mom & I, choose the Swedish Massage with winter oil along with a head massage, which was a 60 minute treatment. We were directed to the spa room where they began the massage on beds, started with foot cleansing. The therapist was attentive and efficient throughout the treatment. An hour later, I was thoroughly zen and revitalized. You can’t believe how good an hour of pampering can feel in the Delhi heat. We were then left to use the private shower facilities with aroma infused bath products.

Being a spa-connoisseur-of-sorts I would say this is a great in-city-spa experience you can get if you are looking for pocket-friendly pampering session without having to head out to a hotel/resort. The Four Fountain Spa - Delhi has clean and spacious spa rooms, attentive and skilled therapist and easy accessibility, which makes it an overall winner.

If you are in need for a pampering session or even wish to simply unwind from the hustle bustle of the noisy-busy-Delhi city, I would highly recommend making a reservation here. SOON!

Three Ways To Style Yellow Polka Dot Blouse

Three Ways To Style Yellow Polka Dot Blouse, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3
When I got this blouse I instantly thought it was interesting. Partially solid, partially polka dots - it seems quirky in right amounts. Over the years I have worn it casually a number of times. Although soon I might be adding it to be "clearance" pile. I am kinda over it, although that doesn't take away from the fact that it had been styled with pants, skirts and shorts. Pretty good, yeah?

Three Ways To Wear Striped Maxi

Three Ways To Wear Striped Maxi, Tanvii.com
1 / 2 / 3
Horizontal stripes are infamous for making you look broad, fat and what not ... but I simply love this striped maxi. I have been styling-and-restyling it for the past five years. Every year I try and give i away to charity and every year I change my mind. Let's see how long I decide to keep it ... 


Planning to move? Here’s a Timeline and a Plan!

How To Plan A Long Distance Move, Tanvii.com

Whether a first-time or seasoned mover, relocation is a complex and time consuming process. Organization and time management is the key to a successful move.


7-8 Weeks Before The Move

Create a Moving File. Store important moving information such as quotes, brochures, receipts, lists in a file for easy access. Include an ‘essentials’ list, which is comprised of those daily items people need more right after the move. Remember to include changes of clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper plates, cups, plastic utensils, soaps, drinks, medications, flashlight, pencils, and paper. Be sure to pack these things in the car with you.

Find a Good Moving Company. There are four moving choices, depending on whether the move is local/in-state or interstate: a local moving company, whose cost is usually determined by hourly rates; an interstate (out-of-state) moving company, whose charges are mainly based on the weight of the items and distance moved; a self-move, which is the most cost-effective, but also the most time consuming; or a self-service moving company, which is a combination you pack/they moving company. When choosing a professional moving company, be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations, get references and find at least three businesses with five or more years of experience that are competitively priced and have a good reputation.

Research the New Location. Visit the new city’s website, contact the Chamber of Commerce, review the new apartment/home floor plan to decide where to put things, purchase a city map and phone book and order a Sunday subscription to the local newspaper.

Gather together Records. Pull together medical and dental records, including prescriptions and shot records, particularly for children. Don’t forget school records, vet records, and make sure to contact the insurance agent (apartment, health, life, auto) to see what changes are necessary as a result of the new move. Ask how to transfer or end contracts with providers with no service in the new area.

4-6 Weeks Before The Move

Size Up All Belongings. Use this new move as an opportunity to get rid of junk and used items. Work through one room at a time and decide what to keep and what to throw away. Give away useful items to a charity and get a receipt for an income tax deduction. Ship items that are valuable, difficult to replace or sentimental via certified mail or transport them in the car. This could include documents, jewelry, stock certificates, insurance documents and other financial records.

Get Ready To Pack. Make a list of everything to move and assign a replacement value for insurance purposes. Taking pictures can expedite this process. Purchase moving supplies (boxes, blankets, padding, bubble wrap, newspaper, shipping tape, scissors, knife, etc.) and begin to pack all non-essential items, starting first with items seldom used. Pack items of similar size and weight together and don’t make the boxes too heavy to lift. Label the contents on the outside of the each box, along with the room it should be delivered to. Contact the new property manager to guarantee compliance with the moving rules and to ask about the elevator reservation and payment.

Insure Your Belongings. It is important to purchase renters’ insurance policy before you move. Most renters’ insurance policies cover your belongings prior to and during the move. If items get lost, stolen or damaged, your policy will already be in place and you will be covered.

Alternatively If you are moving into a home, you would require home owner’s insurance which is a requirement in most of the mortgages.

File a Change of Address. Check your postal services for the form.

1-3 Weeks Before The Move

Arrange To Disconnect/Connect Services. Make a list of services to connect in the new apartment/home and disconnect in the old one. Make sure to include all utilities (cable/satellite, phone, long distance, internet, electric, gas, water), any periodicals (newspaper, magazine), plus all other services and memberships (cellular, health club, library books, dry cleaners, items in repair shops) that won’t be relocated. Be sure to disconnect all utilities the day after the move and connect the day before arrival. Request a refund for any deposits due.

Attend To Personal Items. Don’t forget to transfer the auto registration, transfer or close any bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, etc. and get traveler’s checks for the road travel. Fill all necessary prescriptions. Plan meals for the last week in order to empty the refrigerator and avoid using cleaned appliances.

Finish Packing. Finish packing and be sure to mark which boxes go on the truck first (least used items) and which go on last (most used items). Pack the suitcases and any items traveling in the car.


Load the Truck in Order. Load the boxes and other items in the pre-designated order. The last load will be the immediate items necessary for the new dwelling, such as linen, bath towels, vacuum cleaner, broom. Make sure the movers have the correct address and driving directions.

Check Twice Before Leaving. Check every room, bath, closet, desk, cabinet, drawer and storage area at least twice before leaving. Write down the utility meter readings.

Arrive Before The Movers. Arrive at the new apartment/home before the movers to make sure everything goes according to the plan. Check to see if the utilities are connected. Have a cashier’s check or money order ready to pay the movers since most moving companies won’t accept a personal check or credit card without prior approval.

Unpack With A Plan. Don’t plan to unpack in one day; it may take a week or more. Have a plan so things go smoothly and focus attention on one room at a time, considering the family’s basic needs. The kitchen is usually first, then bedroom followed my living room and guest room.

Enjoy Your New Home. Enjoy yourself. A new move is an exciting time that will begin a new chapter of your life.
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