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Beauty Talk: New Products

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Beauty Products,
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Disclaimer: Please read my previous post on my skin type to make an informed opinion/decision. Also, these products might or might not be available in India and/or outside United States.
one: eos lip balm
I am a kind of a lip-balm hoarder. I go through at least half a dozen in the year. It is not an obsession. It is a need issue. I had heard rave reviews about the eos lip balm but hadn't tried it for myself. And now that I have tried it, I think I will be going back for more. Soon!
two: Aveda - Firming Eye Creme
As far as anti-wrinkle products go, my mantra is prevention is better than cure. I do not have any severe wrinkles but I am also trying to make sure that I do not get them. I have tried Neutrogena, Philosophy & Burt Bees products prior to this. They all have been fine, but since I am a long time Aveda loyalist, I had to give this a try. So far I can say it has a light texture, doesn't leave any residue and has a pleasant after fragrance. 
three: Zoya Nail Paint (rue)*
I am obsessed with this color. It is the perfect neutral shade. Goes with everything. Here's the swatch for the color. If you are in market for a nude-color you can definitely count on this to do the job.   
four: Olíe 005
I have a combination skin. Part of it get oily while other parts get severely dry. I started applying Vit. e oil on my face couple of years back and I have noticed much improvement. Although my face still gets dry during the winters but applying oil at nights definitely helps. 
I was recently sent a sample of Olíe 005 for the purpose of this review. I incorporated it in my evening face-cleansing-routine and I really like the results. I applied two-drop on a clean face and massaged it gently and uniformly. It had a light-weight and non-greasy texture. I even applied it as a pre-make up base a couple of times and the result was a radiant-natural-glow. If you are looking for an organic oil, I would highly recommend this. 
P.S. You can receive 20% off on with the code: OlieBB05 until August 31st 2014. 
five: Bracelet*
It is the cutest bracelet ever. Perfect for spring. Unfortunately I do not know where it is from or what brand so I cannot link it to its source but I love it nonetheless. 
six: Hair Detangler*
Best invention ever. I do not know what it is but it detangles your hair with minimum breakage. I had heard a lot about it and having tried it, I have to say I am not disappointed. 
* These products were provided to me at no cost and with no obligation to review. All opinions mentioned are my own. 

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