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Black, Grey & Snake Print

How is it going y'all? Hope you guys had a good weekend. I had a good but busy one. I think there should be at least 40 hours in a day. Who else is with me? Anyhoo, I am not much for words today. How about we go striaght to the outfit and call it a day? Bueno? (: 

Joie Top, Michael Kors Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Shop Jami Ring,

Joie Top, Michael Kors Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Shop Jami Ring,

Joie Top, Michael Kors Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Shop Jami Ring,

Joie Top, Michael Kors Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Shop Jami Ring,

Joie Top, Michael Kors Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Shop Jami Ring,

Top - Joie [13'] Similar
Jeans - Michael Kors [13'] Similar
Boots - Steve Madden [10'] Similar
Accessories - Here & There

Energy Boosting Smoothie

So I am listening to y'all and will try and post healthy recipes as much as I can. Here's one for an energizing post-workout smoothie. Hope you guys like it!  
Smoothie, Berries, Energy, Healthy,
1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup raspberries
1 banana
1/2 avocado
2 cups fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
1/3 cup raw almonds
5 ice cubes
1/2 cup water

Blend and Sip it up!!!

Goofy, Creative and Sick

Can I just say that being sick as an adult sucks! I have been operating on 30% battery since last week. Though Dr. Fab has been taking care of me and most of the errands (house-husband?) I still have to do "my" work. Childhood was so much easier. While I did hear an earful from Mom for falling sick ['coz of course it was my fault. Had I listened to her in the first place I wouldn't have fallen sick. Never mind the viral going around or whatever!] at least I didn't have to do household chores or earn a living. Blah! Growing up is STILL over rated

Anyhoo, in other news: NOTHING IS NEW! Except have been working on Crazy & Co. NON-STOP. Surprisingly, sickness is helping my creative juices. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I am having a hard time keeping up with myself. Not a bad place to be, I guess? Other than that mourning the end of some of my favorite tv shows and seasons! No more Dexter (and Breaking Bad), you guys!!! In hindsight it is good though, more time to work on my "crazy" ideas and less time to waste. 

... am I rambling? I feel I am rambling. Must be its the side effects of the (awesome) cough syrup ... I should go. Catch you later.     

T Shirt Macy's, Lucky Brand Striped Jeans, BCBG heels, Neutrals,

T Shirt Macy's, Lucky Brand Striped Jeans, BCBG heels, Neutrals,

T Shirt Macy's, Lucky Brand Striped Jeans, BCBG heels, Neutrals,

T Shirt Macy's, Lucky Brand Striped Jeans, BCBG heels, Neutrals,

T Shirt Macy's, Lucky Brand Striped Jeans, BCBG heels, Neutrals,

T Shirt - via Macy's [11'] On My Radar
Jeans - Lucky Brand [13'] Same
Shoes - BCBG [10'] Similar
Pendant - From Goa [11'] Similar
Ring - c/o Shop Jami [13'] Similar


Younglings at Emmys 2013

Ariel Winter from Modern Family
Ariel Winter, Emmys 2014,
Ariel Winter, Emmys 2014,
Ariel wore an age-appropriate, blush pink Lorena Sarbu gown that not only flattered her body type, it also gave her a fresh look without going over board. The make up was spot-on.  
Morgan Saylor from Homeland
Morgan Saylor, Emmys 2014,
Morgan Saylor in wearing a Honor gown, and while she looks absolutely delightful I cannot help but wonder if the dress is a tad-bit-too mature for her? May be a playful or a volumnious gown would have looked more apt. Not feeling the hair either. There is always next year though!
Sarah Hyland from Modern Family
Sarah Hyland, Emmys 2014,
Sarah is wearing a CH by Carolina Herrera gown and while I love the color and cut on her, I am not feeling the make up at all. I think she was going for a 'mature' look, which is fine, but as it happens the hair and make up has aged her instead. 
Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men
Kiernan Shipka, Emmys 2014,
Kiernan wore a floral Delpozo gown and looked absolutely gorgeous and left all the grown-ups behind in style-quotient on the Red Carpet. Age-appropriate, fresh and not-predictable. She delivered more than anyone else. She is my BEST DRESSED on Emmys Red Carpet 2013 
 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from Modern Family
Aubrey Anderson_Emmons, Emmys 2014,
She is tooooo young to be judged on the Red Carpet style right now but I didn't want to leave her out, so here she is: Her smile was just enough to make her shine! She is wearing a Tea Collection dress.  
 And if you are interested in knowing my thoughts on 
what others wore to the Emmys, you can click here
P.S. Surpisingly I L.O.V.E.D her dress. 

First Day of Autumn

Autumn, Poster, Wish List,

How cute is this poster? Makes me feel excited for autumn ('FALL' for all you Americans!). Definitely looking forward to bringing out my boots and red lipstick among other things. 

I would also like to THANK YOU all for the kind words and wishes on my last post. Usually I feel it is kinda-self-imporant to thank one's readers and behave all 'celebrity-like' for a small little corner on the web. But I hope you would believe me when I say that it ALWAYS warms my heart when people tell me that they enjoy reading (my absolutely insane) thoughts as much as they enjoy the pictures.

Talking of pictures, there is no outfit post today because I have been recovering from sore throat and fever this past weekend which reduced my sartorial choices to sleep wear or tracks/tees. Hopefully we should be back to our usual program soon. 

However, I did use the downtime on Crazy & Co. We have a brand-spanking-new-website. Feel free to check it out and give your feedback here. We will be soon adding a lot new products to the website, so don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. 

Lastly, it is Emmys Tonight, and chances are I would be actively tweeting and facebook-ing about them ... so be sure to join the conversation if you are interested. 

Hope you all had a good weekend. I will see you later in the week! 

Fitness Friday: Where we started!

Fitness, Journey,

This is my 1000th post. Yup! 

That's quite a number considering I never thought I would continue blogging for THIS long ... and since we started this journey with a fitness post (2009), I thought I would be kind-of symbolic to make the 1000th post about fitness too. 

You already know how I got here, and how I continue to stay here. So, today I will tell you what happens in between. 
  • I go through self doubt
  • I stress about my weight
  • I have body image issues
  • I struggle to make healthy food choices
  • And sometimes, I simply give up! 

Yup, even after all these years it hasn't gotten one-bit-easy. And after digging deep I have made peace with the fact that it NEVER will. Sometimes life comes in the way, sometimes work and other time I am just plain lazy or tried. I had to accept that unless I become a multi-millionaire who has a personal 'health' chef and a trainer on her payroll, I will continue to struggle with making the right choices. 

The pressure of making these choices often gets the best of me. It is not easy. I like chocolate ... I like pizza ... I like food, DAMMIT! And with the whole world going gluten-free and paleo I often feel I am not doing enough. I should be doing more. 

I manage to take out about 45 minutes everyday to workout. To do that I have to wake up at 5:00am. Make it to the gym by 5:30am and be back by 6:30am so that I can leave for work by 7:15am. Usually the workout goes something like this - 15 mins cardio, 15 mins strength, and 5-10 mins abs. And even then I am not content because I am not doing Pilates and yoga and swimming and all the other activities that I want to do. Also, because I never think I am doing enough. I should be doing more. 

I prepare most of my meals. Once in a while I do get salads for lunch from Whole Foods (Health Grocery Store). I eat minimum of three fruits and almonds, walnuts and cranberries daily. I have Greek yogurt as dessert on weekdays. I also try and consume all my meals before 7pm. I follow this successfully 9/10 times. And yet I think it is not good enough. I should be doing more. 

While I know this feeling of "needing to do more" will never go away because that is who I am, I have learnt to direct it in the right direction. It helps me to push myself and never give up. It helps me to stay motivated. "Not doing enough" doesn't have to translate into disappointment, it can also be translated into "not giving up". 

When I started working out (2005) my life was at a different stage. When I started this blog (2009) it was a different stage. And today (2013) it is at a different stage. With every stage the challenges change. And as long as I keep doing "my best" and continue to focus on getting better, I think I am doing enough. 


Orange Is The New Black?

If it wasn't for blogging I would not have ever known that I own this MANY shades of orange in my closet. It is not even my favorite or one of the favorite colors. So what gives? Who know, right?! 

Nonetheless it makes for a good lesson on How To Wear Orange. What say?  

As you will discover below, 'orange' happens to be quite a versatile color. It makes a great pairing with prints, and solids alike. Since it is such a bright hue, it is best to balance is out with something subtle and not-over powering. Pairing it with pastels is my favorite combination. It let's orange make a statement and be pleasing to the eyes at the same time. 

While many would suggest never to pair it with black, but as you can see here and here it can be done without looking "Halloween-y". However, my favorite color to pair with orange is pink (as seen here). If you have a orange cardigan or a top, you can play with contrast as well as prints, as seen below.    

I have paired orange with the following: 

Oasap,, Pencil Skirt, Orange,, TxSC13
Lulu's, Colored Denims,, Orange

Karen Millen, Cardigan, TxSC, Orange

ASOS, Cardigan,

Forever 21, Coach,,

Orange, Asos,, IFB, NYC,

Let me know what you think about my 'orange obsession'!


Creative Leap Of Faith

Whenever I look through posts from my initial (outfit) blogging days, I cringe! 

Back then all I had was a small digital camera. The pictures were blurry, unedited and often out of focus. I have often debated myself if I should simply deleted them ... although I know I never will! 

But this time when I saw them again, they didn't repluse me. At all. Instead I found them charming. Unadultrated even! I realized i had taken a huge (creative) leap of faith and put myself out there. I didn't measure, plan or anticipate a result. I simply dived in and swam my way through. And look where I have landed. 

The only two things in my life that I have stuck with for this long are - blogging and working-out. While with the later I have had to push myself several times and has been purely goal and determination driven, blogging on the other hand has been a sheer-joy-ride. There is no agenda, no expectation and no goal as such. I do it because I want to. And that is that! 

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Indigo Blue, Net skirt, Oasap, Crazy & Co. Necklace, Rockdog Pumps, Date Night,

Blouse - Custom made via Richa [11'] Similar
Skirt - Part of this dress [12'] Similar
Shoes - Rocketdog [11'] On My Radar: 1/2/3
Bangle - ASOS [10'] 
Ring - From India [13'] Kinda similar
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12'] Kinda similar
Watch - c/o Caravelle by Bulova [12']


Ultimate Fashion Guide to Festival Season via FlightHub

Image: Provided by FlightHub
With the set list for Osheaga, Way Home, Boots and Hearts, and a number of other Canadian (and American) music festivals announced, fashionistas and music lovers alike and counting their pennies to purchase tickets to these must-see summer events. But as everyone who’s done an outdoor, multi-day festival knows, finding a way to stay stylish and chic while trying to beat the heat is difficult to do!

With this in mind FlightHub reviews all the latest spring and summer trends that’ll have you set for your festival weekend.

When it comes to music festivals, breathability and comfort is key: you’re standing around, napping, or dancing from the early afternoon into the wee hours of the night. You’ll be sweaty, smell like sun tan lotion, and probably procure some mysterious stain by spilling something on yourself. With this in mind, FlightHub recommends two things: wear something you don’t mind getting completely dirty, and wear something colourful to hide the ketchup stains you’ll inevitably make.

It’s a great coincidence then that most major fashion trends slated for the summer involve heavy prints and are reminiscent of the 70’s era. Big floral prints will hide stains or dirt, while the loose fitting and breathable off-the-shoulder tops keep you cool throughout the day.

An added bonus to the 70’s look dominating most of the fashion scene right now is the additional coverage you’ll get from the sun. Though everyone loves a tan, keeping your skin protected for over prolonged periods of exposure means you’re saving yourself from potential sun damage. Long maxis, skirts and pants are all great ways to keep your legs safe from awkward sunburns (because who likes peeling skin off your calves?)

In terms of footwear you’ve got two options: pull out the old, reliable converse that you thought about chucking away (pun intended), and give them one last go before throwing them away, or opt for the sandals that are easy to clean, but will most definitely give you the dirtiest feet you can imagine. To compromise (and fulfill your 90’s childhood dream) FlightHub recommends opting for the coveted jellies you were (or weren’t) allowed to have as kids. Easy to maintain and covers your feet. You can’t go wrong with a solid pair of clear ones!

This post is sponsored by FlightHub.

Pet Peeves Part III

Disclaimer: If profanity offends you, do not read any further. But I know you are going to (; 

- Grumpy people at work
Like seriously. If you hate your job that much you might as well quit, right? There is nothing worse than being around people who are forever grunting and whining about their work which by the way they are PAID to do. What would you instead have? Salary for sharing rubbish on your Facebook or posting your baby's pictures?

- Inconsistent behavior
I can never understand these-kinda-people. One day they act like they cannot live without you and then the very next day they turn around and behave like they do not even recognize you. Agrh! Get out of my life already. Who needs such psychos? I mean seriously. What’s the deal with them? Pick a side and stick with it, will ya!

- Irrelevant/Unnecessary Remarks
Repeat after me: SILENCE IS GOLDEN. And if you cannot improve the silence then SHUT THE FUCK UP! Who needs to hear your unnecessary-irrelevant-sarcastic-holier-than-thou-bullshit. This could very well be my reason for sticking of reading books than having conversations with people. People have the ability to ruin a day, which of course a book would never do.  

I think I am finally accepting the idea of embracing fall! 
Fall Colors, DKNY Skirt, Nine West Shoes, via TJ Maxx,

Fall Colors, DKNY Skirt, Nine West Shoes, via TJ Maxx,

Fall Colors, DKNY Skirt, Nine West Shoes, via TJ Maxx,

Fall Colors, DKNY Skirt, Nine West Shoes, via TJ Maxx,

Fall Colors, DKNY Skirt, Nine West Shoes, via TJ Maxx,

Blouse - Custom-made via Richa [11'] Similar
Skirt - DKNY [13'] On my Radar
Shoes - Nine West via TJ Maxx [11'] Similar
Necklace - Gift from Diksha [12'] Similar
Bracelet - Gift from Soomya [11'] Similar
Ring - Givenchy [12'] Similar


Aging Gracefully

... continuing with the topic of compliments: This past weekend a friend said, "You are aging gracefully." While I know that she meant it as a compliment (and I took it as a compliment) I don't think I am ready to associate myself with that phrase yet! You see, I usually use that phase for people who are way in their late 40s and up. Those are the people who are 'aging gracefully' not me! 

According to me, LIFE can either be like climbing a plateau or a hill. At one point or the other (hopefully) you will reach the peak and there onwards you either continue walking straight on the plateau for a long time (aka aging gracefully) or if you are not that lucky then you are on your way down the hill (aka aging disgracefully?). 

I do not have a problem with aging AT ALL. Neither do I believe in agesim! But when I haven't even yet figured out what I wanna be when I grown up, how could I have peaked already? Y'know what I mean?

P.S. I do know that I over-think random incidents from my life. But if I didn't do that, then I wouldn't have a blog either. #JustSayin (;

Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, Metallic heels, Nordstrom, Date.

Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, Metallic heels, Nordstrom, Date.

Clutch, Crazy & Co.,, Ring, India, Jewelry

Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, Metallic heels, Nordstrom, Date.

Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, Metallic heels, Nordstrom, Date., Clutch

Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, Metallic heels, Nordstrom, Date.

Jumpsuit - Urban Outfitters [09'] Similar
Shoes - Free Spirit via Nordstrom [13'] Similar


Art of Giving Compliments

I believe giving compliments is an art. One which I am terrible at. Half the time I don't know what to say and when I do manage to put some words together they sound so mainstream ... like, "You look great. OR You look lovely!" How Meh! ... most unimaginative phrases in the art-of-compliment-giving. 

You know who is excellent at giving compliments? This lady. When she gives you a compliment she isn't just praising you, she is practically making you look at yourself in a new-bright-light. She creates magic with her words. You feel so much better about yourself. You cannot help but float between the clouds. Any time I try to give her a compliment and feel, "Yeah, Tanvi. You did a decent job at it today!" she comes back with an even more articulate and heartwarming response. I practically have given up on matching even coming close, in comparison to her, in this art. I just graciously accept her kind words and assume that she would know how much I admire her even if I cannot say it in as many words.

Getting back to me getting compliments: I have recently been called Brave - Bold - Fearless, by several people, which made me feel A) Awesome and B) that I actually appreciate those adjectives more than Pretty - Lovely - Beautiful and the likes. While the later category does make feel nice but a part of me is always unconvinced. I do not associate those adjectives with myself. As mentioned before, "Beauty, is but supported by opinion." I think I am decent looking, I have an O.K. (ever-changing) dressing sense and I can manage to carry myself well. But I can never really take those phases/words seriously. Of course they sound lovely when I get them, but they don't make my insides go, "Yeah! Baby!" - Y'know what I mean?

On the other hand, Brave - Bold - Fearless - now we are talking. I can totally associate myself with these words. I do not feel the need to convince myself or justify these compliment (to my brain). I can whole heartedly accept them. Scratch that - I can own them. They are in fact my favorite-kinda-compliments. 

We are starting to get kinda lazy with out photo shoot location. 
We have found this nook where the light, distance, etc. works. Its just so much easier. *hmmm* 
Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,, Crazy & Co.

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Top - Ted Baker [10']
Maxi - via TJ Maxx [13'] Other Options
Ring & Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Footwear - Pretty Fit [07'] On My Radar


How To Fight Frizzy Hair Naturally

All right, so if I told you guys that this trick worked on me, you would probably be like, "Whatever Tanvi! You have straight hair!" Fair enough. I do. But hear-me-out: I do have annoying flyaways and sometimes when its not my day my hair surprisingly get a tad-bit-frizzy. So I tried this trick, reluctantly, might I add, and it seemed to work. My hair were exceptionally soft and smooth once they were completely dry. I think the jersey materials works better for the hair. Try it and let me know how it turns out for you? 

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