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Little White Dress

Y’know how when you are young(er) you enjoy being all mysterious, enigmatic, unpredictable and what not! How you love being called a firecracker or a wild card? No? That was just me? Well, great! Read on, anyways? 

– Lately I have been enjoying the predictability of my personality. Like when my husband knows that I shouldn’t listen to a song because it will make me sad for no reason. OR when my brother catches that exact phrase I wanted him to focus on, in the article I had sent him to read. OR when I have self-doubt and a friend knows exactly what I mean and responds. OR how while having a conversation, an absolute stranger (blog reader) responds that she knew *that, because she gets that from my personality. [*a characteristic about myself]

Isn’t all this nice? I like it. I feel the world FINALLY gets me. I am not all that of a freak after all. I am comprehendible. The world and I am talking the same language now. It took a while, but we are on the same page eventually … y’know? No? Nevermind then! 

Dress - River Island [12'] Similar
Shoes - ALDO [11'] Similar
Earrings - Gift from Mom [10'] Similar
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12'] More Options

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC


Natural Make Up

A lot of you have asked my beauty routine, but I am sorry to disappoint you as it ONLY involves - Sunscreen, Kohl and Lipgloss/lipstick - and Voila! However, I do envy everyone who can apply make up to perfection, every day. I am a bare-skin-kinda girl. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I do not enjoy make-up, I just don't have a patience and/or skills for it. 

But I have to add, even if I did have the time, I do not think I would be doing it very often. I like being able to touch and feel my real skin. After a few hours with make up, I always have an uncontrollable urge to go wash and strip-clean my face. On the bright side, I would never be featured in one of those 'before & after make up pictures'. You guys have pretty much seen both here on the blog itself. For the record, below pictures are WITH make up, done by my very talented sister-in-law! (: 

Make up via Richa

Top - c/o Oasap [12'] Similar
Skirt - French Connection [05'] Similar
Footwear - ALDO [12'] Similar
Inspiration: Marlien Rentmeester via


Exceptionally Nostalgic

Today, I seem to be exceptionally nostalgic about the 'initial' blogging days. ... from carefree posts to carefree outfits; everything! Knowledge sometimes ruins us. The more we know, the less risks we take. At least its true in my case. So many times, I want to reply to a comment, a tweet, or a remark, but I don't - because honestly who has the time to deal with the drama? The thing with being shielded behind a computer screen is that stupidity ends up sounding intelligent and logic ends up sounding arrogant. You really can't win between these odds. Hence, I choose to be quiet. Let's see for how long! 

Tunic - Custom made and gifted by Richa [13'] Another one on my radar!
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08'] Similar
Shoes - From Amritsar [11'] Similar
Ring - Gift from Mom [13'] Kinda Similar


My Favorite Dress

Just last month I had mentioned that I hadn't been to the cinemas in 2013 and since then I have been to the movies every weekend. 
  1. Iron Man 3 - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am pleased that Gwyneth had a decent screen time as opposed to the previous two Iron Man movies. Full of witty humor and action. A must watch.  
  2. Go Goa Gone - Its a Hindi movie, which didn't amuse me. First half was still funny in portions, but the second half seemed more like a spoof on the zombie movies. After being an ardent follower of Walking Dead, this didn't even come close. Can easily pass!
  3. Star Trek Into Darkness - Another good movie with innumerable twists and turns but kept me interested till the end. Although I do wish it was a tad-bit shorter but I wouldn't hold that against it. A must watch. 
Moving on to the outfit post: This is truly one of my favorite dresses. I cannot get enough of it. I contemplated letting it go in the closet cleanse but couldn't. I even tried finding something similar for a post-ban purchase but the only one I found was this, but I am not sure the price justifies the purchase. Anyhoo, here's how I have styled it several times on my blog before.

Dress - ASOS [10'] Similar
Top - Joie [13'] Similar
Footwear - pretty fit [07'] Close enough
Belt - GAP [12'] Similar
Bangle - Gift from Mom [13'] Similar
Necklace - Gift from Diksha [12'] Similar

On my nails - some random shade I picked at the salon
On my lips - Mocha via MAC 

I've got a list!

12 more days and my shopping ban will be over! And just like last year I have a constructive list of pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. I have been cleaning out my closet like a maniac in the last couple of months. And more will be going in the next few weeks. It was (is) all the stuff, I have out grown, gotten over, or just don't like any more. 

My current aim is to build a quality closet with versatile pieces. And since we are already approaching summer, some of the things on my radar are: 
  1. comfortable cotton leggings (I try and avoid jeans as much as I can in summers)
  2. flowing-light maxi dresses (I am really coveting this one! ... and this)
  3. shift dresses (Love the color of this one!)
  4. cotton camis and tee shirts
  5. couple of printed skinnies (These seem ideal for summers)
  6. flat footwear for weekend (something in tan would be perfect!)
  7. long skirts (This striped one is quite tempting)
  8. sexy jumpsuit (Last one I bought one was in 2010!)
  9. shorts (summer staple, in bright colors preferably!)
  10. printed blouses (... and/or tunics!)
Have you too, got a list? 

Dress - ASOS [12']
Shoes - Aldo [11']
Jewelry - Here & There 

On my nails - snap happy c/o essie
On my lips -  Raspberry Bite (745) via REVLON


Five Life Lessons

 This outfit is inspired by one of the dresses styled in the Target collection by Kate Young

Dress - Vero Moda [12']
Top - Urban Outfitters [10']
Shoes - Report [13']
Belt - J.Crew [Thrifted, 10']
Bag - Hand-me-down from Richa [13']

On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - On my lips - stunner (840) via blastflipstick from COVERGIRL

About a month ago when I couldn't decide what to blog about, a few of my readers made some suggestions. Majority of them were Fashion & Beauty related but this one specific one was about life ... And we all know. I love life. And this also felt the easiest one to blog about. (You guys, have no idea how much work beauty-related posts take!)

Here goes: The five life lessons I have learnt

1) You cannot please everyone. Someone or the other will always get offended. Might as well do what makes you happy. P.S. In Ricky Gervais's words, "Just because someone gets offended, doesn't make them right!" 
2) Actions DO speak louder than words. If there is something you wish to do, then do it first and talk about it later. Its always more fun listening to real-stories than the imaginary ones.
3) Life is short. Do not make it shorter by being foolish. I am all for adventure and dare devil sports but I do not believe in taking risks from which I might not recover. Ever!
4) Financial Independence is important. Until you are dependent upon someone else for your 'survival', you will never truly be your own person.
5) Happiness is a choice. And it comes from within. You are either a happy person or a whiny person. No external factor can change that. 

These are lessons that I have probably learnt in last 5 years. What happened before that one might wonder? Who knows! I didn't have a blog back then to archive it all in (; P.S. If you have an idea for a post, feel free to leave it here. I am always looking for new concepts.

fibi & clo

This is a dated outfit ... from last weekend. Vermont got us quite behind in our posting. Bear with me, while I try and catch up! Oh, and I think we can give 'winters' a farewell, as I am certain that 'summers' are going to stick around for several months, here in Texas! *fingers.crossed*

P.S. The sandals I am wearing in this post are my current obsession. fibi & clo had sent me two pairs, last year in September, but since fall came soon after, I wasn't able to break in to them up until now. And dare I say, I am in love. In fact, obsessed. P.P.S. I had gifted a pair of 'Sea Star' (from their collection) to my mom two years ago and she loved them as well.

Maxi - Banana Republic [09']
Top - Urban Outfitters [09']
Footwear - c/o fibi & clo [12']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [09']

On my nails - snap happy c/o essie
On my lips - born lippy strawberry lip balm via BODYSHOP


Burlington, VT

It got a little heavy yesterday, didn't it? Well, we will leave it for now. Let's be done with with Vermont already! 

While the first day was kind to us, with pleasant breeze and sun, the second day was dreadful. Windy, cold and annoying. Nonetheless, you gotta go what you gotta do. We spend the day strolling around Burlington. It is a lovely city with buzzing downtown with great eating/drinking options. Had the weather been kinder, I would have enjoyed a lot more though. All in all a great weekend getaway. Time to start planning my next holiday! ;)

For all those who are always asking me to smile in my pictures - Happy? :P

Shirt - Custom Made via Richa [13']
Sweater - GAP [11']
Jeans - Gap [11']
Jacket - Massimo Dutti [05']
Boots - Børn [10']


Body Image Issues

via US Cosmopolitan

I saw the below video on Monday, which has been doing rounds on the web for past few weeks. It resonated with me, specially since just last week I was having this EXACT same conversation with one of my colleagues. We were discussing how I had seen someone's photo, where all she saw were faults in herself, while I thought it was a great candid shot of her and I hadn't notice even one fault until she had mentioned them. And even then I didn't agree.

That incident made me introspect. I have long time self-diagnosed myself with a 'body-image-disorder'. I know I am fit. I know I am not obese. But I cannot help myself. When I see in the mirror I only see 'fat'. I see the 'imperfections'. I see how I am not as toned as I would want to be. How I am disappointed in myself that even after religiously and consistently exercising for last 7 years I have not managed to gain that 'fit-toned' body. How my hair are not voluminous, lips are not full and and skin is not clear. I absolutely detest my knees and thighs. How I wish I had long-lean limbs.

.... Don't get me wrong. I do not need re-assurance about what is 'right' with me. I am aware of all my blessings and all the positive traits as well. And I AM thankful for them. But the amount of energy and time I spend thinking about my imperfections is not even sane. At least 20 days in the month, I refer to myself as FAT simply because I ate a donut or one extra slice of Pizza. I am so harsh on myself, that I have started wondering if I am in fact punishing myself? And if yes, then why? And worse is that I AM aware of all this and yet I continue to think the way I do. One would assume I was smarter (better?) than this! Right?

I do not know what I hope to achieve from this post, but may be after putting it out there, for the whole world to read, it will force me to stop judging myself.


Woodstock, VT

(cont. from here)

This was our last stop for the day. While browsing through local stores in Stowe, a store owner told us to go check out this quint little town called Woodstock, as it had a very British vibe and architecture. Which it did, but in hindsight it was not really worth driving all the way to (just fyi!). Nonetheless, we got some good shots on our way there. 

I love this shot, simply because you can see my two-tone (ombre?) hair color! 

Outfit details: Same as here

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