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Spring in Winters

The other day we were stepping out to run a few errands, just when: 

Husband asks: 
Are we taking outfit shots today?

Me: (I turn around and take a quick look over in the mirror
Nah! I wasn't planning to. Why?

I think you are looking cute. That's why!

I am? 

Yes! Cute dress, hair away from your face and I also like the lip color.

Me: *hmmmm* (He is offering to take my pictures willingly. Who am I to say no!)
Why, thank you! If YOU think so, then why not.

So ladies and gentlemen if you don't like this outfit, I am not to blame ;)

Dress - via Macy's [08']
Cardigan - GAP [12']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Bag - Hand-me-down from Richa [13']
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - Fuchsia Fusion via REVLON 


My 10 Years of Hair Transformation

This post has been in my drafts for over a year and then last night I decided - That's it - I am going to do this (i.e. embrace my last 10 years of changes ... not just 'hair'-wise but that's for another time). Until my early 20's I didn't experiment with my hair much. Well, except that one year when I decided to get a perm. Yes! Ladies & Gentlemen. THAT happened! But mostly, as far as I can remember I had always had shoulder length hair (more or less) until the year 2000. 

In 2001 and 2002 I saw two movies, more specifically two songs (this & this, respectively) which made me wanna make my hair grow long ... like REALLY LONG. And it took me about a year to grow them out (I know, I am lucky that way!) and by mid-2003 my hair was reaching till my waist. Mission Accomplished! Proof above.

By the end of 2003 I had moved to London, and was struggling to maintain my insanely long hair. I wash my hair everyday. I have been doing it since childhood, and I cannot survive without it. No-Matter-What! So going to work, and washing and drying my hair everyday was getting a bit hard. So one day at work (I know, I was surfing at work. SHOCKING!) I started searching for a good hairdresser, whom I could trust with my hair. I found an upscale salon, walking distance from my work, in South Kensington and made an appointment. The plan was to just get a trim or may be chop of a few inches and get a hair cut which was manageable for everyday wash and dry. I don't know how, but the hairdresser (a super cute guy btw, whose name I cannot remember to save my life right now) convinced me to chop-off like 15 inches of my hair. He started with about 6 inches, and then kept asking me if I wanted to go shorter and I don't know why but I kept agreeing with him ... And that's how I got hooked ... To what? ... To growing out my hair and then chopping them off real short. It has officially become one of the weird-personal-agendas that I have. 

So far, I have grown and chopped off my tresses thrice in last 10 years. At some point in my life I even wish to give the 'pixie cut' a try and may be even completely shave my head. But for that first I would have to really lean out. Body fat and short hair, are two things that just don't go together. Anyhoo, I do not have an extensive hair maintenance routine. I try and follow this simple regime: 

  1. Apply oil once a week 
  2. Deep Condition once a month
  3. Use hair serum to detangle, before combing
  4. Do not use hair dryer/straightener frequently
  5. Get a hair cut/trim every 8-10 weeks

How about you? Do you experiment with you hair?


Recipe: Mattar Paneer


2 cups of Peas
1.5 cups of cubed paneer [dry roasted]
1 onion chopped
1 tomato chopped
2 green chillies or serrano peppers chopped
3 tablespoons of oil
3 tablespoons of tomato+garlic paste

1 teaspoon of red chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of garam masala
1 teaspoon of dry cumin
Pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste

1. Boil the green peas and let them soak dry
2. Heat the oil and once its is hot add cumin first and then asafoetida. Eventually add the tomato+garlic paste and onion. Let is fry till the onions are slightly brown. 
3. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and garam masala and sauté for about 2 minutes.  
4. Now add the paneer cubes and stir fry till it looks well mixed with the tomato mixture. 
5. Lastly, add the peas and stir fry for few more minutes and add salt to taste. 


Colored Stripes

Thank you so much for such a wonderful response to the blog makeover. I have been staring at my blog-tab on my browser all week. Its all just so pretty. No? If you don't know what I am talking about then the chances are that you follow the RSS feed or subscribe by email. Time to hop on to the blog people. You wouldn't be disappointed. 

Remember, how I was losing interest in all-things-blogging just few week back? That's when I realized, I needed a change and something fresh to motivate me to blog again. The new look has driven a lot of positive energy into my blogging already. And all the credit goes to Sarah via LIVING GOLDIE for her fabulous-creative-work. You have already met her on this blog last year. She was so patient through the whole process. I wanted to depart from my previous blog template and wanted to infuse a little color and life into the blog. She sent me several drafts and themes and after going to-and-fro I actually ended up liking the very-first-draft that she had sent. Can you imagine how annoying it must have been for her? Yet, she was so wonderfully calm and accommodating to all my needs. Her creativity speaks for itself, but what I like the post that its clean and yet attracts attention. 

If you are looking for a new blog design, or even if you require just small tweaks to make your blog look new or a little more professional, you must get in touch with Sarah. Her rates are extremely competitive and the her work is that of a thorough professional. 

Moving on to the outfit, this is what I wore yesterday to a dinner party at Linda's. You've met her as well on this blog in 2011. Well, till yesterday I was a fan of her style, and now I am in love with her home. It is like one of those perfect-pinterest-homes which you wish you were living in. 

Shirt - via Richa [13'] Place your order here 
Jeans - via Target [13'] 
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [13']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12'] Similar

On my eyes - master drama by EYESTUDIO via Maybelline
On my lips - eternal (350) via COVERGIRL
On my nails - leading lady c/o essie


Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways to Wear a White Blazer

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

I am in LOVE with this white blazer. This was probably the single most versatile purchase of 2012. I have worn is about 10 times already and done 6 outfits posts, five of which are featured here: (1) Wanted to make the look brighter and the blazer did just that for this look, (2) Wanted to under play the animal print. Black blazer would have make the look very 'dark' so tried white blazer instead and it worked (for me!), (3) oh! This was an interpretation of the look I had seen in InStyle magazine long ago, but I didn't own a white blazer back then. But now I did, and Voila!, (4) I have had this jumpsuit since 08' and I was running out of different ways of wearing it, and then the white blazer came to the rescue, (5) White on White! Blazer was the soul of this look, also interpreted from the InStyle magazine. 

Now time for the second link up. I am assuming a lot of you are starting the ban from 1st Feb (or around that time). This is just for the ones who are already ahead of us. If you have not posted anything on your blog, you are most welcome to share your thoughts in comments, should you wish to. But if have then you link your posts regarding the ban (only!) below: 


Featuring: Richa J. Rastogi

I bet you guys didn't know I have an in-house designer [;)]. Well, I do. My sister-in-law: Richa. She has been running a successful men's shirt label called CutX2 [Cut into 2] for last 6 years. She is now getting into women's clothing. And I am the lucky one who gets to get her hands on everything first (well, why not? Right?). You have already seen me style two of the shirts above, Bird CageOrange Panel this week. My absolute-favorite is - 'Colored Stripes' with the leather collar and cuff detail, which adds a chic-rock-and-roll touch to it. 

Don't be surprised if all you see me wear are these shirts for next couple of weeks. I am a sucker for shirts/blouses and find them extremely comfortable and versatile. If you are in search for custom-fit designer shirts with personalized detailing, look so further - Richa is your go-to-woman!  

You can have a closer look at the details of the shirts here. If you would like to place an order or make an appointment to meet Richa in-person at her studio you can fill out this contact form

If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at info@tanvii.com.


Orange Panel

Before moving to the U.S. I do not think I ever shopped online. In fact besides surfing the web and making travel arrangements, I didn't really use the internet much at all. 

I distinctly remember that in the first year of marriage we used to visit Blockbuster (DVD rental storeevery second day and browse through the aisles, spending hours to find the best possible movies in-store. Back then we used to get through 3-4 movies per day (I KNOW, PER DAY!!!), i.e. making it harder to find good movies to watch every other day! I think we saw over 1000 movies that year, and not to mention the TV shows. Then one day, that Blockbuster store decided to shut down and I was forced to take my business else where, i.e. to an online store. That was the beginning of my numerous expenses via the infamous Internet. 

And today I find myself 'googling' online furniture deals to even detergent deals [I exaggerate!]. The process goes something like this: browser shopping (as opposed to window shopping) -> looking for discount coupons and/or sales -> saving it in the cart -> thinking about it for several hours -> hitting the BUY button! The luxury of shopping from my own living room, has made me extremely lazy. I can actually count on my fingers the number of times, I made a trip to the mall last year. And I didn't even get through all my fingers. Imagine! I think the ban should save me a lot of time. Surfing the internet is so addictive, specially since its never-ending! 

Shirt - via Richa [13'] Place your order here
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Shoes - ALDO [10']
Earrings & Ring - INPINK [12']
Shades - Ray Ban [10']

On my lips - Raspberry Bite via Revlon
On my eyes - 95 Sparkling Satins, Quadra Eye Shadow via Chanel, Smoky Crayon via Revlon and Hashmi Kajal



I was recently introduced to the eco-friendly brand: ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN. They are a U.S. based company who believe in reducing their 'carbon foot print in sand'. While I am impressed to hear about their effort in making their brand planet-friendly, I also like that they haven't comprised on style or quality. They have some super cute pieces, including the one that they have sent me Bow Halter Swim Dress. I specially liked this suit as I am not very brave with my swim wear and this one it right up my alley without compromising on style. Now I cannot wait for summers and take this baby out to the beach. 

Check them out at www.ecoswim.com

Disclaimer: The swim suit was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of this post but the opinions mentioned, are of my own.


Bird Cage

My brother has to be my worst critic of all time. And the best part is unlike most  some people in my life, he is never scared to voice his thoughts (about me). He can get away with saying things like, "You look fat" or "That dress makes you look like a *beep!*". 

So, while Facetime-ing today morning, he very casually stated, "I haven't really liked your recent outfit posts, by the way!" and then my dear husband chimed in, "Me neither!" and to give me more specific example, he (brother) then added, "The last post with that green jacket was horrible!" and to which, dear husband added, "I didn't like it either!" ... Both the gentlemen went on to discuss this topic for about a minute (probably less) and I listened to their thoughts as an amused audience. To my surprise it didn't bother me at all. I mean, had they liked it, it would have been great, but even if they didn't - So What? ... Right? I still love them regardless! (; 

P.S. Thankfully Richa (my sister-in-law) didn't agree with them. So I had someone my side at least.  

Shirt - via Richa [13'] Place your order here
Jeans - Zara [11']
Jacket - Fossil [08']
Earrings - ASOS [10']
Ring - Coming Soon on Crazy & Co. [13']
Clutch - Gift from my brother [11']
Shoes - BCBG [10']

On my lips - Spellbound via Covergirl
On my eyes - Inspired (540) ColorStay Eyeshadow via Revlon, Smoky Crayon via Revlon and Inimitable Mascara via Chanel


Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways to Wear Oxblood Peep toes

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

This is probably a good follow up post, after the 'How to wear shoes for different outfits?" post. Like you can see above, I have paired a Oxblood Peep toes and all possible combinations - (1) with black and white to add a pop of color, (2) with black and denims and matched with the flower pin, (3) with a neutral color dress, (4) with orange and green combination, (5) with a similar color denims to under play the animal print. Work the #shoppingban y'all!

Now time for the first link up. If you have already started the ban and would like to share your thoughts you can do so in the comments below. And if you are blogger you can also link your posts regarding the ban (only!) below:

P.S. Comments are open for this post.


Swapped DVF Jacket

Swapping is a great concept. I was introduced to it at TxSC in 2010. You take your clothes in mint condition (or barely used) to the swap and exchange it for something else, free of cost. Of course before taking the pieces to the swap, you need to make sure they are clean and not worn out. The idea is to re-vamp your wardrobe without any extra cost. Now if there are no 'official' swapping event in your neighborhood you can also do it with your friends and family. This particular jacket is by DvF and I swapped it with Sarah last year. I don't know her reasons for giving it up, but I sure love it. And might I add, you can totally do this on your #shoppingban! The second awesome swap from the same day was this polka dot dress. v

Talking of the ban, I have finally figured out how we are going to play this out. Saturday will be the assigned day to talk-discuss about the ban. There will be a link-up every week for the bloggers participating, where you can submit the post where you have mentioned about the ban in that particular week. If you are not a blogger but wish to share your experience/thoughts/concerns you will be able to do that in the comments section. Comments will be open for that post every Saturday. I will be emailing everyone who has signed up for the ban on Saturday as a reminder. Do not worry, I won't be spamming you guys. That is the only email you will receive from me. Promise! If you don't know what I am talking about, you should read this and join us. May be? :)

Jacket - DVF: Swapped at TxSC [12']
Top - Urban Outfitters [09']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Shoes - Adelante [09']
Clutch - via Crazy & Co. [12']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Necklace - ASOS [11']

On my lips - Fuchsia Fusion via Revlon 
On my eyes - Bad Gal Eyeliner via Benefit


How to pick shoes for different outfits?

This post has been in my drafts for way too long. Long time ago, one of the reader's had asked me to do a post on 'how do you decide what shoes to wear with which outfit" and I thought to myself, I have never really thought about it but it would be a great post to do, but didn't get around writing it, until today.

As long as my shoe choices go, most time my motto is "Go Big, or Go home!" Don't be afraid to experiment. Like I always says, if you get it wrong, big woop! You will get it right the next time, at least you've tried something new. Try bold colors, as they attract attention without being in-your-face.

N.B. You can click on the picture to see the respective outfit posts. 
Contrast - 
A single color dress is like a blank canvas. You can pair it with any contrasting color. Picking the right color comes with practice but its not hard to catch on. I matched my lipstick to the shoes to pull the look together. 

The safest choice: pick a similar hued shoe. You can hardly ever go wrong. Notice how this dress has about 4 colors and I played with two of them. Matched my sunglasses and bag to the blue, but matched the shoes to another color. Blue shoes would have been a bit much since the bag itself grabs a lot of attention.

Sometimes a shocking color is probably not appropriate for the day look. Pick tan for those times, match it with same color accessories (belt in this case) to pull the look together.

They are the new black (in my book). One can wear them with any color, any occasion. They do not really match anything else in my outfit, yet blend it well. Nude pumps would have looked fine too, but the metallics add a little edge. 

Go Bright
Pick a shocking contrast to liven the look. Indigo blue is my color of preference for such outfits, most times. Notice how I matched the shoes with my eye shadow, bag and bracelet, to pull the look together. 

Winter Brights & Shop Jami Giveaway

Taking a break from talking about the ban for now. Also, not gonna discuss the weather. Neither am gonna ramble on about what I did over the weekend. Then what's left to say, right? *sigh!* 

Well, we are live-discussing-talking-tweeting about the Golden Globes over at Facebook & Twitter R.I.G.H.T.N.O.W., so if you are interested (and/or free) you can join me and we can talk there. Aight? ;)

P.S. Don't forget to scroll down and enter the Giveaway before you leave this space. 

P.P.S. Find out the winner of the Liverpool Jeans Giveaway here.

Dress - River Island [12']
Leggings - UO [11']
Boots - DP Italia [10']
Cardigan - GAP [12']
Necklace - c/o Shop Jami [12']
Ring - Crazy & Co. & INPINK [12']

On my eyes - Bag Gal Eyeliner via Benefit
On my lips - Pink Vinyl via L'Oreal
On my nails - Royal Engagement via Orchid 

I have been in love with Shop Jami jewels ever since I was introduced to this brand back in September (via Lucky FABB). Firstly I love the designs, as they are simple and minimalistic. Also the the quality is superb. They can be styled for a formal or a casual occasion with equal ease. You can see how I had style the Peach Etta Necklace twice, here and here and the Grey Estelle Necklace recently. Today, to continue celebrating the 4th Blogiversary/Birthday of Tanvii.com, the nice people over at Jami are giving away the Elvie Bangle, Ring and Earrings (total value $230) to one winner and the Ella Tusk Necklace and Estelle Bracelet (total value $192to the second winner.  

Entry requirements couldn't be easier:

  1. Follow Jami and Tanvii on Twitter 
  2. Complete the following sentence with your favorite piece of jewelry from this giveaway. Don't forget to tweet the whole sentence: "I want to win... http://bit.ly/Svn6OP #jamiwithtanvii via @Tanvii @Shopjami"

Be sure to include the hashtag #jamiwithtanvii - If you don’t use the hashtag, I won’t see your entry. If you don’t follow me, I can’t let you know you’ve won. And if you don't follow Jami then you won't win at all [:P]. So please be sure to complete ALL of the requirements! 

You can tweet once a day to increase your chances to win. Giveaway ends on 20th January at mid-day!


Shopping Ban: Why? What? How?

Firstly, W.O.W. I didn't think there were so many people out there who were on the same page as me. I have to say I have never been this excited about shopping, as I am about NOT SHOPPING right now. 

Just to clarify for the cynics out there, I do not condemn shopping, it builds and nourishes the economy after all. I just wish to keep things in perspective (for myself). I often joke with my husband that I have enough clothes and shoes to sustain a small country. While, it is a bit of an exaggeration but I do have enough of everything that I do not 'need' to buy a new piece of clothing/shoes/whatever. 

I, however, do condemn the stigma attached to repeating clothes, needing something new to wear to every party, having things in the closet with their price tag on and yet complaining about having nothing to wear and just mindless shopping for self gratification or shopping for the sake of having-everything-everyone-else has.

Imposing a ban gives a break to the mind and forces you make most of your existing closet. While sometimes the temptations try and take over your sanity but staying strong gives your a greater sense of achievement later. Not to mention the money and time you save you can spend on date nights, movies and family. If you wish you join us in the 'shopping ban', you can do so here.

Things that are banned
- Clothes (all kinds!)
- Shoes
- Accessories/Jewelry
- Bags/Purses/Clutches
- Cosmetics 
- Electronics/Gadgets

Things that are allowed:
- Food
- Water
- Home Supplies
- Medicines 
- Toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.)

P.S. If you have a question, please feel free to ask in the comments below. Comments are open for this post.
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