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How To Pick Hair Styles With Different Outfits

One might accuse me of a lot of things, but being non-experimental is definitely not one of them. I see each day as an opportunity to reinvent myself and be someone new (should I wish to!)Over the years I have learnt that experimenting with personal style means not being afraid of being a fashion disaster in public. My logic is that worse-to-worse, I will get it wrong. Big deal, it is much better than being boring and stuck in a rut-of-style. 

Same rules apply to hairstyles. I believe hairstyles and outfits go hand-in-hand. A look cannot be complete without either. Depending upon the outfit (venue, weather, face shape and make up would be the other criterias) one should pick the hairstyle. 

First pick your outfit, depending upon the occasion, weather, and dress code. Once you have that laid out, decide your hairstyle. 
  • If your outfit is voluminous e.g. has ruffles, then pick a sleek hair-do like a chignon or a side braid. 
  • If you will be wearing high neck or a collar jacket, go for a classic ponytail or a high-bun. 
  • If you are going for a casual-every-day look you can go for soft waves, or straight hair. 
  • If the neckline is low or the dress is bare-shoulders, then you can let your hair loose with soft curls, half-and-half or a low bun. 

The hairstyle needs to complement the over all look. It is easy to get stuck in one hairstyle because we believe it is safe and works for us. But it also makes you look the same on all occassions. The first thing anyone notices before the outfit is your face, and hairstyle is definitely part of that first impression. 

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Casual Work Attire

You know what I like? (how would you, if I don’t tell!) … I like when I find stylish, chic women on-the-go, completely unaware of how they are looking. Being surrounded by blogs and bloggers for several years now, I have become used to analyzing fashion and style. Up until 2009 I never really thought about why I was wearing, what I was wearing. I liked it, and thats why I wore it. That is SO not the case any more (and I am not really glad about that. One more reason to step away from the blogs!).

But I've realized that the most charming thing about stylish people is that they are completely unaware of their charm. It could be their way of stacking rings, layering necklaces, tucking their t-shirt in their jeans or a messy hair-do. Basically their unique spin on their look. That’s what the most Pinterest boards are filled with, isn't it? – The nonchalant style – which is unattainable ... Simply because being stylish was never the aim in the first place. * sigh! * the luxury of ignorance!

Oh well, as for my outfit, it is my spin on casual work attire! 

Shirt - Banana Republic [10']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Blazer - ASOS [13']
Shoes - Miss Little Fire [06']
Pendant - c/o Shop Jami [12']

On my lips - embrace (335) COVERGIRL LipPerfection™
On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal


Burnt Orange

I swear I always tell myself I won't talk about the weather on the blog again, but then its the highlight of my day and I cannot NOT share the highlights with y'all! So this outfit and today's outfit was from the weekend and you can check on my Instagram feed what I have been wearing for last 2 days. Its insane. How does temperature go from 95 F on one day to 28 F the next? 

Anyhoo, this is one of the many Sunday outfits documented on the blog. Just FYI the bag matching the shirt was not intentional at all. I am a big-bag-girl. I use small bags/clutches/clings only when I know I am going for just one specific activity. If I am going to be out all day then I need a big-ass-bag. As you know, from here that I carry my world in it. 

Shirt - Forever 21 [11']
Jeans - Miss 60 [09']
Footwear - ALDO [12']
Necklace - INPINK [12']
Earrings - Gift from Sakshi [11']
Bag - Hand me down from Richa [13']

On my eyes - master drama via Maybelline, INIMITABLE Mascara (10) via CHANEL & Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - On my lips - vixen seductrice (820) via blastflipstick from COVERGIRL


Are you 'over' it?

I had asked this question on Facebook, a few days back, and I am glad to hear that most people are not 'over' fashion blogs just yet. [Else I wouldn't know what to do with all my outfit ideas ;)]. Everyone who shared their views, gave me food for thought. Thank you for that! 

Although personally, I am over 'most' fashion blogs. It is for the first time since I started blogging myself, that days go by and I forget to check my bloglovin' feed for new posts. And even when I do, I only check a handful of them, mainly due to two reasons: A) Because my leisure time is getting limited by every passing second, B) They kinda seem boring and monotonous to me. I haven't figured out what it is that I am looking for from other bloggers. All I know is that it is not nourishing my imagination and creativity as it used to. I sure do hope that that changes soon. Its no fun this way. 

As for the outfit, I actually wore this to work, with a black cardigan and not-that-high heels and then later transformed the outfit for evening wear. Minus the cardigan and plus the metallic heels. Voila! Magic, no? (:

Top - c/o Oasap [13']
Pants - GAP [10']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Bangle - From a local store in San Antonio [09']
Rings - INPINK & Givenchy [12']

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline
On my lips - Cherry on Top (50) Color Whisper via Mayebilline


Repeat Offender

In India  a lot of people use the analogy, "ek haath se taali nahin baj ti" (translation: You can't clap with one hand) to explain how if there is an issue then both (or all) the parties are equally to blame. However, I was thinking the other day that how it is a totally bullshit flawed analogy, as one person is absolutely capable of clapping by themselves (as long has he/she can use both his/her hands) aka meaning one single party can be solely responsible for the issue/problem. So that analogy is kinda rigged. Don't you think? At least, I do!

Well, anyhoo ... as for the outfit ... I totally copied it from here
Hawwww? I know, right. Scroll down to read the dirt!

Blazer - Urban Ooutfitters [12']
Tank - ASOS [10']
Skirt - Zara [10']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Tights - Hue [10']
Necklace - From Delhi [11']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - Certainly Red (740) via REVLON
On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline

This is what I do. On days when I am running short of time or lacking inspiration. I dig in to my blog archives and create an outfit ALL OVER AGAIN and simply edit the finishing touches. One of the many pros of having an outfit archive which runs as far along as 2010! ...And it is a great way to survive a 4 months long shopping ban as well.

Plain Jane

You know what I don't get? - when people go on and on ... and on ... about how they don't like a person, or an actress or a song or a blog. I mean - FINE. We all are entitled to our opinions, but to keep whining about something which is absolutely in our control is pointless. If I don't like someone, I don't interact with them. If I don't like an actress, I don't watch her movies. If I don't like a blog/blogger, I stop following them. What I don't do is start a forum for bitching about it/them or make it a trending topic on twitter. I guess, I don't have that kinda luxury with my time? Anyhoo... 

... the outfit is something I had put on to run some errands and do grocery on a Sunday evening. I guess, now if you happen to run into me on the roads on late sunday evening, you will recognize me. I look this plain jane on most days. 

Blouse - Custom made via Richa [13']
Jeans - c/o Levis [12']
Shoes - Camper [06'] 
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - vixen seductrice (820) via blastflipstick from COVERGIRL


Black, White & Prints

Matters at hand
1. Google Reader is shutting down. 
If you are a blogger, you might (or might not?) have heard that effective July 1, 2013, Google Reader will shut down. Therefore, if you follow blogs via Google Reader (or Google Friend Connect), you will lose them. 
I use Bloglovin' ever since I started blogging and have not had any complaints. Over time it has only improved a great deal. They have also, made easy for all the Google Readers to import blog to Bloglovin'. 
Here's how: Moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin'?
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Shirt - OASAP [12']
Trousers - GAP [12']
Sweater - Mango [05']
Shoes - Barratts, U.K. [08']
Ring & Earrings - Coming soon on Crazy & Co. [13']

On my eyes - master drama via Maybelline, INIMITABLE Mascara (10) via Chanel & Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - spellbound (325) via COVERGIRL


How to dress for work? ... à la Tanvi

Simple, Clean & Professional, 
is how I would describe my professional wardrobe. 

A lot of you have requested 'Work/Office Wear' posts in the past but since my work life doesn't involve dressing up in office wear I couldn't oblige. However, a couple of weeks back I had an opportunity to dress up professionally, and since there is no photographer available (aka husband) during the day I made do with the good-old selfies with the phone camera and mirror. 

Two most important things, for me in office wear, are: 
  • Comfort &
  • Fit 
Stark opposite to my casual style, I like darker shades (blue, black, grey) and straight lines and prefer to add color only in small doses. When dressing for work, I mean all business. I do not want to be distracted by my clothes, hair or accessories. Instead I want them to come together to convey a clean and professional image. 

My Office Wear Staples Include:
  1. At least TWO well fitted suits (Black & Brown)
  2. Pencil Skirts 
  3. Button Down Shirts & Blouses (26 min., one for each working day in the month)
  4. Trousers
  5. Stockings
  6. At least TWO pairs of smart AND comfortable shoes

What are your office wear staples?


Once Upon A Time: Divya Bharti

I don't know about y'all but I am always curious about whom Jenny (via I know, right?) will pick next for the OUAT Series. This time it is a young starlet - Divya Bharti. I remember her like it was yesterday. She was only 8 years older to me and had a string of hits and then suddenly died. Her last movie Rang, was digitally completed (technology, I tell you!). I happened to like the music in most of her films (specially Dil Ka Kya Kasoor). Random fact: Her character's name was 'Tanvi Singh' in Kshatriya and that was the first time I had heard my name on the big screen. Back then I didn't like when I found someone else had my name too ... (hmph!) ... Over to Jenny ...   

The 1990s had begun.
A bright new star was sizzling on the Bollywood scene, promising to make the decade full of excitement and delight for movie-goers.
Her name was Divya Bharti. 
The starlet sparkled everywhere she went. 
Her infectious laughter lit up rooms and her mischievous grin dazzled the hearts of love-struck boys around the country. 
But the gorgeous teenager would never make it to 20.
Born in 1974 to middle-class parents, Divya was a happy child. It was rare to see the chubby little girl without a big smile on her face. 
Her perfect doll-like features startled strangers wherever she went. Her parents were constantly asked if she was real.
When she was in her first year of high school, however, Divya grew restless and unhappy. She struggled miserably in academics, failing most of her classes.Watching her classmates easily surpass her in subjects like math and science was a blow to her self-esteem.
But one day, just like in a movie, she was randomly approached by a film producer who was enchanted with her cherub features. He wanted Divya to star in his next picture!
Bursting with excitement, Divya immediately quit school and enrolled in dancing, singing, and acting classes. There, she found her element. The bright-eyed teenager thrived in the environment, where suddenly she was good at everything!
But her lust for life got in the way. Like any other teenage girl during the late 1980s, she enjoyed spending too much time with friends and unfortunately, that angered the producer. After the two had a horrible fight, he replaced her in the film with another young actress. Divya was devastated.
She was pursued two more times by film producers, but had similar results. Both roles went to other actresses. Depressed, Divya grew disinterested with the film industry and shelved her dream of becoming a star.
To lift her spirits, her mom took her on vacation to Kashmir. Their vacation, however, was cut short.
Film producer D Ramanaidu had come to Mumbai seeking an actress for his latest film. He was curious about Divya and wanted to audition the young beauty for a role. Charmed by her innocence during their interview, the producer cast her in what would become the Teluga hit Bobbili Raja (1990).
In 1992, she eventually moved on to Hindi cinema with a notable role in the thriller Vishwatma.
Practically overnight, Divya became the hottest new celebrity in India, making more than a dozen movies in one year.
Despite her star status, she was still just a kid. Much to the chagrin of producers, she delightfully pulled pranks on her co-stars and playfully danced around the sets.
When she was 18, the young beauty fell in love with film producer Sajid Nadiadwala and the two soon married.
It was a fateful afternoon in 1993, when the newlywed learned her costume designer, Neeta, wanted to discuss dresses for her upcoming film. Divya agreed to meet Neeta and her husband at her apartment. Neeta claims when she and her husband arrived at the apartment, Divya was already drunk and was in the midst of making another drink.
The two were in the living room when they saw the tipsy actress attempting to sit on the window ledge. Before they could run to her, she had already lost her balance. She died from the five-story fall.
Her death created a media circus, with the entire country crying out for answers. Did she accidentally fall? Did she commit suicide? Was she pushed?
Police were equally baffled, because people present at the scene, plus Divya's own husband and relatives who weren't even there, offered choppy statements, even awkwardly changing their stories at different points. It definitely raised eyebrows and caused an even bigger uproar in the media.
Fingers were pointed at her husband, who had been rumored to be tied to the mafia. Did someone want Divya out of the way? Did she know too much?
Conspiracy theorists pointed out that the window she fell from sits above a balcony. If Divya had merely fallen, they said, she would have fallen straight down into the balcony. But the fact that she fell at a wide angle, to avoid the balcony, and crashed to the ground doesn't make any sense. It had to be the result of someone pushing her out the window.
Police investigated the death for years, until in 2003, they finally gave up and called the case closed, stating the death was accidental due to lack of evidence.
But to this day, thousands of people believe otherwise.
Leaving it one of the most unsettling mysteries in Indian history.
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