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Piatti, The Quarry San Antonio, TX

While growing up I was a thinker. Probably even an over-thinker. A 'quality', which I feel is leaving my side, as lately, I don't think as much. Mostly due to lack of time. However, not having time to think also means that I have nothing to write about. And we all know how annoying it is to read about people's mundane routine. Instagram is enough for that. So in the mean time I hope you will excuse me if I keep my posts short and instead introduce you to my surroundings (as I have bee doing in my last few posts). 

This photo-shoot is done at The Quarry, where we went for dinner last week at Piatti's, amidst a lot of foot traffic, which surprisingly did not make me conscious. It is quite weird, as there are days when even a single person present can make me feel awkward and then there are days when a 100 people staring doesn't bother me. Fellow outfit bloggers, do you feel the same way?  

Jacket - Howrah Bridge [13']
Pants - Shantanu & Nikhil [06']
Shoes - BCBG via Macy's [10']
Clutch - Gift from brother [11']
Pendant - Gift from husband [10']
Bracelet & Ring - c/o Shop Jami [13']

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC
On my eyes - master drama via Maybelline and Smoky Crayon via REVLON