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An Impromptu Photo-shoot at Canyon Lake, Texas

Usually being a party of two, we seldom get a chance to get a picture clicked together. Thats why whenever someone is visiting us, we almost twist their arm request them to take our pictures. These pictures are from 2 weeks back. Seeing them, one wouldn't think Khushbu is a novice at photography. Isn't it? Although she did try her hand at taking my outfit shots 2 years back. 

These are taken at the Canyon Lake, which is about an hour or so away from San Antonio, and about 20 minutes from Gruene. In the summers, there are a lot of fun water activities one can indulge in here, however during the winters fishing and posing for pictures is all you can do. 

Thank you, Khush for the lovely shots! 


Piatti, The Quarry San Antonio, TX

While growing up I was a thinker. Probably even an over-thinker. A 'quality', which I feel is leaving my side, as lately, I don't think as much. Mostly due to lack of time. However, not having time to think also means that I have nothing to write about. And we all know how annoying it is to read about people's mundane routine. Instagram is enough for that. So in the mean time I hope you will excuse me if I keep my posts short and instead introduce you to my surroundings (as I have bee doing in my last few posts). 

This photo-shoot is done at The Quarry, where we went for dinner last week at Piatti's, amidst a lot of foot traffic, which surprisingly did not make me conscious. It is quite weird, as there are days when even a single person present can make me feel awkward and then there are days when a 100 people staring doesn't bother me. Fellow outfit bloggers, do you feel the same way?  

Jacket - Howrah Bridge [13']
Pants - Shantanu & Nikhil [06']
Shoes - BCBG via Macy's [10']
Clutch - Gift from brother [11']
Pendant - Gift from husband [10']
Bracelet & Ring - c/o Shop Jami [13']

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC
On my eyes - master drama via Maybelline and Smoky Crayon via REVLON 


Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways To Wear Polka Dot Skirt

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

This polka dot skirt is a SALE purchase from 2010. I picked up on my trip to Vegas back then. It has been my trustworthy wardrobe essential I cannot do without now. It can easily be style from casual to formal, from day to evening outfit. I do not think I would ever part from it. My cute little skirt! 

Moving on to the shopping ban, I apologize for NO SHOW last saturday. I had friends over last weekend, and blogging kinda look a back-seat. But I am here today, and we can start sharing the links below, to the posts regarding the ban from the last 2 weeks: 

P.S. Comments are open for this post.

The Guenther House, San Antonio TX

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can have it for lunch, dinner, dessert ... basically all day. I had been wanting to go to The Guenther House for breakfast for the longest time, as I had heard a lot of good things about this place. Last weekend was the perfect opportunity to go there with good company and amazing weather. When we reached there, there was a 2 hour waiting time. We decided hang around 'coz the place looked extremely inviting and cozy. We killed time with some coffee, conversations and an outfit shoot (duhh!) ... Luckily enough, a table was available within an hour or so. While I truly enjoyed the ambience and the sunny winter morning at The Guenther House, I was hugely disappointed with their menu options. There just weren't many options for the vegetarians. I managed to get a custom-order of pancakes with pecan syrup, potatoes and a bowl of fruits. It was certainly, appetizing and filling. All-in-all a good experience. If you are visiting San Antonio, you can definitely give it a try. If not for the breakfast then definitely for its historic value.  

Blouse - Banana Republic [12']
Skirt - Zara, Gift from Khushbu [13']
Tights - Falke [11']
Boots - Børn [10']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Earrings - Kara Ackerman [12']

On my lip - spellbound (325) via COVERGIRL


Historic District at Gruene, Texas

Disclaimer: This is a photo-heavy post!

Visiting a nearby town: Gruene Historic District 

Wine Tasting at the Local Winery: The Grapevine

People Watching at the Park

Enjoying Live Music

Strolling the Weekend Bazaar at Gruene, TX

 20 Years of Friendship

 Back to posing for Outfit Shots ;)

Shirt - Custom Made via Richa [11'] 
Sweater - ASOS [13'] Same
Jeggings - GAP [11'] Similar
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Shoes - Kenneth Cole [09'] Similar
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [10'] Similar

On my lip - embrace (335) via COVERGIRL 


Tower of the Americas, San Antonio

Last week we visited the Tower of the Americas, here in San Antonio and behaved like tourists in our own city. It was quite fun. We should probably do it more often.

If you are ever in the city (or a local) you must check out the Happy Hour at the Chart House there. The view is breathtaking, and a yummy cocktail (or two) doesn't harm! ;) 

That tall shadow is the Tower of the Americas!

Neck wrap - Urban Outfitters [09']
Shirt - Oasap [12']
Jeans - GAP [12']
Shoes - Guiseppe Zanotti [11']
Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - divine (330) via COVERGIRL

N.B. Experimenting with loose curls. 
Any vishesh tipadni? (Translation: Any special comments?)



Here are absolutely 10 random things, that came in to my head this morning, while I couldn't decide what to write in this post: 

- The only time I remember writing a Valentine's Day Post on the blog is here.
- Heli is the best assistant I could have ever asked for.
- I must be the world's biggest procrastinator.
- I am excited about the One Billion Rising.
- I cannot wait for the coming weekend. She is coming to visit me.
- I am glad the sun it out this morning.
I am happy. RIGHT NOW.
This is the 7th time I am wearing this white blazer on the blogin 9 months. 
- What should I cook today? Or should we just eat out?
- I better to get my a$$ moving and get on with my day

P.S. This is not a tag, but should you wish you take it up, I won't sue you for plagiarism. JUST SAYING! ;)

Sweater - ASOS [12'] Click here to see how I wore this sweater the last time.
Blazer - UO [12']
Skirt - J.Crew [11']
Boots - Steve Madden [10']
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC
On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline


Neon in Winters

I am kinda great with crisis management situations. For one, the crisis seems to never leave my side. Life has somewhat become a crisis-solving-mission, as something or the other is constantly 'malfunctioning'. It could be health, car, home, work, gadgets, or a relationship. I am mentally and emotionally tuned in to deal with them head on. I might stress over it once a new crisis surfaces, but eventually I have a mental-plan and it goes something like this: access the crisis, put a priority number on it, deal with one crisis at a time OR delegate to the appropriate party (person) and move to the next crisis. So far this plan works to the 'T'. 

My real problem lies when there is no crisis, I do not know how to deal with THAT situation. Even worse, if it is the time to celebrate or let loose. I am completely lost then. Often when there is a good news, or a reason to celebrate, people around me are cheering, and jumping and congratulating me (if its something concerning myself) and I stand there dumb-folded, unsure of how to react. Any "good news" or a positive turn of life, takes its sweet time to seep into my conscious mind. By the time I get to the part where I AM ready to jump and celebrate, everyone else is already over it, and I am the single-woman-standing. Apparently, a classic case of too-little-too-late. Makes me wonder when did I become THIS cynical?

Tunic - GAP [12'] Click here, to see how I wore this tunic as a dress!
Top - Target [13']
Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Rings - Here & There 
Clutch - Crazy & Co. [12']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [13']
Cuff - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - Smoky Crayon via REVLON and Bag Gal Eyeliner via Benefit
On my lips - Rouge á Lévres Lasting Finish By Kate via RIMMEL LONDON 

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