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Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways to Wear a White Blazer

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I am in LOVE with this white blazer. This was probably the single most versatile purchase of 2012. I have worn is about 10 times already and done 6 outfits posts, five of which are featured here: (1) Wanted to make the look brighter and the blazer did just that for this look, (2) Wanted to under play the animal print. Black blazer would have make the look very 'dark' so tried white blazer instead and it worked (for me!), (3) oh! This was an interpretation of the look I had seen in InStyle magazine long ago, but I didn't own a white blazer back then. But now I did, and Voila!, (4) I have had this jumpsuit since 08' and I was running out of different ways of wearing it, and then the white blazer came to the rescue, (5) White on White! Blazer was the soul of this look, also interpreted from the InStyle magazine. 

Now time for the second link up. I am assuming a lot of you are starting the ban from 1st Feb (or around that time). This is just for the ones who are already ahead of us. If you have not posted anything on your blog, you are most welcome to share your thoughts in comments, should you wish to. But if have then you link your posts regarding the ban (only!) below: 

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