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Shopping Ban Link Up + Five Ways to Wear Oxblood Peep toes

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This is probably a good follow up post, after the 'How to wear shoes for different outfits?" post. Like you can see above, I have paired a Oxblood Peep toes and all possible combinations - (1) with black and white to add a pop of color, (2) with black and denims and matched with the flower pin, (3) with a neutral color dress, (4) with orange and green combination, (5) with a similar color denims to under play the animal print. Work the #shoppingban y'all!

Now time for the first link up. If you have already started the ban and would like to share your thoughts you can do so in the comments below. And if you are blogger you can also link your posts regarding the ban (only!) below:

P.S. Comments are open for this post.