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December 2012 in Review

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Numb. Sad. Angry. Disappointed. Ashamed. Just a few words which can be used to describe how I feel at the moment. Incredible India, where women are treated as second class citizens and are subjected to endless bias and humiliation. From  female feoticide, unequal educational opportunities, dowry, domestic violence, to rape - there seems to be no end. This is not the India anyone could be proud of.

"Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark," Andhra Pradesh Congress chief said.
While our government has completely failed us in providing a safe and secure nation for women, our society has failed us equally. I am not a leader, or a philanthropist or a revolutionary but I do wish to make a difference, in whatever little way that I can. I could be the change I wish to see and urge the people around me to do the same! 

In 2010, the World Economic Forum released its Global Gender Gap report, in which India ranked at 112 out of a total of 134 countries (Murti). The report measured the difference in how men and women in each country had access to resources and opportunities. It took into consideration economics, education, political participation, health and survival. When countries are ranked according to economic participation and job opportunities for women, India ranks at 128, above just six other countries. (via)

Gender Equality - Our society breeds on male-child-preference. I personally know of at least 5 families where they have 3-4 daughters and then a son. Simply to carry on the family name. Which name is that? I fail to understand. No one practically remembers you once you are gone. It is your false sense of self-importance that wants you to believe that you will be remembered one-generation-after-another. More likely than not, you won't even be missed. Unless you are Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King. 

However, this need to have a male heir feeds the Indian mentality to treat women/girls badly, which personally I would say is often borderline-derogatory even. Do not ask your daughters to help in household work while the son sits in front of television. Do not tell your daughter she cannot go out past sun-set while the boy is not back home even at dawn. Do not stop your daughter's education to make your son a bread winner. All this automatically gives the boy a false sense of superiority.  

"In many parts of India, women are distinctly seen as inferior sub-humans, who should stay confined at home, behind a veil, cook, produce children, take care of the in-laws and entertain their husbands. It becomes intolerable for men with such mindsets when young women begin to challenge such stereotypes by stepping out and surpassing them in education and employment and by asserting their independence and financial freedom. Such women then, deserve to be punished— and humiliated violently with rape, is the thinking. When more and more men think similarly and decide to punish women, there’s the opportunity for gangrape and the planning and plotting begins." (via)


Objectifying Women - Women are desirable. Of course. We are beautiful creatures but women are not 'objects' of any kind. They have a right to be with any man or not. She is the ONLY one who get's to decide, irrespective of her class, creed or profession. Our culture conceives women to be these demure, docile creatures and anyone who doesn't fit that bill is not 'cultured' enough? I personally remember to be asked to behave more like a lady (whatever that means!). Answering back, making your point heard, dressing a 'certain' way is just not acceptable even in 'modern' India. Don't judge the woman by what she wears or how she speaks. Don't judge at all. Period.

Media & Movies - Media and movies do not help in the matter either. Lyrics of a recent song "main to tanduri murgi hoon yaar ... gatkale saiyan alcohol se" (viaare a good example of what I mean. Today I echo Reena's views on our ever-so-popular items numbers ("Sexualizing actresses and calling "item numbers" harmless fun, is NOT harmless. It's harmful." ) and am ashamed that I ever compliemnted or enjoyed them.  

Sex Education - We need to put an end to our holier-than-thou-attitude ("No Sex please. We are Indians!") and stop making the word 'SEX' such a big taboo in our society. How many of us can go and openly talk or ask questions/concerns with our parents or teachers? I doubt many. That's how we have procreated generation-after-generation for crying out loud. What's the big deal? Instead, let's educate our children and have an open conversation about it. 

Upbringing - Lastly, could we please treat our sons and daughters alike? Teach our sons to respect women and treat everyone equally regardless of their caste or gender. And PLEASE teach your daughter to be go-getters, never underestimate themselves and probably enroll them in a self-protection class. At least till the men in our country learn to behave themselves. 

RIP Anonymous! 

November 2012 in Review

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October 2012 in Review

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September 2012 in Review

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August 2012 in Review

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Winters in Texas

I am kinda frustrated with the Texas weather right now. For no other reason except that the drastic drop and rise in temperature is screwing up my skin. Till yesterday the temperature was anywhere from 70˚F to mid-80˚F [21˚C to 30˚C] and today its between 55˚F to 23˚F [12˚C to (-5)˚C]. No beuono! I still have my summer clothes lying around as you never know with Texas. How is it going with you guys? Weather behaving itself?

Obviously this outfit is not from today, I would freeze to death if I went out in bare legs ... it is from Sunday. 

Shirt - c/o Oasap [12']
Skirt - Forever 21 [11']
Necklace - Gift from MIL [Delhi, 09']
Boots - c/o JUSTFAB [12']

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline
On my lips - 'Cherry Tart' by Revlon

Featuring: Sucheta Budania

Remember how I was saying the other day that I LOVE social media? Well, here's another example of why I find it so great. I came across the illustrations by Sucheta on [@findingthemusewhere she would mention how she had doodled something on her lunch break or how she decided to kill time because she could not sleep. Wish I could be this artistic when I am on a break. All I am capable of is surfing the web or staring at the ceiling and waiting for the time to pass! Needless to say, I was (am!) awestruck by her talent. After going on a liking spree on her feed I decided to contact her. 

She was kind enough to do the original Diwali greetings illustration for the blog (as seen below). She also did some experimental sketches for me. In her own words, "My style is more of illustrative and not realistic. Hence I have tried to do something that is colorful and very true to my esthetic." Oh! I love it, and we all know how I crazy I am about color. "I was very much inspired by your pictures and all your Indian outfits, especially the profile picture on your blog." Her interpretation of that picture has a shock value and yet the more I look at it, the more it draws me in. What do y'all think?

Inspired by my profile picture 

Inspired by me [;)] my blog

Sucheta's Original Work (via her Instagram Feed)
Her Diwali Artwork for the blog

 You can check out more of her sketches here. If you like her work and wish to own a sketch of your own contact her.

Unhealthy Obsessions

I have one too many obsessions and if something gets inside my head, I do not rest till I have done/achieved whatever that it is. One random evening, I was doodling and making a list of things I am (unhealthily) obsessive about. Som of them I decided were kinda weird. What do you think? :
  • Partially used Ball Pens (I love doodling hence, when I find a pen that writes smoothly I cannot not have it)
  • Body Shape (I am constantly measuring my bum. Half an inch change and I go into depression unless its a 'good change')
  • Green Chillies (The amount I put in my food is unbelievable. An average person would probably die. I am not kidding!)

As for the outfit, I am obsessed with these pants as well. 

Striped Sweater - GAP [11'] Similar
Pants - GAP [12'] Similar 
Shoes - Nine West via TJ Maxx [11'] Similar
Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline
On my lips - Mocha by MAC

July 2012 in Review

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Fashion & Me

I had never set out to become a fashion blogger. Or even a blogger. Things just happened and here we are almost 4 years later. But still, when someone associates me with fashion I always think to myself, "Who? Me?" because I relate, what I see in the magazines or what other people wear, as fashion. However, as far as I am concerned I think of myself as an average person who dresses, sometimes conservatively ... sometimes provocatively (seldom!) ... sometimes rebelliously ... and sometimes lazily. Nothing particularly fashionable about it.  

Although, one thing is standard along most of my life's likes/choices/decisions. I wish to be different. Different from the herd mentality. Different enough to be able to think for myself and make my own decisions. Just because everyone is wearing/buying/loving something, I won't necessarily chime in, unless I happen to agree. But the rebel in me will definitely find my own take even to the most common trend. Hence, I was not the blingy-red-bridezilla or the gaudy-golden-sister (at my brother's wedding). I was me, aka different.  

Clearly, I have my opinions and a way of thinking about everything in life and that covers my sense of dressing as well. It is never to be 'in trend' or against it. It is simply a random amalgamation of various pieces from my closet. Nothing more. Nothing less. Till date I am amused by how people spend versus what they (might) save. To dress, in order to represent your status or your position in society is beyond my understanding. Apparently purchasing a branded bag or the 'it' jacket, or a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas comes before paying their rent for many girls right now. When did saving go out of fashion?!?? Who is richer - the person who charged a $1000 handbag to their credit card (to be paid in installments) or the person who has $1000 in their savings account (earning yearly interest)?!?? -> You, tell me!

I was recently sent two pairs of denims in these beautiful fall colors by Liverpool Jeans Company. Usually I am wary to jeans which I haven't tried before, but surprisingly these fit me to the 'T'. I love the soft fabric, its fit and the color. Cannot wait to style them over-and-over again in the coming weeks. Checkout their website and follow them on Facebook to win a free pair every week. 

Blazer - UO [12'] Similar
Blouse - Zara [10'] Similar
Jeans - c/o Liverpool Jeans Company [12']
Shoes - Nine West via TJ Maxx [11'] Similar
Pendant - Kensie via macy's [12']
Bracelet - Stella & Dot [12']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - 'BAD Gal' eyeliner by Benefit
On my lips - Mix of two shades: annatto clay by Aveda & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.

Featuring: Nani Puspasari

I love social media. I really do. More than half the people I work and interact with professionally, creatively and/or personally are all whom I have met via my blog, twitter, email and even Instagram. 
A couple of months back I was introduced to Nani via Kish (the fabulous multi-taleted designer who sent me this.  She deserves a whole post on herself. SOON!), who is an Australia-based (Melbourne) artist with an extensive and varied portfolio. Check out her website for her imaginative and colorful illustrative work. Personally I am attracted to the use to colors and abstract patterns in her work.    

I had recently collaborated with her for an exclusive illustration for Crazy & Co. Diwali greetings last month, and needless to say, I absolutely loved her interpretation. She is a wonderful person inside-out. If you are looking for design and illustrative work, your search ends. Contact her, and I am certain you wouldn't be disappointed.

June 2012 in Review

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Holiday Dresses

Caught you nodding head didn't I? December is officially the month of parties and that calls for dressing up games to begin. Put that perfect dress up, brush up your hair and don your invisible crown and whirl to the party destination! Though so many amazing trends are doing the rounds this year, selecting the perfect dress from all the available options is a tad difficult. Options available to chose a dress from are - dreamy chiffon dresses, sequinned ones, lace dresses, or the classic LBD which can take you places. This is not a "How To" post for party dressing but I can definitely help you to spoil yourself with choice. The magic words:

What I like about the site:
  • All the products are categorically divided as per occasion, colours and size.
  • A huge colour palette for all the dresses available on the site.
  • Year round discount on selected products.
  • Combo offers available for dresses and accessories.

Glimpses of what you can expect on the site:

Have you found your perfect Holiday dress? 

P.S. This is a sponsored post. However, the content and thoughts mentioned are the property of

Over it!

Things that I am *suddenly* over:
  • Twitter
  • Birthdays
  • Movies (comparatively!)
  • Shoes
  • Bollywood gossip
Its a whole new world (in my head) I cannot believe how my thoughts have changed over the last year. Its like, some switch has gone off and I suddenly don't like the things I used to die for and have started liking stuff which I used to grossly disregard. In fact, people (positive or negative) don't affect like they used to either. I am in a semi-state-of-zen where nothing matters. Its a very weird place to be. 

Tee - Macy's [11']
Skirt - Karen Millen [12']
Shoes - Steve Madden [12']
Ring - Haati Chai [12']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']

On my eyes - 'BAD Gal' eyeliner by Benefit and master drama by Maybelline
On my lips - Blue Rose by N.Y.C.
On my nails - Yummy Mummy by butter London

May 2012 in Review

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Success is a mirage!

Yesterday, Dr. Fab and I were having a conversation on success. Although once I have spoken to someone about my thoughts, I do not have the motivation to write about it, but this time I want to pen-in-down for my own records. 

So I have come to believe that 'success' is a mirage, an illusion which doesn't actually exist. For if you are truly on a quest to be your best, you would never 'label' any stage of your life as 'success'. I, personally, am a lifelong-work-in-progress.  What someone defines as your success can often reflect their own aspiration and/or dream. For you it might not mean as much it would to the spectator of your life. And as Dr. Fab put it more concisely, it is in fact someone else's perception of your life (and its stages!). Thoughts?  

If I look tired and exhausted in the pictures below, then that is only because I am was!

Tunic - Gift from Mom [12'] Similar

Pants - GAP [12'] Similar
Shoes - From Amritsar [11']
Necklace & Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs [12'] 

On my lips - Mehr via MAC 
On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal & Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Five Ways to wear a statement Givenchy Ring

I got this ring earlier this year in the summer, and believe-you-me, 
I cannot stop wearing it. C.A.N.N.O.T!

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