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His & Hers Style Diaries - October

I have been married for over 5 years now but I still don't really 'feel' married. May be I just do not know how 'married' feels like, but what I do know is that I usually do not relate to the stories of other married couples from back home. We are just not one of 'those' couples, if you catch my drift

However, I was able to narrow down on three incidences which make me realize that I am not 'single' in any more: 

  1. Every time someone asks me about my plans of having a baby. O. boy does that make me furious or does that make me furious. I have learnt to dodge the bullet by either ignoring, changing the subject or by simply leaving the room (if possible!). If you are an Indian or are even aware of the social dynamics, answering back to people is almost like shooting yourself in the head and YET being alive to feel the pain. But what takes the cake is when absolutely random old lady at the bank here, feels it is absolutely alright to ask me when I plan to have a baby. As of course, after 5 years of being married, she thinks its high time. *mind.boggle* You don't see me asking you if you have made your funeral arrangements, do you? 'Coz you look like you are in your 80's and I think its high time too. (Only if I could say this out loud!)
  2. Every time I have to fold laundry. Now don't get me wrong. I was raised to do all my personal errands myself and not be dependent on anyone for anything. But after marriage, the damn laundry never seems to leave my side. When I feel, "Phew! We are done for a long time now" I find myself folding towels again and thinking, "Didn't I JUST do this?!?!" - "When did my life come to this!?
  3. Every time I have to give up on a travel plan. Back in the day, I used to save ALL my holidays, sick days, every-fricking-off-day-possible for travel. Now sometimes, I am folding clothes on an 'off' day. Lately when I have to say, "No, ya. I do not think I can make it, 'coz I have xyz-damn-thing to do" or "because I have these prior-bloddy-commitemnts and I do think I can include this impromptu holiday in my budget!" it kills me. It really, really kills a BIG part of me! *sob*
Angelina, adopt me already! You need an Indian in your tribe. Trust me! :P


Diwali San Antonio - Festival of Lights

Dear Bloggers/Readers in San Antonio,  
I would like to invite you all to the Diwali San Antonio - Festival of Lights on Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Hemisphere Park. Be prepared for by numerous folk dances from different states of India, food stalls from all the best Indian restaurants in San Antonio and your own Crazy & Co. stall there to see all the pretty accessories in person and available for purchase! 
I look forward to seeing you there!
- Tanvi 


I will be keeping it light on the text today. It has been a chilly weekend and I happen to be a little lazy to exercise my brain cells to come up with something worthwhile to pen down. 

This is what I wore on Saturday to run a million errands and make a visit to the haunted house in the spirit of Halloween. I like being spooked, intentionally

Sweater - Jones via TJ Maxx [08']
Jeans - GAP [12']
Ring - INPINK [12']
Scarf - Gift from Mom [India, 12']
Shoes - Kenneth Cole [09']
Watch - c/o Bulova [12']


Five Ways to Wear Black Strappy Wedges


I call these my 'almost' wedges, as I had purchased them back when I was not into wedges (unlike now). While I still like them and they are in excellent condition too, but I am kinda done with them. Does that happen to you? I think I will find a new home for them. If someone is interested in buying them from me (U.S. Size: 8.5) then do not hesitate to email me at info@tanvii.com. 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I sure am! :)


Fitness Friday: Lost 10 pounds!

Today in Fitness Friday, meet Gayatri. Over the last few months she has been a GREAT source of inspiration for me. Inspired by her, Dr. Fab and I have started running at 5:00 a.m. every day for the last 2 weeks. I hope we are able to continue that, but it is nothing in front of what Gayatri has been doing. In just 4 months, she has run a Marathon and completed a Triathlon and lost 10 pounds in the process. She has another marathon coming up in December. Inspired, yet? Read on ... 

For the first 24 years of my life, I was fit. My weight was low, my fat percentage lower and I wore a size 2. Then, just before my 25th birthday, I got married and moved to Chicago, a city that was experiencing its most brutal winter in a decade.

What followed was a 26 lb (12 kg) weight gain over the next year. It was slow but steady. Because I couldn’t see the pounds pile up on a day-to-day basis, I continued to live what can best be described as a toxic, unhealthy lifestyle. I drank wine because it was too cold. I ate cheese because I didn’t want to drink wine by itself. I ate samosas as midnight snacks because I missed India. You get my point.

By my first wedding anniversary, I was in over my head. On a trip to India, everyone made it a point to say how marriage was “so good for my health”.  That’s the advantage of being Indian. Your extended family doesn’t mince words and is sometimes just the reality check you need.

And so my quest to get fit began. 

For over a year, I was doing it all wrong. I wanted instant results. I starved, gave up carbs and smiled when I saw a 5 lb loss in one week. So I rewarded myself with cocktails and unhealthy snacks and gained it all back. I joined Bikram Yoga and did it diligently; but left large gaps between meals and experienced terrible sugar highs and lows. Such yo-yoing continued for 18 months.

In July, my husband and I moved to Dallas. We joined a running group because we’d made a pact long ago to run a marathon one day. Plus our social life was boring compared to Chicago so we wanted to do something constructive with our weekends. He registered for the full marathon and I for the half.
Best decision ever!

This structured, goal-oriented, group activity was just what I needed. I began to enjoy training. I started with a run-walk group and soon got faster. I started running short distances and a month later, any run under 10 miles (16 km) felt like a warm up. 

I had weekly goals and was accountable more to my pace group than to myself. I ate every two hours but fit into clothes I’d bought in 2008. I felt great.

Two weeks back I finished my first Sprint Triathlon. I did an 800m swim, 20km bike and 5km run without any stops except in the transition area. I have two half marathons coming up before the end of the year.

I’ve lost 10 lbs since July. Back in the day I would’ve wanted to lose all 26 in three months. But I’ve learned that when you try to lose weight the right way, weight loss will come last.

It will come right after increased energy, better skin, inch loss, muscle strength, a regulated appetite and a general sense of euphoria! 



The River Inn Tanvii.com

As I grow up I realize that I appreciate different things in people than I did, say a decade ago. Lately the quality that I am drawn towards in people is - Reliability.

I like people who stand by their promise/commitment no matter what. After all you are as good as your word. And just in case if they are not able to then, they inform you about the change in plans beforehand. If I cannot rely on you, then I am afraid I cannot really respect you. And unfortunately, there are too many of 'those' people around, i.e. the ones I don't respect

I think one of the reason for that is that a lot of people have trouble saying "No". Only if they knew how much easier THAT would be instead of the disappointment and frustration that they bestow upon others, once they are unreliable that is. 

Personally I consider myself reliable, specially because I hate letting down people. But that also means that everyone who isn't I find them a little selfish and inconsiderate. They weren't raised to take accountability. They believe someone will come in and do their work anyways. Internet is the worse in this scenario, as you never have to come face-to-face with anyone and its easy to be at disposal and be ignored. I guess that's why they say - If you need something done (right), do it yourself. Phew! And as always, #Somebodyhastosayit and I did!


Preparing for Diwali 2012

So the festivities in the home country have already begun with Navratri, Durga Puja and Diwali all lined up and all these festivals will be followed by a month long wedding season. Celebrations are synonymous with us complaining that we have nothing to wear and all the drama [nodding your head, eh? ;)]. 
Let me come straight to the point. The good people at SimplySizzl.in have decided to help us reduce the festival drama and offer a huge designer ethnic collection at affordable prices. You are sure going to love the Indian collection by Kibar, beautiful bags to go with your dresses by Flaunt Your Way and no outfit is complete without accessories, which is also catered by this site. 
What next? Theres a limited edition 50% sale by Rabani & Rakha (If you are thinking about some association with the movie 'Cocktail' , you are right!). They offer free shipping in India and hold your heart ladies, they ship to U.S. too. (US shipping for any 1 item @ $7.99, 2 items @ $5.99, 4 items Free)
Some visual treat for eyes and what is up for grabs: 
For $65.00 via Flaunt Your Way
The clutch is the right amount sparkle you need with any outfit. This neutral colored will go with most colors and outfits, making it a good invest piece. 

For $97 via Kibar
It is 'that' time of year, when you can wear the brightest of the colors, without even thinking twice. Personally, I like the purple paired with white, but you can also pair it with metallics or a golden churidaar, to get many wears out of it.  

For $381 (orig. $758) via Rabani & Rakha
This suit is dressy, without being too loud or hurting our eyes. Blush pink can we worn during day or night, depending upon the occasion.  And I think that clutch up there would look great with it, isn't it? 
For $76 via Zariin
I am in love with this ring. Exquisite and a subtle statement making piece. Again would look great with both the suits above.

Are you ready for Diwali?  


Camouflaged, Clutched & Covered

Firstly, THANK YOU so much for showing so much love to my previous outfit post. You guys almost convinced me to ONLY wear Saree on the blog. What better way to differentiate my blog from all the blogs out there right? But that would not be very practical, considering I live in the U.S. Also, 'coz I do not have enough Sarees here (Hint, Mom!). 

I was so surprised to hear that some of you have been missing my ramblings. While as humbled as I am that you ACTUALLY enjoy reading my non-sense, I really do not have much to ramble about at the moment. Life has been moving on an auto-pilot mode. Doing what is supposed to be done, and saying what is not-supposed-to-be-said! So you know - Same ole, same ole ;)

But today, before I go, I wanted to introduce to all to Clutch & Covered started by my friend, the lovely Rocquelle. All you have to do is tell her your clutch’s measurements and pick your pattern of your choice from her shop and you are all set. Personally, since I am not much of a clutch person, this is a great idea, as without spending a bomb on clutches that I would barely use, I can just get covers in various prints (next on my list is chevron). Save on space, and save on money. Win - Win. Order one now and get 15% off by using the code: FABULOUSLYCLUTCHED

Clutch Cover - c/o Clutched and Covered [12']
Clutch - Gift from Haaris & Reshma [11']
Camo Jacket - Oasap [12']
Tank - American Apparel [11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Shoes - Burberry [05']
Bracelet - c/o Charming Charlie [11']
Crazy Myanmar Necklace - Crazy & Co. [12']
Crazy Pink Ribbon Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12'] 



Out of the blue, while driving, or cooking, or working, I get a heavy heart. Like my chest is not able to contain the heart within. Then a second later I will realize that it is actually aching, but I wouldn't know why. I start pondering, what has been on mind lately that I feel so overwhelmed with feelings? I often get engulfed in this turbulence of thoughts. I must be missing home again ... 

... but I never miss home, what I miss is the past. I miss childhood. I miss those days which cannot possibly come back. But that doesn't stop me from wanting them back. I wish it was possible to go back to those relationships which were purely based on the fact that we shared the common classroom, and nothing else. Or where having common interests meant we were going to be best-friends-forever. Those days when everyone elder to me dotted upon me for absolutely no reason. So when I say, I am homesick, what I probably mean is that I am 'childhood-sick'. 

... and in all honestly, I do not enjoy going back home any more. Everything has changed. Nothing is same. Noone is same. My grand parents are not there. Friends have moved on. Everyone is busy in their own lives. And when they are not busy, they wish to direct my life. In fact, I feel even more alienated when I am there among everyone than I feel when I am all alone here.
" ... and then among these intense thoughts in my head, the only thing I can count on is Dr. Fab's sense of humor. He would come home and make me laugh and would always be his jovial self *touchwood* ... and it would force me think, why the hell didn't God make me more easy-going and happy-go-lucky? ... "


Oxblood, Saree, ASOS, Austin

I do not have to declare "I am back", right? If there is a post, then I should be back [:P]. Every time I step away from the the blog, I realize I am not as addicted to it, as I would like to believe. I could have stayed away longer if I wanted to but then after a while I start feeling guilty, like I am cheating on you all. But I have to admit, it is a good feeing to be missed. Receiving emails in my Inbox, titled 'Miss you!', totally makes me go "awwww".

However, I think ASOS & rewardStyle are to be thanked for this break to end this soon. They hosted a party for Texas bloggers in Austin yesterday, and if I hadn't attended it, I would not have been inclined to blog again. After all how could I not blog this  outfit, right? 

And guess what I decided to wear to the party? A Saree! in the shade of Oxblood! Yes, you read that right. You can say, I was literally bleeding Oxblood. And like I always say, if Indians aren't going to wear Saree, then who is?  

 Saree - Self Made [11']
Bangles - Here & There [11', 12']
Necklace - ASOS [10']
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Clutch - Gift from Haaris & Reshma [11']
Head Gear (Maang Tikka) - Aquamarine [Bombay, 11']


STEP AWAY from the Computer


I have been blogging NON STOP for past three months. That has been the longest run in the history of this blog. I have already posted 38 more posts than I did last year (2011), and 6 more posts than the year before (2010). That's A LOT, right? PHEW! 


Everybody Loves Raymond

Recently, I have started watching Everybody loves Raymond, right from the first season. I had seen it intermittently before, but since they have the complete series on Netflix, I decided to give it go. It makes for good background noise while I am working. What I cannot believe is that how Raymond is almost-kinda-like Dr. Fab. and of course everyone loves Dr. Fab. But that's not the story, what I am trying to say that the show's message often hits home and I cannot contain my laughter. It is fair to say I am addicted. I am down 2 Seasons and 7 more to go ... 

Moving on to the outfit, this is what I wore yesterday. Fall seems to be sticking around, .... barely! *sigh!* 

Top - c/o Oasap [12']
Pants - GAP [10']
Shoes - BCBG via Macy's [10']
Pink Ribbon Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Crazy Blackberry Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']


Hearts on Hearts

Lately, I have gotten possessive about my thoughts. I do not wish to share (talk about) them with anyone. Sometimes, it feels better, to have them go around inside my head, than for them to be floating outside my head. So that means, till I am ready to share something with ya'll, you'd have to make do with the clothes! Not that bad, right. Who wants to read my ramblings anyways!

P.S. We have recently added some 'new arrivals' to Crazy & Co. collection, and I am half tempted to keep them all for myself. *sigh!* Self-restraint. Do check them out and let me know what you think! :)

 Dress - c/o Oasap [12']
Tights - Hue [10']
Cardigan - GAP [12']
Boots - Lucky Brand [10']
Earrings - Gift from Mom [10']
Pink Ribbon Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Bracelets - Crazy & Co. [12']


Movie Review : English Vinglish

Now, thats how you make a comeback. 

Five hours later, I am still as mesmerized by Sridevi's excellent portrayal of Shashi, as I was in the theater. Gauri Shinde’s directorial debut English Vinglish, is a story of the protagonist Shashi Godbole, a sari-clad house wife who also runs a small business of catering home-made laddoos. She is often ridiculed by her family (husband and daughter) for her poor English. On her trip to New York for her niece's wedding, she enrolls herself in English Language classes which helps are build her confidence and self-worth. One of my favorite sequence from the film is when Shashi navigates her way from her sister's residence in New Jersey to her class in Manhattan, by communicating with people in broken english and hand gestures. You cannot help but share her triumph when she makes it to the doorstep her class. The film is filled with many such simple are heart-touching scenes. In fact the simplicity of the story telling is one of the USP's of the movie. The supporting cast of the film delivers too. Two characters that stood out were of Shashi's husband played by Adil Hussain and her adorning French classmate played by Mehdi Nebbou. Without giving away any more of the story, all I can say is that the film marks the comeback of Sridevi after a 15 year sabbatical and it is absolutely worth making the trip to the cinemas for. TRUST ME! :)

Moving on to the outfit! Winters have arrived in Texas. Woohoo! Cannot wait to wear layers again. O, and also my search for white denims FINALLY came to an end. Where? Here, of course. Where else? ;)

Jeans - GAP [12']
Tee - GAP [11']
Cardigan - GAP [12']
Shoes - Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [12']
Bracelet - Gift from a friend [09']
Pink Ribbon Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']

P.S. You can receive a FREE PINK RIBBON PENDANT. Find out how, here

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