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... In the fast lane

Every once in a while, it just so happens that I suddenly realize - Life is good! (...time to knock on the wood?)

Let's see ... The weather has been kind, I am feeling fitter than ever, eating healthy with treats every weekend, things are moving at a pace that I enjoy. What else could I ask for? 

That's when I sit back, take a deep breadth in, stare in to the oblivion and enjoy the moment! Right this instance, I would not be anywhere but here, with no other company but mine, doing nothing else but this! Hence, ... Life is good! 

This outfit is so rad, if I may say so myself. Peplum, Dots, Floral, Stripes, Mixing Prints, Neon Accessories, (almost) wedges, ... phew! Which trend did I leave out?

Top  - Anthropologie [09'] 
Tube dress worn as a skirt - ASOS [10']
Shoes - Bamboo via Lulu's [11']
Pendant - Gift from Mom [10']
Accessories -  Here & There

P.S. I am submitting this look for the InFB Remix - FLORALSIf you too, wish to show to flower-power, please do join me there on 2nd May 2012.

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Men's Checkered Shirt

Bought it in Dec. 2010 from Marshall's 
at the Young Boy's Section for $11.00 - O! Yeah ;)


This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012.
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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 3

QualitiesSense of Humor, Caring, and Curious

... My knight in shining armor, hero of my soon-to-be-made-movie and the man behind the blog. 

I am sure everyone would relate to this incident where a stranger (1 or more) has approached you, rather awkwardly, and asked if you wouldn't mind taking their picture? When such a person/people approach my husband they don't realize they have hit a jackpot. For Mr. Fabulous will not only take their picture, he will make sure he gives them their 'kodak moment'. He will direct them, tell to stand at a point where the background complements them, take their picture from different angles, 2 of each (just in case!) and horizontally as well as vertically and will keep clicking till they are satisfied. Needless to say, by the end of their photo session the strangers are grinning from ear-to-ear. So imagine if he does that for a complete stranger, what he might be doing for me? Literally moving mountains, I say! Catering to my whims and fancies. Learning the art of photography and editing, from scratch. And making his subject look much better than she really is (without photoshop, of course!). He has an eye for detail, loves to try new angles, never stops pushing the envelope and never gives up. Wouldn't expect anything less from the scientist after all, right? 

Besides taking my pictures, he loves nature photography (national geographic calling!). But he refuses to start a Facebook Page for his pictures. Sometimes I post them on my Blog Page under travel albums. HawaiiNational HarborLondonChicago. Amritsar. Washington D.C. etc. etc. etc. 

All the outfit shoots are done by him unless stated otherwise in the respective posts.

Grey Top - GAP [11']
Pink Tank - VS [09']
Jeans - UO [11']
Shoes - From a store in Tehran [Iran, 07']
Accessories - Here & There

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012. 
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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 2

... And I continue to show off my fabulous photographers who have made my blog look all pretty and colorful in the past two years. (Its like a match made in heaven). Get ready for the Part 2 ...

Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 2

PhotographerAnita (Myraa)
QualitiesGenerous, Loving, and Helpful

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you Anita Dhanwani - Myraa Ahuja [best thing that happened to me after chocolate! ;)]. She is my dearest friend who also happens to be a professional photographer with her own studio in Dubai [Imprint Design] and everything. Imagine having a friend who never gets tired of clicking, and if you know me, I never get tired of getting clicked [Like I had said, match made in heaven!]. She is one those people, who instantly put you at ease and enamor you with their warmth and humor. She has taken some of my favorite shots with my husband. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to capture the right moment. ALWAYS! I wish we lived close by 'coz then I would have the luxury of getting glamour shots everyday [I kid!] ... But really, if you live in middle-east (or asia) and you have not shot with her yet, then you are a fool! This is not a biased opinion at all. I have proofs. M.A.N.Y.  

Original Post - Here
Original Post - Here
Original Post - Here
All the good shots in this slide show are taken by Anita!

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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 1

I am lucky to be surrounded by photographers, considering  I am an outfit blogger (Its like a match made in heaven). Hence, I have decided to dedicate this week to the photographers in my life. They deserve all the accolades, as the pictures are 50% of this Blog!  

Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 1

Photographer? Tanuj
Relationship? Brother
Qualities? Patient, Caring, and Fun

I became an Outfit Blogger in 2010, that year he was visiting me for a week  and that's when he officially started taking my 'outfit shots'. Although we live on two different continents, he has taken a number of outfits pictures of me. For instance, last year when I was in India, (for his wedding - mind you!) and he was neck deep with work, fiance and wedding preparations, he would never give me any trouble when asked to take my infamous outfit shots! I could not help but feel vain, while saying, "Please take my picture. I need to post What I Wear in India!" but I blame that on being a dedicated blogger [Major OCDs]. Just so you know, all my outfit shoots from India are done with him. 

Photography is one of his passions and some of his pictures can be seen on his Facebook Page. My favorites are Disturbance and Lonely. Though he doesn't pursue this as a profession but the result sure is professional. Some of my favorite shoots have been with him (here & here), just as one below. It is, too from my India trip last year.  

Dress – By Shashank & Prajwal (Indian Designers) [11']
Neck Scarf - Gift from Sonu [JSo, 11']
Shoes – BCBG [10']

Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012. 
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How to annoy, the annoying people?

Dress - Tailor Made from India [11'] Similar
Necklace & Earrings - c/o INPINK [12']
Bracelets - Here & There [09'/10'/11'/12']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10'] Similar
Sunglasses - Tom Ford [08'] Similar
Belt - Gift [07'] Similar

Lately people have been getting on my nerves left, right and center. Some intentionally (evil spirits) and some unintentionally (poor souls). For past 5 years I have been leading a some-what isolated life and hence not much affected by who-says-and-does what! However, things are changing. Social interaction is increasing. People are 'again' getting on my nerves. But I am dealing with such society-rodents with much dignity and poise [20 years old Tanvi, is so proud of seeing such phenomenal personality change in the 30 years old Tanvi ;)]

Don't be disappointed. I am no-saint. I have got my own 'annoy-the-annoyer-with-love' tricks. What? You say, you wanna learn them? Why, of course, I am here to share. 

Now have your game face on with a smirk smile ...
  1. The most important lesson I have learnt is to never get into a discussion with the annoyer, as it is so hard trying to make a point calmly when you are boiling with anger within. Instead agree with him/her, and [...wait-for-it ...] end the sentence with "... if you say so!". Hence, negating the agreement. Anyone with half a brain ought to catch that remark and not have a come back, for you are, after all, agreeing with them! ;) [See, the vicious circle of annoyance there?]
  2. Build an arm distance between yourself and the annoyer. Be polite. Be firm. Answer a compliment with "Thank You!" and not a word more, answer everything else with a black face (aka poker face!) and get out of there. And if this is online, then "Thank You!" still works for a compliment, and for everything else: Ignore. If you happen to have other people common between you, this attitude change will stand out more. You are not doing anything wrong, but not sugar coating yourself either. 
  3. Put a lid on it. If you do not want to interact with someone and there is a remote possibility that you don't have to, then don't. Its your time and energy, wouldn't you rather put it to good use? Don't let the annoyer enter your world. Let them suffer on the outside ;) 
I am telling you they work. Make you look like a well-cultured-lady while taking a stand. And I just received a message from the 20 years old Tanvi. She says, "That's the way to grow-up, Tanvi! That's the way to grow-up!"

Mission Accomplished! 

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012. 
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Yellow Cross-Body Bag

I cannot get enough of this bag. 
Statement + Investment = Win-Win

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012.
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Reader's Spotlight (XI) - Shruti

Hi Tanvi , 

I really love the idea of interacting through the Readers Spotlight.I absolutely love your Mix and Match section in which  you wear a piece of clothing or accessory in a way different from its intended use. Its great to see how we can multitask clothing or accessory.

After seeing your Mix and Match post on 5th April, I was inspired to wear a flower hair clip that I had, as a brooch. Do checkout the pic and let me know your comments.
I have been a great fan of your blog for some months and I am really inspired by you and your creativity.


That is fantastic, Shruti. I love when people think out of the box and be creative. We can literally double our closet in this way! I think it totally works as a brooch. Thank you for sending in your pic and appreciating my blog. P.S. You have a lovely smile :)

Hey, everyone! Thank you everyone who has continued to send pictures for the Reader's Spotlight. I have made a slight change to the segment. I will post this feature every alternate Friday here on. 

If you are new here: this is a segment where my readers get to share their style or ask of suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word!

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012. 
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I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday, which I later realized was probably the other side of this coin. I know what to do if and when I'm inspired by 'a source' ... but our predicament now is - What should you do if someone thinks that are you have copied (or are inspired) from them but you haven't? - I don't have an answer for that. [... that is so unlike me, i.e. not having an answer to something ;)] 

I for one, don't care, 'coz what someone else thinks it none of my business, as long as I know my conscience is clear. But I guess that is probably not acceptable on a professional or creative front. Unless, one can draw clear 'copied' tangents it is hard to prove as well. For the same reasons I guess, fashion designers cannot 'patent' their designs and why Louboutin lost the red sole battle to YSL! Creativity apparently cannot be measured and or time-lined! That's got to frustrating but then that is that! 

Now over to the outfit ...

This is another outfit shoot I did with my brother last year! I am sure you are wondering where I am posing? No? You are not. Well, too bad, I am going to tell you regardless. I am a the roof top of my house. The one which looked like this last year, and looks like  now.  

Dress – RNA [11'] Similar
Shoes– Aldo [11'] Similar
Bangles – From Central Market in Delhi [11'] Similar
Necklace - Les Parisiennes Store in Delhi [11'] Similar
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

This is a comment-free blog since 18th March 2012. 
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