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Meals in Pictures

I would like to Welcome aboard, all my new readers. Thank you SO much for taking time to read what I have to say and leave comments whenever something strikes a cord with you. Although I cannot reply personally to all the comments due to not enough hours in the day, I do enjoy reading all of them. Feel free to leave me your email address or contact me via Facebook, if you ever have a specific question and think I can answer that in any way! For now, I shall take your leave and see you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful day ahead.  

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WUWT: You are so lucky

Disclaimer: I know I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. This post is NOT about me being ungrateful, JUST about one of my pet-peeves!

N.B. WUWT is an acronym for the phrase I often use when something doesn't make sense to me, i.e. "What's Up With That?"

So, I know that I write a lot about my life, and husband, and family and how it can sometimes come across as if my life is like a fairytale and I live among stars! But seriously you cannot truly believe that? Of course I am probably to blame a little if everyone cannot stop saying, "You are so lucky!" but excuse me if it gets annoying after a while. The only reason I do not write about the 'bad stuff' on the blog is because I do not wish to wash my dirty linen in public, or slander people on my blog. But trust me I have equal amount shizz in my life as the next person. So please quit saying, "You are so lucky!"

I might come across as a feminist, but it is more like a case of discrimination here! Seriously how come every decent thing my husband does for me, ends up in this reaction -> "You are so lucky!" from every woman and, "You must thank him!" from every man? 

He loves me, he supports me, dotes up on me, treats me like a queen but isn't this what a good partner would do regardless, when you are in a relationship? And why would you choose to be with a person who treats you like crap and don't support your dreams? And here's a shocker - I, too, love him, support him, am crazy about him and treat him like a king - but no one is coming and telling him, "He is lucky" & "You should thank her!" ... WHY? #notetoself Must ask the husband to start a blog where he writes about everything I do and I shall direct everyone to it!

Some more 'annoying' examples:
"You are so lucky you get to travel so much!" Errr, I don't party, I don't eat out much and I don't buy jewelry - Hence, I can travel! 

"You are so lucky you didn't put on weight after loosing it once!" Ya right! Lucky has absolutely nothing to do with. I sweat plenty for that!

"You are so lucky, you have such lovely hair!" I oil them once a week. Do not use hair products (except Moroccan oil). Do not use hair dryers/curler/iron daily either. And of course I eat healthy! 

However, I do think I am lucky that my parents gave me a good childhood and education. I mean they could have totally abandoned or ignored me to the point that I became a basket-case and was in some rehab! 

P.S. And it just so happens that my fellow blogger Neha had touched up on the same topic few days back! 

Dress - Pacsun [08']
Tights - Hue [10]
Cape - Inherited from Mom [96']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Cuff - Armani Exchange [08']
Shoes - Local Boutique [09']
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Favorite : Military Cardigan



Comments have been disabled for the post, and I would like to believe you already know why!? ... But I do not want to assume [:P] ... Hence, here's why : People cannot help but pick their favorite outfit on me. BUT the focus of these series is not to decide what I look good in, but instead how one can be smart and use pieces from their closet in multiple ways. Got it? :) ... Good! Thank you for reading! 

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Reader's Spotlight (II)

Today's Reader Spotlight is on - Soomya. 

She is my stylish and super supportive sister-in-law (husband's cousin). Thank You, Soms for being such a sport and always saying the kindest things. 

I had a fun time putting this outfit together for a Dinner with my friends. Since it was cold and dark here in Delhi (December 2011) and I hate wearing black and grey, I decided to play with polka dots. As Tanvi has often suggested, I picked one piece from my closet and planned the outfit around it. I picked the polka dot skirt and paired it with black leggings and a black dinner jacket. I wore a neutral color like white in between to avoid the overdose of pink. I added the finishing touches to the outfit with a string of pearls, lots of bangles (obsessed with them) and black watch.

The inspiration of wearing a white tank with a black net patch came from this post, however, the outfit is loosely inspired from this post. P.S. I am completely in awe of TANVI not just because we are related but for her classic, fun and very inspirational style!

I think it is a super cute look. I love the finishing touches. And let's not forget the satchel which is playing an amazing contrast against the pink skirt. There is nothing like brightening up the cold & dull winter evenings with some bright colors. Whats your verdict people? P.S. Genuine feedback is welcome, nasty criticism is not.   

If you have been inspired by my blog and wish to share your outfit with everyone feel free to email me your photo. If you do not wish for your name to be revealed, you can choose to stay Anonymous.

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I am Blue

May be it is a cultural thing, may be it is not but I would not know unless I read your comments but here's what I am talking about: [Disclaimer: I am talking purely about first impressions here and not someone you have known forever and ever!

During my trip to India recently, I realized that my version of a 'good person' is very different from the version of most people in my country (or at least the ones I have met in my life so far!). It is not easy to impress me. I do not get bowled over by anyone and everyone. I am not very generous with compliments or praises either <- that I think I got in my genes. I won't tell from which parent though [:P]. So where were we? Oh! ya I was saying I have pretty high (only 'coz they are rare) but simple standards in terms of whom I will call a "good person" upon first meeting. I was able to make a list of what characteristics I consider a "good person" should have: 

My List: 
- Punctual 
- Well mannered, Polite & Respectful
- Greets you pleasantly
- Treats his/her family right and has well disciplined children
- Let's the other person finish their sentence before speaking
- Takes equal initiative in making small talks
- Says Thank You, Excuse Me, & Sorry when required

You've got all this covered? Well, then Congratulations! You are a "Good Person" in my books based upon first impression. 

But there's a different story among my other countrymen:
- Doesn't matter if you arrive late 
- Doesn't matter if you are loud and behave like a borderline drunk  
- No one cares if your children are misbehaving and tearing the place down
- Doesn't matter if you pick all the wrong topics for small talk
- Also, doesn't matter if you bump into people and never apologize

If you wish to be popular with people (who aren't me, of course!) you need to be syrupy-sweet (a.k.a. fake!), must know how to liven up the party, should be an expert at non-sensical conversations and then should have mastered the art of buttering-up the host to no end. Tick? Tick? Tick? Congratulations! You just became the most popular guest and by default a very-very (yes! thats two verys) "good person". 

P.S. The "good person" from my books will probably called snooty, arrogant and/or boring. Go figure!  

We took these pictures while it was drizzling. 
You must commend me for my blogging dedication, right? 
Also, for my photographer's entertainment I broke in to a dance [check: video!]. 

Sweater - French Connection [05']
Shirt - Tailor Made via Richa [11']
Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Bow - c/o Sproos Shop [11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
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Meals in Pictures

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Black & Orange


Don't send me Friend Request on Facebook:

- Just because we have 10 friends in common (doesn't make you my friend
- Just because you are my cousin's cousin (doesn't make you my cousin)
- Just because we went to the same kindergarten (that was like 27 years ago! Seriously!)
- Just because I liked your comment on someone's status or picture (erm! I just didn't wanna repeat the same thing. It wasn't personal!)
- Just because we were at the same party and said Hello! I even say hello to people in the elevator (... to give you some perspective)
- Just because we happen to be tagged in a shot with 10 other people but haven't really met. (No! You are not my friend, no matter what you think)
- Just because you like my profile picture (I am flattered, really ...I am ... but seriously Don't!

Anyone else wants to add something to the list?

Bag - Karla's Closet for COACH [10']
Shirt - Forever 21 [December Sales 11']
Sweater - Boutique in Chicago [05']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Shoes - BCBG [08']
Jeans - GAP [11']
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Mood Board - 'I am...' Vol.3

'I Am..' series was started by Whitney of The Meade Feed

I am stubborn
I am creative
I am selfish
I am practical
I am easy-going

'I am ..' Vol.1
'I am ..' Vol.2
...I will continue to add to this list!
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Wardrobe Staple : Grey Blazer


Comments have been disable for the post, 'coz people cannot help themselves but choose their favorite outfit, and the focus of the post is not on what I am looking good in, but instead how you can use one piece of clothing in multiple ways. Thank you for reading! 

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Reader's Spotlight (I)

Last week, I received an email from one of my readers (who wishes to stay Anonymous). I thought it would be a great idea to share it with everyone, and open up a medium to inspire and interact with each other. 

Hi Tanvi,

On the anniversary of your blog, here’s a picture of me! 

Just to explain: Instead of wearing a churidaar-kurta to an Indian party, I decided to mix it up, using your advice! I wore a yellow cotton Fab India top with the silk churidaar, and then topped it with an A-cut long sweater. You can see the ring and watch were my major accessories. I decided to wear my red booties to complete the look. 

I think she did great! I love when Indian pieces are mixed with western ones to make the outfit pop. What do you guys think? P.S. Genuine feedback is welcome, nasty criticism is not. 

If you have been inspired by my blog and wish to share your outfit with everyone feel free to email me your photo. If you do not wish for your name to be revealed, you can choose to stay Anonymous.   

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Navajo Print

Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your thoughts? Let me elaborate. You spoke to someone about your philosophies and/or beliefs in life and they seem all-smitten by your every word and then few days later they present the same thoughts and views to another set of people, in your presence, mind you! as their own and act all mighty and elite. Yeh? That's Artificial Intelligence.

Have you had people steal your ideas? You come up with a brilliant concept or campaign or even a recipe and and then someone comes along and lifts it right-off-your-hands. Goes ahead and implements it using the same fundamentals/ingredients, of course, without giving any credit to you. Hence, becomes the 'enlightened-one' in his/her minuscule life. In other words, Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your creativity? That's when you are creative (duh!) and pitch an idea to someone (professional/personal) and they reject it outright or act like they are not impressed. Then turn around and pitch the same idea back to you like they have cracked the code of life and attained nirvana instantly. You cannot help, but stare at them and wonder, what just happened? i.e. they have gained Artificial Intelligence.

In other words, these are exactly the kind of people who do not have their own stream of thought, or ideas or even beliefs. They exist on stolen identities. They 'pretend' to be intelligent. I would like to believe that often, they are not even aware of it and hence, I give them benefit of doubt. However, sometimes cannot help but wonder if they are doing it intentionally? ... pretending not only to others but also to themselves and hiding away from the reality of their life. I do hope that my friend A Brit Greek is right about this -> 'KARMA: No need for revenge, just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you are lucky, God will let you watch'.

Dress - Forever 21 [December Sales 11']
Boots - DP Italia [10']
Knee High Socks - ASOS [10']
Beads - From Ladakh [09']
Pendant - From Goa 11']
Earrings - c/o INPINK [11']
Bracelet - Gift [From Brother 11']
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Abhi Na Jao ...

We have spent the whole weekend indoors, hiding away from the cold. Thank God for America's centralized heating! So I do not have my sartorial experiments to share today :)

But what I do have ... are some of the shots from my brother's wedding. Is it just me or does anyone else also thinks that the photographer had a little-hand-fetish going on? I happen to find a close-up of my hand from every single ceremony. 5 to be exact, in the order -> Youngster, Sagai, Haldi, Sangeet/Antakshri, Shaadi (Wedding!)

I am officially addicted to making video out of pictures *time.for.intervention*
For the Outfit & Credits - Click Here!

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Review: Hana Air, Hair Dryer

DisclosureMisikko sent me the HANAair, for the purpose of this post but the opinions mentioned are my own.

I recently was sent the HANAair Professional hair dryer to try. I must admit I was more than happy to oblige as I had always wanted to see if the professional hair dryer would make my hair as sleek and shiny as they turn out at the salon.

Before I talk about the dryer, I must mention that I was mighty impressed by the packaging and the presentation. It is all about the first impressions with me! It never hurts to go an extra mile ... Right? 

What I like about HANA air:

- Sleek and Easy to use design 

- Extra long cord which makes it easy to maneuver 
- It dries much faster than my previous dryer
- Extra feature offers a cold burst of air that works to set hair for the final touch.

It typically retails for $314.99, but it is available now on sale for just $194.99. The Hana brand also sells several other high quality hair dryers and flat irons.

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