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How life would be if you were paid to socialise? *dreamy* What if i tell you that there's a place where you are paid to socialise? No I am not kidding! Ok so now when you are serious and curious, let me spill the beans. The luxury online portal has started an in-built tool which is interactive, social and REWARDING!

The program is called, Style: Socialise: Sizzl. With this tool you can create a look as per your taste, put it all together and if you like it you can shop it all in one go. You can also go through "Street Looks" which are the looks created by other users and get inspiration, also the portal's talented styling team shoots their idea under "Lookbook" for those looking for professional glossy looks. Now when you are done with creating your Look, you have to save it and for each Look you create and save you earn 100 sizzl points. The tool which you use to create the Looks is very simple and has a drag and drop functionality. The Looks you create can be shared with your Facebook friends too and earns you another 100 sizzl points while you share the styling tips and get inspired by your friend's style ideas.

Meanwhile, SimplySizzl's proprietary Loyalty Program, is built to reward engagement. With every engagement action, you can win Sizzls e.g. 100 Sizzls for creating a Look, another 100 Sizzls for sharing on your Facebook page, 10 Sizzls for Liking any Look.

The program keeps a record of the most liked and popular Looks and you can earn even when people like your styling idea.

The program also keeps track of the Sizzls in each users account, and upon hitting the minimum criteria, the Program automatically moves you to the next level. There are 4 different levels- Enthusiast, Fashionista, Trendsetter and Diva- each level has higher benefits attached to them.

Hop on to and cure your curiosity by signing up for the program!

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