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Featuring: Sucheta Budania

Remember how I was saying the other day that I LOVE social media? Well, here's another example of why I find it so great. I came across the illustrations by Sucheta on [@findingthemusewhere she would mention how she had doodled something on her lunch break or how she decided to kill time because she could not sleep. Wish I could be this artistic when I am on a break. All I am capable of is surfing the web or staring at the ceiling and waiting for the time to pass! Needless to say, I was (am!) awestruck by her talent. After going on a liking spree on her feed I decided to contact her. 

She was kind enough to do the original Diwali greetings illustration for the blog (as seen below). She also did some experimental sketches for me. In her own words, "My style is more of illustrative and not realistic. Hence I have tried to do something that is colorful and very true to my esthetic." Oh! I love it, and we all know how I crazy I am about color. "I was very much inspired by your pictures and all your Indian outfits, especially the profile picture on your blog." Her interpretation of that picture has a shock value and yet the more I look at it, the more it draws me in. What do y'all think?

Inspired by my profile picture 

Inspired by me [;)] my blog

Sucheta's Original Work (via her Instagram Feed)
Her Diwali Artwork for the blog

 You can check out more of her sketches here. If you like her work and wish to own a sketch of your own contact her.