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Featuring: Nani Puspasari

I love social media. I really do. More than half the people I work and interact with professionally, creatively and/or personally are all whom I have met via my blog, twitter, email and even Instagram. 
A couple of months back I was introduced to Nani via Kish (the fabulous multi-taleted designer who sent me this.  She deserves a whole post on herself. SOON!), who is an Australia-based (Melbourne) artist with an extensive and varied portfolio. Check out her website for her imaginative and colorful illustrative work. Personally I am attracted to the use to colors and abstract patterns in her work.    

I had recently collaborated with her for an exclusive illustration for Crazy & Co. Diwali greetings last month, and needless to say, I absolutely loved her interpretation. She is a wonderful person inside-out. If you are looking for design and illustrative work, your search ends. Contact her, and I am certain you wouldn't be disappointed.

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