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How To Wear Statement Bracelets?

7:00 PM

If you think accessories are a waste of time and space, think again! You can't wear all the pretty colours you like in one outfit without looking like a colour box with all the apparel pieces. In the language of economics, no pair of clothes is self sustained. Those pretty little trinkets can light up your outfit, add colour and complete the outfit. Bracelets and bangles are the most versatile. A necklace can be tied around your hand and can be worn as a bracelet and voila! The 'stacking up' trend is being followed with ease. The Big question again, how to wear statement bracelets? Humble help:

• Invest in good pieces which you can wear alone and stack them up with all the other ones. If you are wearing a simple outfit, stack up and colour coordinate all the bracelets in your jewellery box and if your outfit is doing all the talking, and you still want to accessorise, bracelet is your thing!

• Look for those pieces that you can wear with all your clothing. Monochrome colours to go with your formal wear, and colourful bands to stack them up either with a statement watch, or other pieces for a casual look.

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