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His & Hers Style Diaries - November

I have so much to say but no time at all. Please bear with while I get my act together. In the mean time here is what Mr & Mrs. Tanvi [;)] have been wearing over the weekends. 


February 2012 in Review

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First time, this year ...

It was not until yesterday that I realized that I hadn't worn my favorite red jean this WHOLE year. How insane is that? I don't know how I let that happen. Be prepared to see them on the blog for next several weeks. I kid. May be. I don't know. We'll see. Anyhoo, this is how I have styled them in the past, incase you are interested. May be? I don't know. We'll see. LOL

Tee - GAP [12'] Similar
Jeans - Zara [10'] Similar
Shrug - Gift from my brother [10']
Shoes - Gift from my Husband [10'] Similar
Necklace - Grey Estelle Necklace c/o jami [12']
Bracelets - Here & There 

On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline & 'Bad Gal' eyeliner by benefit
On my lips - Mix of two shades Mehr by MAC & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.
On my nails -  she's pampered + beyond cozy c/o essie


January 2012 in Review

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essie: Winter Collection

(left to right) where's my chauffeur / she's pampered + beyond cozy / 
butter please / snap happy / leading lady

Earlier this month, essie sent me their winter collection for my personal use and I have to say I haven't changed nail lacquer this many times in one month since ... *hmmmm* ... may be high school. I have been a long time (circa 1998) 'loyal' user of their collection. Love the quality and the richness of their colors.  It is in fact hard to pick one favorite from this particular collection. I loved them all. I truly did. 

Although, I can tell what everyone else preferred on me from their feedback over instagram and twitter. I think the girls liked 'where's my chauffeur' while my husband preferred 'she's pampered + beyond cozy'. I do have to mention that the pictures do not do justice to the 'leading lady'. It is a lovely shade with glitter in it. Perfect for a formal evening or even just for a pick-me-up day. 

If you are in the market for some new colors for this winter or are visiting the nail salon which carry the essie brand, I highly recommend you giving a try to these shades. You would not be disappointed. 

P.S. If you haven't already you must check out the BLACK SALE EVENT over at Crazy & Co. You can get 25% OFF Everything PLUS Free Shipping WORLDWIDE when you use the code: BLACKSALE - Valid until Monday 26th November. HURRY!


Bi-Polar Weather

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving. We had a great day. An early-busy-morning followed by a trip to Sea World with friends. We were told that it is not a busy day due to Thanksgiving and all, hence no lines. Which was pretty much true. No lines. No waiting. Just the right amount of people. The weather was amazing too. Oh! by that I mean it was more like spring! Texas weather is quite bi-polar, while last week I was freezing my ass out and decided to bring out the sweaters, and now this week its warm enough to run around in tank and shorts. Surprisingly, I am not complaining though. Having a pleasant weather on holidays helps, else I would never want to get out of the house. You know?  

The outfit is from last week. Running errands and the usual shiz!

Top - GAP [11']
Jeans - GAP [11']
Shoes - c/o Sway Chic [12']
Long Necklace - Etsy [11']
Hamsa Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Bangle - Old Navy [08']

On my lips - Mehr by MAC 
On my eyes - master drama by Maybelline


... in search of a dress

1 / 2 / 3

Diamonds are girls best friends is a passé, dresses are girls new best friends. [or at least thats what I think! ;)]. They are always there for you to make you look cute (short dresses), make you feel comfortable (maxi dresses), help you get rid of the wardrobe blocking by mixing and matching and the list goes on. 

At all the special occasions too, dresses come to your rescue whether it is your search for a dress for your prom or the d-day. In such situations MissesDressy is your best bet! It makes sure that you have the perfect dress to sail through the thick and thin of the perils of everyday dressing. They have wide variety of prom dresses to make sure that you look oh-so-perfect and as they rightly quote it to be crowning glory of the teenage years. They also have a wide selected of designer dresses and most importantly huge options for Jovani dresses. Free international shipping, same day shipping for selected products and lowest price guarantee are other magnetic services offered.

Which of the above dresses you fancy the most? 


Dots & Floral

I have stayed with my friend Khushbu the last two times I have visited New York. Being childhood friends we both can attest to how we have changed since old days, which always makes for interesting conversation. During many such discussions conversations with her I realized she has this unique quality to disagree and yet hold-her-ground without sounding defensive or attacking the person on the opposite side. I have not met anyone who can do that, except her. It's been more than 2 months since I returned from New York, but I still often ponder over our many such conversations and get amazed *silent.nod.of.admiration* at this unique quality of hers where she is sincere, stands by her opinion without disregarding or disparaging the other person. A new personal goal for 2013.   

Bracelet Cross Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Envelope Pendant - Gift from Husband [10']
Ring - Charming Charlie [10'] Similar
Tank - ASOS [10'] Similar
Skirt - Zara [10'] Similar
Blazer - UO [12'] Similar
Boots - c/o DMSX via Donand J. Pliner [12']
Watch - c/o Bulova [12']

On my lips - Certainly Red c/o Revlon
On my eyes - 'Bad Gal' eyeliner by benefit
On my nails - 'where's my chauffer' c/o essie


Basic Necessity

We did not have access to internet for one full day and life came to a stand still. Now don't be too quick to judge me on my dependence on the web. I can do without technology for as long as I like, provided I have time to plan and finish all my work. You see, unlike back home (India and other asian countries) everything from paying your bills, to shopping, to even grocery (sometimes) is done via the Internet. So one day without it meant you cannot do anything. Well, anything important at least -> No work. No surfing. No blogging. Hence, no posts for the last two days. And to make it worse, the 3G on my phone wasn't on my side either. Anyhoo, we are back in business now ...

Today's outfit is my entry for the "Coast to Coast Cool" contest by C&C California. I absolutely love this dress that they have sent me. I have been lusting leather for a while now, and this is a perfect faux piece which is soft, light and extremely comfortable. I styled it for a date night look for some wine & dine. 

P.S. Later I realized that about 3 years back, I had worn the exact same color combination but in the reverse order. Hmmmm the perils of outfit blogging: there will always be evidence of what you once wore!

Dress - c/o C&C California [12']
Tights - Vintage store in London [08']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Neck wrap - Local store in Sterling, Scotland [10']
Earrings - Crazy & Co. [12']
Hand piece - Haati Chai [12']

On my nails - Leading Lady c/o Essie 
On my lips - Mix of two shades: annatto clay by Aveda & Air Kiss by N.Y.C.
On my eyes - Bleu Électrique (Kohl) by Lancôme


Movie Review: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

We saw this movie on Diwali. Yup! That's how festivities are in this part of the world. Anyhoo, pity me later. So about the movie, from what I hear either people loved it or hated it. I on the other hand liked it in bits and pieces, but was left over all disappointed because I am used to the Yash Chopra magic, which leaves you yearning for romance but instead this left me baffled. 

First, what all I liked about the movie: 
  • SRK's entry. Boy, does he look hot in the stubble or what. And he could definitely melt my heart with this intense-mess-with-me-not-expressions. Yum-a-licious! 
  • Anushka's abs and never-ending-limbs. She totally deserves to be wearing bikini and running around Leh-Ladakh region in ganjis and hot pants (even though the temperature there would NEVER physically permit that. But then she is a hindi movie heroin. They can dance naked in Alaska without blinking)
  • Background score for the movie, which often plays when SRK is in the frame (but I was later informed by Anusha that it was plagiarized inspired via Motorcycle Diaries. *tch.tch* Sound of disappointment!)
  • Love story running between SRK & Anushka's characters, Major Samar Anand and Akira, respectively. I was more like rooting for Akira's happy ending, instead of the botox-lipped-cockeyed-Meera. But *sigh!*
  • SRK as Major Samar Anand = AWESOME! Dude should just take up such intense characters, keeping the 'real' SRK under control and play characters which have some gravity and he could rule bollywood for one more decade. Listen to me SRK, I know what I am talking about ;) 

Now, what I kinda didn't like:
  • Story line. 1980's called and asked for their plot back. A millionaire's 21 year old daughter Meera, played by Katrina, who is already running the business mind you, falls in love with a waiter. YES! You read that right, a waiter. That too, recent export from the 'pind'. Now if this wouldn't give our countrymen some unrealistic expectations, I don't know what would. 
  • Slow Narrative. There were times when the movie was moving at a snail's pace. One could have a good debate and yet, not have missed a thing in the movie. 
  • Katrina Kaif. Someone please pack her bags for her send her away! Poor girl can not emote to save her life. She pretty much looked constipated throughout the movie (which she does in other movies too, but here is showed more 'coz the others in the movie could act and she couldn't get away with just flouncing around)
  • Music. Except the background score and one song. Rest of the music was below average. Two days later I do not remember a single song or a tune from the movie. 'Nuff said.

Things that totally didn't make any sense to me:
  • SRK is playing guitar under the Olympic sign in 2002. 10 years too early YRF, 10 years too early. London hadn't even won the Olympic bid just yet. 
  • SRK takes Katrina to a Hip-Hop dance-off to help her with her classical punjabi singing. Anyone else see the logic here. What I am missing?
  • Her father was a punjabi (Surname: Thappar), and mother left when she was 12. So how did she become such a church-going-making-irrational-promises to-Jesus-kinda-Christian?
  • SRK defuses a bomb in one of the London Train Stations. He walks-in explains the bomb specs to the T to the police officers, defuses it, and walks out. No questions asked. Why isn't anyone suspicious of why a brown dude knows so much about the bomb and why do they even let him defuse it without asking for any credentials? [I guess, only logic would be that he is SRK! He rules London. Everyone knows THAT! Right?]

I have more ... but I am gonna stop. 
All I am gonna say is Aditya Chopra needs to do a better job of writing stories. 

This is my outfit from the drive back from Galveston. It got cold you guys!  

Sweater - Oasap [12']
Jeans - GAP [12']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
Evil Eye Pendant - ASOS [10']


Road Trip: Galveston

I hope everyone back home and in rest of the world had a wonderful Diwali. Thank you everyone for the wishes. My Diwali involved a little bit of puja (praying), a little bit of food, a killer session of kick boxing and while you read this I am watching a Hindi movie (Jab Tak Hain Jaan). So all in all a good day, provided the movie doesn't suck.   

As for the outfit, it is from this last weekend that we spent in Galveston. I am in love with this tiny island. I am definitely going back soon.  

 Dress - Forever 21 [08']
Shoes - c/o Wanted [11']
Charms - Crazy & Co. [12']
Peach Etta Necklace - c/o jami [12']
On my nails: Snap Happy - c/o essie's Winter Collection [12'] 


Diwali Wishes


How To Style Blazers?

Blazers are my this season's obsessions. I can honestly cannot get enough of them. They are the easiest way to upgrade any look and make it sophisticated. Trust me, I have even made sweats work with them in the past. Here are few ways I can suggest to style them, by example:  

One can easily translate this look for fall with opaque tights under the shorts and boots. It is a classic look which never goes wrong.


This is another great trick to use your summer dresses in fall - Simply, add a blazer! At least till the temperature drops down. A blazer adds definition to your body by giving a  flattering silhouette. 


Above I has style a short blazer with a dress and this time it hits right on the hips. This length looks great in a monochromatic look, as it avoids creating volume, and gives a slimming illusion.

Now, pattern mixing is not everyone's cup of tea but if it is something you wish to try this season, then a striped blazer would be a good piece to invest in. It goes with most patterns and prints and also looks good with solid contrast colors. 


Another fall transitional trick - Wearing a blazer with a sleeveless jumpsuit. You would dress this up to look formal or add bursts of color and sparkle to make it more party wear, like it did. I have had this jumpsuit for 4 years and cannot NOT style it in a new way every time I wear it. 


Again pairing a dress with a blazer (told you, I am obsessed). The blazer is part of an office suit and I have worn is with a casual dress. The blazers ends right at the hips, but the lengths work in proportion as this dress is shorter than the two above. Heels are an important part of the look here as well. 

I hope I have inspired you to use your blazers/jackets this season. 
They truly are a versatile investment.

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