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Lust List: Men's Shoes (For Hubs!)

We rarely talk about Men's Fashion on this blog. (We totally should though!) However, I do not see myself as an expert in this area, but for the longest time that I can remember I have had a fascination with Men's shoes. (You know, how they say you can tell a lot about the man from the shoes he wears, right?) Dr. Fab is quite adventurous and open minded about his dressing, shoes included which you might already know if you have been following our His & Hers Series

Now that the fall is here (since yesterday) we are on a lookout for a few fall pieces to add to Dr. Fab's wardrobe. So I thought why not share my online shopping research on the blog too. First on the list are some cool and durable shoes. ALDO has become one of his go-to-brands for the funky and interesting styles they have been coming up with lately. Below are some of my picks. What do you think? :) 

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