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How to Style Statement Necklaces?

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Jewelery is rightly said to be a piece of art, it can make things around it beautiful.  Necklaces have gone through tremendous transformation in these few years. Previously it was about the petite and small jewellery just to make an outfit look good, now it's all about big chunky ones and small ones all together, layering them to create a 'beautiful mess'. A statement necklace can light up an outfit and help you ooze glamour if worn correctly, and if not, it can make you look like a wanna be fashion baby or like a jewellery box. Few quick tips:

• Dressing up according to the venue and occasion is the basic and most important rule. You cannot wear the best of your chunky jewellery to office, but that doesn't mean you cant accessorise with office jewellery. Avoid wearing choker necklaces to office. Select one with good length which will sit comfortably through layers of office wear.

• Select the colour of your accessories appropriately. You do not want to look like a painters palette by incorporating all the colours in one look. Simple rule to be followed here, if your outfit is more towards earthy colours, spruce up your outfit with bright coloured jewellery and tone down your bright coloured outfit with basic coloured jewellery. 

•   Lastly to help you serve the purpose of donning those amazingly beautiful pieces, coordinate the colour of your necklace with another accessory for your outfit, be it a belt, bag or shoes. 

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