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What keeps you going?

Standing in the rain! 

Blouse - Oasap [12']
Leggings - UO [12']
Shoes - Aldo [10']
Bag - Kenneth Cole [12']
Chevron Ring - Gift from Mom [12']
All Accessories - C&Co. [12']

A couple of days back, a friend of mine (Hi! Yulia) had asked me, what keeps you going (i.e. blogging)? I have been thinking about this all weekend but I don't think I have an answer. If I had to self-analyze, I would say after almost 3.5 years of blogging, it has become a part of my lifestyle. I do not have to 'make' time for it, or put an effort into it anymore. It is like second nature. I breathe, I sleep, I blog! ... Even when I decide to take a break sometimes, I end up wearing an outfit, and find myself thinking, "Hey! This would make a great post!". Or while I am running I have all these thoughts running in my head and I say to myself, "I must remember this for my posts in the future!" 
... and that is that ... 

... anyways, today has been such a wonderfully productive day, that I cannot resist journaling it. Here goes:
  • Morning started with a mint & lemon face mask
  • Had fruit salad for breakfast
  • Went for a morning run
  • Had chilled green tea with lemon and splenda post run
  • Pampered my hair with some deep conditioning hair mask
  • Cooked a delicious Indian lunch (daal, aalo, roti/chawal)
  • Watched Andy Murray win the Gold (Yay!)
  • Caught up on some work to prepare for the coming week
  • Went shopping and found some great deals at Target®
  • Sipped wine while watching the new season of Suits 
  • And now ending the evening with this post ...

How was your weekend?

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