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Solace in Dislike

Most people would agree (at least to themselves) that they are people pleasers. Its human nature to want to fit-in, to belong, to be part of the 'in' crowd. I, however, realized early on that I could not please people. I just didn't have the energy within to please them, hence I was okay with being dislikedIn hindsight, I believe 'coz people never liked me much (as I was pretty blunt and straight forward) it worked in my favor and allowed me to live up to my full potential. I must have (sub consciously) decided early on to beat my own drum and do my own thing as I have never felt the need for anyone's approval and have been undeterred by people's opinions of me. I am pretty clear about what I like and dislike, the kind of people I would want to meet and not meet, etc. And I have no intention of wasting this short presence on earth, living the diplomatic life. There are so many better things I can do with that time, you know?  

Can I tell you a secret though? Now when those 'same' people turn around and say that they like me, I'm not so sure how I feel about that. There was a certain solace in being disliked. I had made my peace with it. I don't want things to change between us. Please don't love me! ;)  
"If everyone likes you, then someone is definitely lying to you!" - Tanvi
"You CANNOT be afraid to not be liked. That fear limits you from being ALL of you." - Dusk     

Dress - Vero Moda [12']
Vest - Banana Republic [11']
Shoes - via Lulu's [11']
Necklace & Ring - Crazy & Co. [12']
Bracelets - Crazy & Co. [12]
Bangles -  InPINK [12']