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Recent Purchases

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N.B. This is a pre-schduled post while I am away living life! :)
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Growing up, patience was not one of my virtues but with a lot of practice it has definitely become one. Add that to being a 'frugal-shopper' and you have a winning combination. After the 3 month shopping ban, one would expect that I would go on a binge-shopping-spree? No Sir! I am smarter than that. I make a list and stick to it like a crazy-list-following-white-collar-executive! So check out what was on my list and what great bargains I bought them for:

1. Sport Shoes - With the amount of use I get out of them, I always on a look out for new ones. If not every couple of months, then at least 2-3 times a year.
Originally for $75
Grabbed them for $27
2. White Blazer - I have been looking for one for over one year but didn't find it either in my size or in my budget. Then I heard about the sale over at UO. Now I have this one Grey Blazer from them which I love and have been wanting to get other colors too but $79 a pop is a bit steep for me. 
Originally for $79
Grabbed it for $49
3. Dolce Vita - I had been praying for the 'wedges' to go out of trend for the last 3 years. I owned a pair back in high school, which I did love but then I fell out of love with them and didn't fall back up until earlier this year. I knew I wanted to get them in a neutral color so that I can get the most use of them. Gods heard my prayer. 
Originally for $79
Grabbed them for $26
4. Flats - Contrary to popular belief, I do not wear heels all the time. In fact 90% of the times I am in flats. I love me some flats. Besides the heels, I also have a pretty nice flats collection, you'll see if you go back and stalk my old posts! and these were a perfect neutral addition to it. 
Originally for $45
Grabbed them for $14.00
5. iPad Cover - I was looking for one which has a steady support while Facetime-ing, since I do every day with my parents. The one which I previously used had good protection and hold while using but not great while video chatting. 
Originally for $39.95
Grabbed it for $16.00
Do you shop with a list? 

P.S. Also, check out this post at Shocks & Shoes for some great Sale Shopping Commandments. 

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