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Facebook Update

N.B. This is a pre-schduled post while I am away living life! :)

Dear Readers, 

If you happen to follow my blog via Facebook and have not seen any update in a long time, then this post is for you. Please follow the following steps to ensure you get regular updates in your newsfeed:

1) Click the above picture which will direct you to the Blog FB Page
2) Hover the mouse over the 'Liked' botton and it will open up the options tab (as shown above)
3) Make sure the 'Show in the News Feed' option is ticked

Voila! and you are done. 

P.S. If the "Show in News Feed" option is ticket and yet there have been no updates in the last week, worry not! I have not done any updates on Facebook (or Twitter), since I have been away.

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