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Lust: via

8:00 PM

I am majorly crushing over these pieces from Pret-Amoda. The shopping ban seems like a punishment while e-browsing. I bet you don't know what I mean, 'coz you are not on a shopping ban now, are you? Trust me when I say that I desperately need that neon shrug in my life, and those tribal earrings look so versatile and perfect for all occasions! Believe, you me, my life seems incomplete without that awesome rave clutch and that nipped-at-the-right-place neutral dress!

If you know me, (which you should if you have read even half of the posts on this blog. And I have written total of 680 posts so far #fact) you know that I like crazy-colorful-eclectic-stuff! If it doesn't stand apart from the crowd then it has no place in my closet. 

Recently, I was introduced to a re-vamped / refreshed / rebirth of a shopping portal - Pret-Amoda. From my picks you can get an idea of why I liked their site. Besides an awesomely curated collection, they have everything that I look for on a e-shopping portal - easy navigation, clean look and user friendly. And while I have to still wait for 9 more day till the ban is up, there is nothing stopping you from checking it out? Let me know what you like from their site on Facebook or Twitter

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